• Dr. P. Narender Raju
    Senior Scientist

    Dairy Technology Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, Haryana, Phone: (0184)-2259597

    • Current Research Area
      Food Packaging • Health foods


    • B.Tech. (Dairy Technology)
    • M.Sc. (Food Science & Technology)
    • Ph.D. (Dairy Technology)

    Major Research Accomplishments:

    • Development of electrospun smart oxygen sensor
    • Development of milk protein-starch-nanoclay based bionanocomposite films
    • Development of a process for iron-fortification of paneer using edible coatings
    • Shelf life extension of burfi using herbal essential oils
    • Modified atmosphere packaging of composite dairy foods


    • Best Teacher Award (2018) at the 17th Convocation of ICAR-NDRI (Deemed University), Karnal held on 23rd March 2019.
    • Associate Fellowship (2018) of the National Academy of Dairy Science (India).
    • Visiting Faculty to Indo-Myanmar (Burma) Advanced Centre for Agricultural Research and Education (IM-ACARE) at Yezin Agricultural University, Nay Pyi Taw during June-July 2018.
    • Member of the Scientific Panel on Milk and Milk Products of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), New Delhi (2015-19)
    • Mentor for Visiting Scientists from Sri Lanka under the Research Training Fellowship for Developing Country Scientists (RTF-DCS) scheme of NAM S&T, Govt. of India during 2014 and 2016.
    • Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contributions as a Teacher for twoconsecutive years 2012-13 and 2013-14 at 11th and 12th Convocations of ICAR-NDRI (Deemed University), Karnal, respectively.
    • Recipient of prestigious Young Researcher Award at International Conference on Functional Dairy Foods organized by Dairy Technology Society of India (DTSI) during 2011.
    • Recipient of Best Oral Paper Award at the National Seminar on Engineering Interventions for Global Competitiveness of Indian Dairy Industry held at ICAR-NDRI, Karnal during 8-9 Sep, 2014.
    • Recipient of Best Poster Awards (6) at National and International Conferences such as ICFOST-AFSTI (1), DIC-IDA (1), PAi (1), ISPI (2), others (1).
    • Recipient of Best Project Award (Cash prize of Rs. 75,000) at National Students Research Convention (ANVESHAN) at Bengal Engineering and Science University, Howrah organized by Association of Indian Universities, New Delhi during 2009.
    • Research Work carried out under my guidance by students’viz. Mr. Gaurav Kumar Deshwal (2017), Mr. Rakesh Kumar Raman and Ms. Uma Karpurapu (2019) for theirM.Tech. and Ph.D. Dairy Technology degrees received Best Project Awards at National Students Research Convention (ANVESHAN)

    Research Projects:

    Completed Research Projects  
    S.No. Title of Project Funding



    Role Duration/Date of completion
    Ongoing Research Projects
    1. Development of edible antimicrobial packaging films traditional dairy sweetmeats using metabolites of lactic acid bacteria DST, Ministry of S&T, Govt. of India. Co-PI Oct, 2017 – Sep, 2020
    2. Development of methods to assess the chemicals migration from the packaging used for dairy products MOFPI, Govt. of India Co-PI Oct, 2019 –Oct, 2021
    Completed Research Projects
    1. Electrospun smart O2 sensor for modified atmosphere packaged dairy products ICAR Extramural Research Project


    (Agri. Engineering Division)

    Principal Investigator Feb, 2016 to Mar, 2018
    2. Development of equipment for mechanized production of traditional Indian dairy products ICAR Extramural Research Project


    (Agri. Engineering Division)

    Co-Principal Investigator Feb, 2016 to Mar, 2018
    3. Establishment of Agri-Business Incubators at ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal NAIP, ICAR,


    New Delhi

    Project Associate April, 2015 to March, 2017
    4. Bionanocomposites for packaging of milk-based foods CRP on Nanotechnology in Agriculture, ICAR, New Delhi Principal Investigator Apr 2014 to Mar 2015
    5. Establishment of Business Planning and Development Unit at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal NAIP, ICAR,


    New Delhi

    Co-Principal Investigator Apr, 2013 to Mar, 2016
    6. Investigations on high pressure induced effects on quality characteristics of buffalo milk NFBSFARA (National Fund), ICAR, New Delhi Co-Principal Investigator Jan, 2011 to Dec, 2012
    7. A value chain on composite dairy foods with enhanced health attributes NAIP, ICAR,


    New Delhi

    Project Associate Jun, 2010 to Mar 2013
    8. Technology of ricotta cheese from cow and buffalo milk systems Institute Research Council, NDRI, Karnal Project Associate Apr, 2017 to Mar, 2020
    9. Conducting polymer-based rapid detection of microbial quality of milk Institute Research Council, NDRI, Karnal Project Associate Apr, 2017 to Mar, 2020
    10. Preparation and characterization of micro/nano delivery system for ‘green’ carotenoids Institute Research Council, NDRI, Karnal Project Associate Apr, 2016 to Mar, 2019
    11. Shelf-life extension of Aloe vera supplemented probiotic lassi by non-thermal interventions Institute Research Council, NDRI, Karnal Project Associate Apr, 2014 to Mar, 2017
    12. Effect of packaging materials and modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf life of selected composite dairy foods Institute Research Council, NDRI, Karnal Project Leader Jan, 2012 to Dec, 2014

     Training programmes:

    Training programmes conducted:

    Organizing Coordinator for one month training programme on “Food and Bakery Products” under the aegis of SINED-TBI & BPD Unit, ICAR-NDRI during Jul-Aug, 2016

    1. Co-Course Director for Summer School on “Engineering Interventions in Processing and Value Addition of Milk and Milk Products” sponsored by HRD Division, ICAR, New Delhi during Sep, 2014
    2. Co-Course Director for National Training on “Innovations in Processing and Packaging of Milk and Milk Products” organized under the aegis of CAFT in Dairy Processing (ICAR) during Jul-Aug, 2013
    3. Co-Course Director for Regional Training (International) on “Quality Control of Milk during Production, Processing and Marketing and Introduction to Novel Technologies for Dairy Products Diversification” sponsored by SAARC Agricultural Centre, Dhaka during April, 2012
    4. Coordinator for the National Training on “Basic and Applied Approaches in Designing of Dairy Based Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods” sponsored by NAIP, ICAR, New Delhi during July, 2011.

    Training programmes attended

    Attended a Training-cum-Awareness Programme on “IP Protection and Technology Transfer in Indian Perspectives” at ICAR-NBAGR, Karnal during 30-31 January 2017.

    1. Attended 10 days “Training Workshop on Innovative Approaches to Technology Enhanced Learning” during 28th October – 6th November, 2015 at ICAR-NAARM, Hyderabad.
    2. Attended 10 days Short Course on “Application of ElectrospunNanofibres in Crop Health and Post-Harvest Technology” during 15-24 September 2014 at ICAR-CIRCOT, Mumbai.
    3. Management Development Programme on “Consultancy Projects Management” organized by National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad during 1-7 August 2013.
    4. Laboratory training programme on “Testing and Quality Evaluation of Packaging Materials” organized by Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai during 11-12 July 2013.
    5. Training onMultimedia Applications for E-Content Development for Dairy Technology Facultyunder NAIP subproject “Development of E-Courses for B.Tech (Dairy Technology) Degree Programme” at National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad from 22nd March – 2nd April, 2011.
    6. Training on “Microencapsulation for Food and Biotechnological Applications” at Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Ludhiana, Punjab during 5-11 January, 2011.
    7. Training onData Analysis using SASunder NAIP subproject “Statistical Software Computing for NARS” at Dairy Economics, Statistics and Management Division, NDRI, Karnal from 18-24 December, 2010.
    8. Training onE-learning for Dairy Science Facultyunder NAIP subproject “Development of E-Courses for B.Tech (Dairy Technology) Degree Programme” at National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad from 19-29 October, 2010.
    9. Hands-on Training one-Learning Management Systems (e-LMS) using MOODLE Softwareat Computer Centre, NDRI, Karnal on 29th September, 2010.


    S.No. Details
    Research articles
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    Patents applied for
    1 A biopolymer based electrospun oxygen indicator for dairy products packaging. Indian Patent Application # 201811023361.
    2 A process for iron fortification of paneer using edible coating. Indian Patent Application # 3926/DEL/2015.

     Foreign Deputations:

    • Visiting Scientist to School of Packaging, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA to undergo Hands-on-Training on Active and Biodegradable Packaging under the guidance of Dr. Eva Almenar, Associate Professor during April-June 2019.
    • Visiting Faculty to Indo-Myanmar (Burma) Advanced Centre for Agricultural Research and Education (IM-ACARE) for delivering course on Food Chemistry and Microbiology at Yezin Agricultural University, Nay Pyi Taw through ICAR-IARI, New Delhi during June-July 2018.