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    The Computer Centre was established in 1982 with the aim to provide scientific data processing facilities to scientists and research scholars of the Institute. Over the years, the Centre has expanded its activities in line with the rapid advancements in ICT field to face the new challenges. The Centre has by now successfully inculcated Computer culture in the Institute by organizing training programmes/Workshops. The activities of Computer Centre are being carried out through three units namely Data Processing Unit; Teaching & Training Unit and Computer maintenance Unit besides AKMU Cell and BTIS Sub Centre. The Centre is well equipped with a Multi-user Pentium/Unix Ware Computer, heavy duty Line Matrix Printer, P-IV system and software like MATLAB, SYSTAT, Compilers etc.

    AKMU Cell was established in 1997 under the aegis of ICAR with the aim to provide state-of-the art Computational and Communication facilities in the Institute. AKMU Cell has been instrumental in establishment and management of Local Area Network (LAN) connecting 300 plus nodes for providing internet & e-mail connectivity to the scientists, other officers and students in the Institute. The major activities of AKMU Cell include Implementation of four modules namely :

    • Agricultural Research Personnel Information System (ARPIS)
    • Agricultural Research Financial Information System (ARFIS)
    • Agricultural Research Management Information System (ARMIS)
    • Agricultural Research Library Information System (ARLIS)

    ARPIS is currently being implemented using PERMISnet software developed by IASRI. In this, the Bio-data of all categories of staff is being maintained on line. Necessary support is being provided to implement ARFIS, ARMIS, & ARLIS. National Information System for Agricultural Education Network (NISAGEnet) is also being implemented in this Cell.
    Of late the cell has implemented the intelligent reporting system(IRS) under which information on various aspect supplied by the administrative section of the institute is being transmitted to ICAR on quaterely basis.

    • Scientific data processing
    • MIS reports (Animal Management, feeding schedule etc.)
    • Teaching of computer courses to Undergraduate & Post graduate students.
    • Training to staff and sponsored students.
    • Software development for Institute related activities.
    • Pay bill processing
    • Support to scientists and administration in terms of data entry, word processing, computerized accounting etc.
    • Maintenance of computers & peripherals.