About Us


TEAM-CD is a user-friendly web-application for the prospective entrepreneurs of commercial dairy farming. It is a decision support system based on the scientific principles of animal husbandry and economics. The software developed is robust to accommodate the regional specificities and user specific requirement in dairy farming. The app provides for generating project report for commercial dairy herd of 10 to 500 adult females. This app has 16 modules, in which 6 are input modules and 10 are output modules. The app has a provision for customising the project parameters in accordance with the user requirement. The project report is generated in the pdf format after the user reaches the last module

Modules in the app:

  • Basic Information of the Project
  • Cattle Shed Dimensions and Costs
  • Machinery and Equipment Requirement and Costs
  • Feed and Fodder Requirement and Price
  • Labour Requirement and Cost
  • Other Costs and Prices
  • Livestock Herd Projections
  • Feed Fodder Cost Projections
  • Manpower Cost Projections
  • Other Cost Projections
  • Operational Cost Projections
  • Total Project Cost
  • Milk Production Projections
  • Sales Proceeds Projections
  • Financial Analysis
  • Repayment Schedule

  • Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics and Management