Frequently asked questions:

  • Why does one need bankable project report?
    Bankable project report acts as guide for establishment of Commercial Dairy Farm. Bankable project report is required to present to bankers sanction the loan after accessing the project viability.

  • What is the unit size for which TEAM-CD provides bankable project report?
    It can provide bankable project report for herd size ranging from 10-500 animals.

  • How this is different from other online reports?
    Project report generated by TEAM-CD is an outcome of intensive review of literature, discussion with different entrepreneurs and subject matter specialists and is therefore based on scientific principles of animal husbandry and economics.

  • Is TEAM-CD applicable for all regions in India?
    Yes, it is applicable to all regions of India as there is lot of flexibility in the app to change the key inputs as per the practices, requirement and prices in the specific region where the project is located.

  • Is this feasibility report valid for buffaloes?
    Yes, by changing some of technical variables one can generate report for buffaloes.The parameters taken in the app are for crossbred cows but it can be easily customised to accommodate parameters relevant for buffaloes or indigenous cows and hence generate bankable project reports for commercial buffalo or indigenous cattle farm.

  • What inputs are required to be entered by Entrepreneur in different modules?
    The details of input module and how to operate them is detailed out in the User Guide of the app that can be accessed from link on the Home page.

  • Can one customise the techno-economic project report as per requirement?
    Yes, the report can be customised. Most to the parameters are user defined. Even the fixed parameters that cannot be changed by the end user can be customised as per user requirement by contacting the project team.

  • What is the benefit cost ratio which is favourable for business?
    BC ratio should be greater than 1. BC ratio >1 is profitable for the enterprise.

  • What is profitable IRR?
    Internal rate of return should be greater than interest rate and then only it is profitable enterprise

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