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The Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics and Management (DESM) created in 1972 from the erstwhile Statistics Section, conducts research on various economic aspects of dairy sector in India for strategic planning at national and international level. The main objectives of the Division are to understand the complex array of forces that influence the level and behaviour of agricultural product, to advance knowledge in economic and statistical analysis techniques pertinent to research work and to assess technologies, programmes and policies for make informed judgments about the trade-offs in allocating scarce resources, predicting resulting changes or their economic consequences.
The broad research areas covered by the Division mainly include:

  • Value chain analysis
  • Economics of dairy farming system and processing
  • Project appraisal and impact assessment
  • Rural livelihood diversification, risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Climate change issues
  • Marketing and international trade
  • Industrial economics: food processing and agro-industries
  • Soft computing methodologies in dairying

  • The Division has a specialized faculty for offering consultancy in economic feasibility reports for dairy and milk plants, forecasting demand, supply and export of dairy products, technology impact evaluation and economic evaluation of development programs. The Division also imparts training and guidance at to students at graduate, post-graduate and doctoral level in Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics and Management.

    Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics and Management