• Mrs. Udita Chaudhary

    Mrs. Udita Chaudhary

    Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics and Management , ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Sustainability in Dairy


    • Bachelors in Computer Applications
    • M.Sc. (IT)
    • Pursuing Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics)

    Research Areas of Interest:

    • Income assessment, doubling farmers’ income, Dairy farmer collectives

    Research work done so far and on-going:

    • Impact of Policy Reforms on Livelihoods in Dairy Value Chains with Special Reference to Smallholder Producers
    • Value Chain Analysis of Milk and Milk Products in Organized Sector in Haryana
    • Level and Trends in Sources of Income of Rural Farm Households in Haryana
    • The relevance of Dairy as a Source of Income for Farmers in Haryana and Gujarat
    • Evaluation and Impact of Dairy Farmer Collectives in Gujarat: A Study in Saurashtra and Kutchh Regions


    Taught courses such Operations Research, Mathematics for Agricultural Economics, and Statistical Methods for Social Sciences; currently involved in the courses of Economic Analysis, Microeconomic Theory and Applications, Macroeconomics and Policy, and Financial Management and Cost accounting


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