• Mr Devaraja H.C.

    Mr Devaraja H.C.

    Dairy Technology Division

    • Current Research Area


    • M.Tech (Dairy Technology)

    Major Research Accomplishments



    • ISO: 22000-2005 FSMS Lead Auditor Course
    • International workshop on “Innovative Teaching for Improved Learning”
    • Data analysis using SAS

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


    • Parmar Pankaj, Kaushik Khamrui, H. C. Devaraja and R. R. B. Singh (2013). The effects of alcoholic extract of Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna Wight & Arn.) bark on stability of clarified butterfat. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, 7(35): 2545-2550
    • H.R. Gupta, S.K. Kanawjia, M.K. Saluja, H.C. Devaraja, Avneet Rajoria (2013). Process optimization for the production of whey protein enriched dairy drink. Asian J. Dairy & Food Res., 32 (3): 257-265.
    • Nripendra K Mourya, Kaushik Khamrui and Devaraja, H.C. (2013). Effect of curcumin on shelf life of lassi. Oral Presentation delivered at 6th International conference on fermented foods health status and social well-being conducted during 6 – 7 December, 2013 at AAU, Anand.
    • Rathod, G. S., Khamrui, K, Devaraja, H.C. and Mandal, S (2014). Effect of different ingredients on colour characteristics of dietetic peda. Journal of Dairy Science and Technology 1(3):7-16.
    • H.C. Devaraja. and H.R. Gupta (2015). Automation in dairy industry. Bilingual International Conference on Information Technology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Feb. 19-21 2015 Delhi, India, Compendium of Lectures: Pp 4l-43