• Dr. Sohan Vir Singh

    Dr. Sohan Vir Singh
    Principal Scientist

    Animal Physiology Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Environmental & Work Physiology/ Climate Change / Stress Physiology & Male Reproduction


    • M.Sc.(Animal Physiology)
    • Ph. D.( Animal Physiology)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    • Work performance of lactating non pregnant, dry non pregnant cows and buffaloes, indigenous and crossbred male bullocks were carried out during ploughing and carting. Animals were monitored for different hormones during work and rest.
    • Cutaneous skin blood flow in cattle and buffaloes were monitored during treadmill exercise during summer and winter season. Blood flow to periphery increased significantly due to treadmill exercise compared to resting conditions.
    • On the basis of gradient of change in physiological responses, skin temperature and milk productivity, it was observed that the minimum variations took place between 15-25°C in KF and Murrah buffaloes and 15-28°C in Sahiwal cattle.
    • The total immunoglobulin (Ig) levels were found to be higher during winter than summer season in Karan Fries cows. The level of total Ig was significantly lower (P<0.01) in mastitic and wounded animals on the day of detection compared to after treatment during both the seasons.
    • The productivity of animals was related to climate change in terms of ambient dry bulb, maximum temperature and Temperature Humidity Index. The milk production decline in Zebu and crossbred cows and buffaloes with increase in temperature humidity index.
    • Expression profile of major heat shock protein genes during different seasons in cattle and Murrah buffaloes under tropical climatic conditions     were carried out.
    • Adaptative genetic and physiological changes in integument, fibroblast cells and melanocytes of cattle during different seasons were carried out.
    • Seasonal variation in metabolic activity and related gene were studied in Tharparkar and Karan Fries heifers
    • Poor quality of semen and their amelioration by supplementing astaxanthin (potent herbal antioxidant) to Karan Fries breeding bulls during summer stress.
    • Insight into thermal adaptations of Tharparkar and Karan Fries cattle through thermal imaging during summer season were studied.
    • Mitigation of heat stress using custom design shelter system and supplementation of chromium propionate to growing Karan Fries cattle.
    • Influence of astaxanthin supplementation on growth performance, immunity and antioxidant status of Karan Fries heifers during summer season.
    • Effect of melatonin implant on productive and reproductive performance of Murrah buffaloes were carried out during summer season
    • Effect of astaxanthin and prill fat supplementation on energy metabolites, stress markers and milk production in rural buffaloes during summer season.
    • Effect of betaine supplementation on growth performance, feed intake and stress biomarkers status of buffalo heifers.

    Guidance to student:

    • M.Sc/ M.V.Sc : 16
    • Ph.D. : 05


    Sr. No. Name of the award/ prize Subject work Awarding Agency Year of award
    1. First Best Research article award Identification  of SNPs in ATP1A1 gene and their association with heat tolerance in Sahiwal and Karan Fries (Bos Taurus x Bos indicus) cattle under tropical climatic condition” Indian Dairy Association 2020
    2. First prize in oral presentation “Physiological responses, energy metabolites and prolactin levels of buffaloes with dietary astaxanthin, prill fat and their combination during heat stress” Association of Agrometeorology 2020
    3. Best poster presentation award A potential non- invasive tool for maping of surface temperature of buffaloes during summer season” Indian Dairy Association 2020
    4. Young Scientist Award Transitional Sahiwal Adapt Better than Karan Fries (Crossbred) Cattle during summer and Winter Seasons Association of Animal Scientists 2020
    5. Fellow Fellowship of Animal Physiologists Association (APA) Animal Physiologists Association 2019
    6. Felicitation & Release of book National Use of Weather Forecast for Livestock Management in Agrometeorological Services IMD, New Delhi 2018
    7. Best poster presentation award to my M.V. Sc student Effect of dietary supplementation of astaxanthin and prill fat to lactating buffaloes for amelioration and sustained productivity during heat stress Animal Physiologists Association 2019
    8. Best M.V. Sc thesis award to my M.V. Sc student Effect of astaxanthin and prill fat supplementation on energy metabolites, stress markers and milk production in rural buffaloes during summer season Animal Physiologists Association 2019
    9. Best Ph.D. Thesis Award to my Ph.D. student Influence of astaxanthin supplementation on growth performance, immunity and antioxidant status in heifers during summer season Animal Physiologists Association 2018
    10. Best Poster Presentation Award Effect of seasons on energy metabolites in transition Sahiwal and Karan Fries cows Animal Physiologists Association 2018


    Second Best Oral Presentation Award Scrotal surface temperature and its relationship with body weight, body condition score and scrotal circumference in Murrah buffalo breeding bulls Indian Society for Animal Production & Management 2016
    12. Second Best poster presentation award “ftad vuqiwj.k dk dkj.k Qzht xk;ksa ds iztuu izn”kZu” ICAR-NDRI, Karnal 2016
    13. Second Best poster presentation award Effect of Astaxanthin on semen quality of Karan Fries bulls during hot dry and hot humid seasons Animal Nutrition Society of India 2016
    14. Best oral presentation award Seasonal variation of seminal antioxidant enzymes concentration in crossbred (Tharparkar X Holstein Fries) Bulls under tropical climatic conditions Society for Animal Physiologists of India 2016

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Demarcation of the ranges of ambient temperature (thermoneutral zones) for Indian cattle, Zebu crosses (Karan Fries and Karan Swiss) and buffaloes.
    • Developed methodology for alleviating thermal heat using fan cum mist system. Angular high velocity blasting fan were used for effective heat dissipation and sustaining milk production and improving feed intake in crossbred cows and buffaloes during hot dry and hot humid months.
    • Developed work performance indices for Haryana and crossbred bullocks during carting based on Oxygen /pulse/kg body weight.
    • Developed a map to demarcate the different zones of India for stress and comfort based on temperature humidity index (THI).
    • Developed a methodology to monitor methane emission in ruminants.

    Research publications having NAAS rating equal to or more than 6 only

    1.  Kumar, S. and Singh, S.V. (2020) Influence of astaxanthin supplementation on attainment of puberty and lipid peroxidation in Sahiwal and Karan Fries (Holstein × Tharparkar) heifers during summer season. Biological Rhythm Research 51(1): 15-28 . (NAAS Rating: 6.77)
    2. Kumar, S., Singh, S.V. and Bhan, S.C. (2019) Effect of dietary supplementation of astaxanthin (potent antioxidant) on growth rate, DMI, FCR and metabolic changes in Karan Fries heifers during heat stress. Journal of Agrometeorology 21 (1): 80-88. (NAAS Rating: 6.64)
    3. Kumar, S. and Singh, S. V. (2019) Inhibition of NF-κB signaling pathway by astaxanthin supplementation for prevention of heat stress-induced inflammatory changes and apoptosis in Karan Fries heifers. Tropical Animal Health and Production51(5):1125-1134.(NAAS Rating: 7.09)
    4. Somagond, Y.M., Singh, S.V. and Deshpande, A. (2019): Effect of dietary supplementation of astaxanthin, prill fat and combination on stress indicators, milk yield and composition during heat stress in buffaloes. Biological Rhythm Research DOI:1080/09291016.2019.1658426. (NAAS Rating: 6.77)
    5. P., Singh, A., Singh, P., Singh, S.V., Yadav, S and Kumar, S. (2019) Scrotal infrared thermography and testicular biometry: Indicator of semen quality in Murrah breeding bulls. Animal Reproduction Science https//doi.org 10.1016/J.anireprosci.2019.106145. (NAAS Rating: 7.82)
    6. Saikia, , Verma, A., Gupta, I. D., Singh, S. V. and Hazarika, D. (2019) Identification of genetic variants in HSF1 gene and their association with heat tolerance in Murrah buffaloes. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 89(10): 1099–1103. (NAAS Rating: 6.23)
    7. Kumar, S. and Singh, V. (2019) Heat stress amelioration by astaxanthin supplementation and Nrf2 transcribed down   regulation   of HSP70 and MnSOD   in Karan Fries  (Holstein   Friesian×Tharparkar) heifers Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 89(11): 1211–1216. (NAAS Rating: 6.23)
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    13. Aditya Deshpande, V. Singh, Yallappa M Somagond, Parvender Sheoran, Saurav Naskar And V. P. Chahal (2020) Physio-biochemical responses and growth performance of buffalo heifers to betaine supplementation during hot humid season under field conditions. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 90 (3): 416–423. (NAAS Rating: 6.23)
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    16. Kotresh Prasad Chikkagoudara, Pawan Singh, Deepandita Barman, Carolina Potshangbam, Ninad Bhatt, Sohan Vir Singh, Surender Singh Lathwal (2020) – Eye temperature, an indicator for stress levels in young buffalo bulls – A case study of micro-environment modification. Journal of Agrometeorology 22 (3): 266-273. (NAAS Rating: 6.64)

    (ii) List of popular articles published:

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