• Dr Satish Kulkarni

    Dr Satish Kulkarni
    Principal Scientist

    NDRI, Southern Campus; Principal Scientist, Dairy Technology Division, National Dairy Research Institute, Southern Campus, Adugodi, Bangalore – 560030 Phone:080-25710661-64

    • Current Research Area
      1. Traditional milk products of southern India Utilization of whey as a source of food energy Energy conservation Development of statutory standards for dairy and food products Research application and commercialization


    • M.Sc – Dairy Technology
    • Ph.D – Dairy Technology

    Major Research Accomplishments

    The research area of interest are:
    1. Traditional Dairy Products of Southern region.
    2. Fermented Milk Products.
    3. Utilization of by products.
    In the area of traditional milk products the group headed by Dr. Satish Kulkarni has worked on several traditional milk based products like Kadhi, Kunda, Payasam, Podo, Misti Dahi, millet based products etc.  The first scientifically reported work on Kadhi, Podo and Kunda have come out from the laboratory.  The scientists also initiated work on the milk and coarse cereal based products like Jowar, Foxtail millet, Finger millet based ready to eat foods etc.
    In the area of fermentation the group has worked extensively on Yoghurt, Fermented Whey based products and beverages.  The work on the dessert Yoghurt and Cream based fermented spreads has won good recognition.
    The group headed by Dr. Kulkarni is known for industry friendly approaches and the industrial consultancy based research activities were initiated by the group.  The team has assisted more than 90 industrial units in various aspects of product diversification, quality control, packaging and other techno commercial aspects.
    In recent times the group has initiated intensive work on utilization of Whey in food processing.  About 10 different types of products have been identified for Whey utilization which is in the interest of dairy industry.
    The group has successfully transferred technology to different industries and continues its activities with industry friendly research approach.

    Guidance to student:



    • Best Teacher Award,ICAR, New Delhi in 2008
    • ICAR Team Award ICAR, New Delhi in 2008
    • Fellow – AFST(I) AFST(I) Mysore Fellowship in 2006
    • Laljee Godhoo Smarak Nidhi Award AFSTI (I), Mysore; As a leader for overall contribution to dairy research in 2002
    • Dr. P.B.Rama Rao Award (PI) AFSTI (I), Mysore, Publishing best research papers in the field of lipids in 1986
    • Laljee Godhoo Smarak Nidhi Award (CoPI) AFSTI (I), Mysore, Shared with Dr. M.K.Rama Murthy for overall research activities in 1993
    • Best paper award (Ind. J. Dairy & Bio. Sciences, vol. 8, 1997) Alumni association, Bangalore; PFA modification in 1997
    • IFCON – 93 Poster presentation (Jointly) AFSTI (I), Mysore; Technology of cholesterol free mozzarella cheese in 1993
    • IFCON – 98 Poster presentation (Jointly) AFSTI (I), Mysore; HACCP Studies of Chhana Podo in 1998
    • ICFOST Award (Poster presentation) 1st prize (Jointly) AFSTI (I), Mysore; Energy conversion in Kunda Production in 2000
    • Best poster award XXXI Dairy Industry Conference (Jointly) IDA (SZ); Formulation of dry mix of palada payasam in 2002
    • IFCON – 03 (Poster presentation) award (Jointly) AFSTI (I), Mysore; Neutraceutical beverage in 2003


    • Internal Auditor Course – HACCP Certification,Centre for Technology Development, Bangalore 1997
    • Certificate course computer application – MS Office CMC India, Ltd.,1998
    • Lead Auditor- ISO 9000 – 2000 ,Indian Institute of Quality Management, Jaipur,2000
    • P.G. Diploma in Patenting ,National Law School, Hyderabad,2002-2004

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Process for Milk gelatinized Ada production Patent filed 2004
    • Process formulation of Palada Payasam ready mix . 2004
    • Formulation of cheese puri mix 2005
    • Accelerated development of colour and flavour in Palada Payasam 2006
    • Cheese Dip Product Development 2001
    • Long Life Curd Rice Technology up-gradation for shelf life 2002,Cheese Puri Mix Patent filed, Sold through Parlour 2005
    • Yoghurt with Mango Technology Transfer workshop organized 2003, Chhana Podo Commercialized, Technology Transfer workshop organised 1999
    • Kunda Technology up-gradation, Patent filed 2004,Gasagase Payasam Product Development 2003
    • Utilization of Concentrated whey in the products of Rusks and Soup sticks. M.Tech. Dissertation. Environment protection. 2007 ,Jowar – Milk solids based breakfast food Ph.D. Dissertation. Product development 2008
    • Gulab Jamun Mix Commercialised by Karnataka Milk Federation 1997,Banana Milk Shake Ready mix Commercialised Kerala Milk Marketing Board – Milma 1999
    • Cheese Cans (Aluminium) Commercialised M/s. Sannati Food processors – Goa 2000,Podo Commercialised M/s. R.R. Foods, Bangalore 2001
    • Palada Payasam Mix Commercialised Kerala Milk Marketing Board, Trivandrm 2002,Flavoured Milk Commercialised by SRR Milk & Food Product, Palladam, Coimbatore 2004


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