• Dr S. Jeyakumar

    Dr S. Jeyakumar
    Senior Scientist

    Livestock Research Centre, ICAR-NDRI, SRS

    • Current Research Area
      Improvement of indigenous cattle through reproductive management, Fertility augmentation and Post partum health and disease of animals.


    • Ph.D (Animal Reproduction, Gynaecology & Obstetrics)
    • PG Diploma in Nanobiotechnology

    Major Research Accomplishments

    • Developed a modified percutaneous foetotomy technique for obstetrical operation in cow.
    • Standardization and implementation of Artificial Insemination in Turkey to improve fertility.
    • Preliminary report on semen characteristics of indigenous Nicobari fowl.
    • Report on tuberculous endometritis in a cross bred heifer
    • Preliminary study on OPU (in vitro procedure) procedure and its effect on oocyte yield and quality in buffaloes.
    • Development of various therapeutic practices in management of various obstetrical cases viz. use of poly ethylene polymer for dystocia cases, clinical methods for the management of uterine invagination in cattle and treatment protocol for the clinical management of antepartum vagino cervical prolapse (induced parturition) in buffaloes, application of laparoscopy to diagnose uterine adhesion.
    • Modified water-bath based method for studying the characteristics of bovine udder and teat
    • Modified water bath method for ovine testicular scanning
    • Transcutaneous ultrasonography: a novel method to study the ovartian status and follicular dynamics in poultry (chicken, quail, duck and guinea fowl)
    • Sonographic observation of ovarian and udder pathologies
    • Standardization and propagation of intra-cervical A.I. using frozen semen in goats
    • Production of crossbred goat “BOER CROSS GOAT’ for higher meat productivity through AI
    • Standardization and propagation of controlled breeding in goats using intra-vaginal P4 sponges
    • Survey and documentation of Infertility problems in cattle of Andaman islands
    • Development of therapeutic management protocols for infertility problem in cattle and buffaloes
    • Controlled breeding in cattle and buffaloes
    • Characterization and documentation of indigenous pig and goat breeds of Andaman and Nicobar island biodiversity for the first time
    • Characterization of Malnad Gidda: a dwarf cattle of Western Ghat Biodiversity
    • Augmentation of reproductive efficiency of indigenous Deoni cows
    • Studies on Maternal Recognition Pregnancy – Signal in indigenous Deoni cows
    • Molecular characterization of genes regulating fertility and MRP