• Dr Rekha R Menon

    Dr Rekha R Menon
    Senior Scientist

    Engg. Section, NDRI, Adugodi, BANGALORE – 560 030 Telephone No. 080- 25710663 Extn. 200

    • Current Research Area
      Processing of indigenous dairy products


    • M.Tech. (Post Harvest Engineering)
    • Ph.D. (Agricultural & Food Engineering)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    Intervention in terms of convenience product development and energy conservation for traditional dairy products like Palada payasam and Kunda were successfully undertaken. A process for manufacture of Kunda using a mechanical khoa making unit was standardized. Effect of carbonation in extending the shelf life of dairy beverages like flavoured milk and lassi was established.

    Effluents from different dairy processing operations were characterized in terms of its physico – chemical parameters. Also different reactor designs and configurations were comparatively evaluated for their performance in treatment of dairy effluents.

    The positive influence of cryogenically cooled rapid control atmosphere storage on green mature mango fruits in terms of quality parameters was established. The effect of respiration kinetics on the temperature and gas flow within the storage chamber was also evaluated using the principles of computational fluid dynamics.

    In recent times, our group has been involved in work related to application of energy monitoring and targeting system in a commercial dairy plant. We are also involved in studying the heat and mass transfer phenomena during manufacture of Gulab Jamoon and Pantoa.


    • KAU Merit Scholarship during B. Tech Programme (1990 -1994)
    • GATE scholarship during M. Tech Programme at IIT Kharagpur (1995-1997)
    • Anurag Kanti Award (1997) for M. Tech thesis awarded by AFST(I) Kharagpur chapter
    • Co – authored Poster paper presented at XXXI Dairy Industry conference Mumbai India – adjudged first
    • Co – authored Poster paper presented at 15th ICFOST Mysore India awarded second prize in the area of Dairy products
    • Co – authored paper on “Characterization of wastewater from select dairy processing operations: a management perspective” which was awarded the best paper award by Alumni Association


    • Attended the 21-day Training programme on “Recent Advances in Value added Indigenous Dairy Products” conducted by Dairy Science College, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. (9 -29th July 2003).

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


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