• Dr Rajesh Kumar

    Dr Rajesh Kumar
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Chemistry Division National Dairy research Institute, Karnal-132001, Haryana Ph. 0184-2259161

    • Current Research Area
      Bioactive protein and peptide, functional dairy foods


    • M.Sc (Dairy Chemistry) from National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University) in 1990
    • Ph.D (Dairy Chemistry) from National Dairy Research Institute (Deemed University) in 1994

    Major Research Accomplishments


    • Junior Research Fellowship of NDRI (1990)
    • Senior Research Fellowship of NDRI (1990-94)
    • Two best poster awards
    • Expert Member, Indian National Committee on “Main components of milk” of International Dairy Federation (IDF) (2003-2009)


    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


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