• Dr. R. R. B. Singh

    Dr. R. R. B. Singh
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Technology Division, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Traditional dairy foods, Thermal processing, Functional dairy foods, Nutraceuticals

    Qualifications :

    • Ph. D (National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, India)
    • M. S. (National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, India)
    • B. S. (Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand, India)

    Major Research Accomplishments :

    Awards :

    • Best poster paper award for paper titled “Antihyperlipidemic effect of Arjuna Ghee (Herbal Ghee)” presented at the 20th Indian Convention of Food Scientists and Technologists (IFCON) held at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru during December 21-23, 2009.
    • Recipient of Dr. J. R. Patel Memorial Education and Research Award for the year 2007.
    • Third best paper award for paper entitled “Application of response surface methodology for standardization of technology for the manufacture of Kradi cheese using culture NCDC 167” presented in International Conference on Traditional Dairy Foods, held at NDRI, Karnal during November 14-17, 2007
    • Best paper award of NDRI for paper entitled Turant taiyar punarvinirman-yogya Basundi mishran ka vikas. Hindi Week, September 14, 2005, NDRI, Karnal.
    • Best poster presentation award (2004) for poster entitled “Development of a Process for Ready-to Reconstitute Rasomalai Mix” at the poster session during XXXIII Dairy Industry Conference held at Hotel ‘The Ashok’, New Delhi during 27-28, Sepember, 2004.
    • Best research paper award of IDA for paper entitled “Kinetics of deteriorative changes in stored UHT milk – pH and acidity” published in Indian J. Dairy Sci. 53: 123 – 130 (2000).
    • ICAR Jr. Research Fellowship: Postgraduate studies (1984-86)
    • NDRI Sr. research Fellowship: Doctoral studies (1987-91)

    Training :

    • Participated in the 2nd overall meeting of the ISEKI_Mundus 2 (ISEKI_Mundus 2 Internationalization and Sustainability of ISEKI_Food Network) and ISEKI_Food 3 (ISEKI_Food 3 – Innovative Developments and Sustainability of ISEKI Food) at Wageningen, The Netherlands as invited partner during June 06-09, 2010
    • Participated in the 1st overall meeting of the ISEKI_Mundus 2 (ISEKI_Mundus 2 Internationalization and Sustainability of ISEKI_Food Network) and ISEKI_Food 3 (ISEKI_Food 3 – Innovative Developments and Sustainability of ISEKI Food) at SIK – The Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology, Gothenburg, Sweden as invited partner during July 01-03, 2009
    • Visited Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa – ESB, Porto, Portugal and Katholieke Hogeschool Sint-Lieven, Gent, Belgium during February 18-May 14, 2008 as Visiting Professor under Erasmus programme of the European Union.
    • Visited Srilanka as consultant on Dairy Products Development to Department of Animal Production and Health, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka under the aegis of Sri Lanka Council for Agricultural Research Policy, Colombo, Sri Lanka during December 8 to 22, 2006
    • Visited Inst. of Food Process Engg., Technical Univ. of Munich, Freising, Germany to participate in workshop for discussing collaborative project on Membrane Concentrated Milk for UHT Sterilization (Volkswagen Foundation-Funded Collaborative Research Project) during July 01- 14, 1999
    • Member of the Standing Committee on Minor components and Characterization of Physical Properties of International Dairy Federation during 2004-07
    • Member, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India Scientific Panel on labelling and claims/Advertisements, Government of India
    • Organising Secretary, International Conference on Traditional Dairy Foods, November 14-17, 2007 held at NDRI, Karnal (www.dairysociety.org)
    • Undergone Training in Recent Advances in Membrane Technology organised under the aegis of Centre of Advanced Studies in Dairy Technology at N.D.R.I., Karnal, India: March 20-April 04, 1996
    • Undergone Training in Agricultural Research Management at National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad, India: Jan-June 1992

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • A process for instant rasmalai mix. G.R.Patil, R.R.B.Singh, A.A.Patel, S.K.Nayak and Sangeeta Mishra (Patent details: 2738/DEL/2006)
    • Technology for 5 min ready to reconstitute Kheer mix. A.A Patel, G.R.Patil, R.R.B.Singh, Neeraja Tyagi, Vishal Tripathi and Alok Jha (Patent details: 1076/DEL/2006)
    • A formulation and process for ready-to-reconstitute Basundi mix. Prateek Sharma, R.R.B.Singh, G.R.Patil and A.A.Patel. (Patent details: 2226/DEL/2007)
    • Low fat oven baked rehydratable Gulabjamun. G.R.Patil, R.R.B.Singh, A.K.Singh, A.A.Patel, Anuradha Singh and Rekha Dahiya (Patent details:788/DEL/2007)
    • Development of process for herbal ghee (Arjuna Ghee) Rajani Kant, G.R.Patil, R.R.B.Singh and A.A.Patel (Patent details: 640/DEL/2007)
    • A process for long-life milk cake. Anil Kumar, G. R. Patil, R.R.B.Singh and A.A. Patel (Patent details: 641/DEL/2007)
    • A process for commercial manufacture of Kradi. H.A.Punoo, G. R. Patil and R.R. B.Singh (Patent details: 2134/DEL/2008)
    • Development of process for manufacture of Low-fat spread using Ghee. D. D. Patange, A. A. Patel, D. N. Bhosale, G. R. Patil and R. R. B. Singh.(Patent details: 1796/MUM/2009)

    Publications :

    • Sharma P, Singh RRB, Singh AK, Patel AA and Patil GR (2009) Sorption isotherms and thermodynamics of water sorption of ready-to-use Basundi mix. Lebensmittel wissenschaft und Technologie 42 (1): 441-445
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