• Dr P.K.Dixit

    Dr P.K.Dixit
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Economics & Statistics Section, SRS of ICAR-NDRI, Adugodi, Bengaluru – 560 030 Phone: 09448755737 Fax: 080-5710161

    • Current Research Area
      Economics of dairy farming, Costing of milk & milk products; Techno-economic analysis of dairying; Analysis of dairy value chains & development of geospatial data base for dairying.


    • B.Sc. (Agriculture)
    • M.Sc. (Agril. Econ.)
    • Ph.D. (Dairy Econ.)

    Major Research Accomplishments

      • Inventory control in dairy plant : Study on inventory management indicated the items of high consumption value; fast moving items and high unit value required strict inventory control in the dairy plant.


      • Analysis of Crop- Livestock Production System:  In Karnataka, the cost of milk production/litre varied from Rs.8.73 (for crossbred) to Rs.18.16 (non-descript cow) during 2002., while for Buffalo, it was in between. While in Kerala respective figures were Rs. 9.86 and Rs. 21.96. The marketed surplus of milk ranged from 39% of the production to 77% in Karnataka,  while it ranged from 77% to 85% in Kerala.


      • Techno-Economic analysis of Indigenous dairy product : Kunda and Dharwad Peda were manufactured largely by many small units and their manufacture entailed good profit. Owing to their growing popularity, there is need to encourage large scale organized manufacture of these products. Gulam Jamoon mix & Palada Payasam mix technologies transferred were doing well at KMF and MILMA respectively and enabled the Federations to add new product to their product mix, besides realizing higher revenue.


      • Marketing of Bovines: Annual cattle fairs and weekly cattle markets predominantly facilitated marketing of bovines in Karnataka. However, the annual cattle fairs were losing their original luster. Weekly cattle markets are playing vital importance in bovine marketing. Some of the basic constraints facing the markets need to be solved for facilitating better market environment for efficient marketing.


    • Economic Analysis of Manufacture of Dairy Products: In the selected organized dairies of southern states, the share of liquid milk in the total turn over stood above 80 % , while the products accounted for less than 20 %. It was found that cost of production of dairy products varied across the dairies in southern states. It was observed that the dairies had created good infrastructure and provided services for the development of the dairy farmers.

    Student Guidance

    • Ph.D. : 3
    • M.V.Sc. :1


    • Best Research article. Alumni Association, NDRI, Bangalore , 2002
    • Best Poster Award IDA New Delhi ,2004
    • Best Poster Award IDA New Delhi ,2005
    • Human Excellence Award Social Services Shri Satya Sankalpa Trust for HRD, B’lore ,2004


    • Four months Advanced Training in Dairy Economics – Farming Systems Research and Extension at Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands during 1994.
    • Management Development Programme (MDP) on Agribusiness Supply Chain Management organized at IIM Lucknow during 14 – 18 March 2011.
    • MDP on” Management and Leadership Development “ organized by LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie during 18-22 April 2011.
    • MDP on” PME Support to Consortia Based Research in Agriculture “organized by NAARM Hyderabad during 22-27 Sept. 2011.
    • Lead Auditor Course on Quality Management Systems- ISO 9001 – 2008 (21 – 25 Jan, 2013) was organized by Alumni Association, NDRI Bangalore. The Training was conducted by IRClass, Mumbai.

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


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