• Dr. Nishant Kumar

    Dr. Nishant Kumar
    Senior Scientist

    Animal Reproduction & Gynaecology Livestock Research Centre,LPM section National Dairy Research Institute Karnal-132001(Haryana) Mobile:09996268425

    • Current Research Area
      Reproductive management of dairy heifers, Fertility improvement in male and female farm animals.


    • B.V.Sc & A.H.-G.B.P.U.A & T.-Pantnagar (Uttarakhand)
    • M.V.Sc—Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics—IVRI, Izatnagar(Uttar Pradesh)
    • PhD-Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics-IVRI,Izatnagar (Uttar Pradesh)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    • Evaluated effect of Zinc supplementation on semen quality of cross-bred bulls and found beneficial effect of addition of zinc on semen quality in terms of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of semen and in-vitro  fertility tests.
    •  Back crossed 200 crossbred cows and upgraded 150 local buffaloes of tarai region of Uttarakhand by inseminating with Sahiwaal semen and Murrah semen respectively and obtained conception rate of 47 % and 43%    respectively.
    • Organized more than 10 sterility camps in Bareilly district ,diagnosed and treated more than 1500 animals in camp and founded that major cause of infertility in cattle and buffalo is mineral deficiency and poor management


    • Indian Council of Agricultural Research—Junior Research Fellowship for M.V.Sc
    • Received 1st prize by Rajbhasha Vibhaag, NDRI,Karnal Deemed university for hindi book entitled “Dairy Farming ke Mul Sidhhant ewam Wyawhaarik Gyaan” in 2014
    • Received 3rd prize by Rajbhasha Vibhaag, NDRI,Karnal Deemed university for hindi technical folder entitled “Pashuon ki Prajanan samasyaaon ki rokthaam ke liye pashupaalakon ko aawashyak sujhaaw” in 2014
    • Received Consolation prize by Rajbhasha Vibhaag, NDRI,Karnal Deemed university for hindi paper entitled “Prajanak Saando ki Dekhbhaal ewam Prabandhan” in 2014
    • Received consolation prize in Poster competition organized by rajbhasha Vibhaag, NDRI Karnal Deemed university during Rajbhasha Chetna Maas Samaaroh 2015
    • Received 2nd prize in Poster competition organized by rajbhasha Vibhaag Deemed university during Rajbhasha Chetna Maas Samaaroh 2016
    • Secured 1st rank in Bihar Public Service Commission in 2005
    • Received Appreciation certificate by Shri. Harish Rawat, Former Minister of state, Agriculture, food processing industries, New Delhi and director NDRI for my valuable contribution in successful completion of Animal awareness and veterinary camps in Haridwar district of Uttarakhand in 2012
    • Received appreciation letter from Dr. H. Rahman, DDG (Animal Science) for my contribution in coordinating animal show at Krishi Unnati Mela—2016 which was organized by DAC&FW, Ministry of agriculture & farmer welfare & ICAR IARI at IARI Mela ground, New Delhi from 19.03.2016 to 21.03.2016
    • Nominated as 5 best teachers of post graduate programme at ICAR NDRI Karnal for the year 2016—17
    • Received Excellence in Teaching Award for contribution in field of agriculture by Samagra Vikas Welfare Society at ICAR-IISR Lucknow on 16th october 2017


    • Participated in advanced Refresher Course of 21 days duration on “Imaging techniques for veterinary patients with special reference to ultrasonography” organized from 1-21 February 2008 by Department of Surgery and Radiology, GADVASU, Ludhiana (Punjab)
    • Attended foundation course training for Agricultural Research Service (4 months) at National Academy of Agricultural Research & Management, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
    • Participated in Training programme on Data Analysis using SAS at NDRI Karnal from August 1-6,2011
    • Attended training programme of 21 days duration on “Prevention and therapeutic management of peri-parturient complications in domestic animals” organized at GADVASU Ludhiana from 23.08.2011 to 12.09.2011
    • Attended short term training course on “Ultrasonography in Large Animal Reproduction for fertility augmentation” from June 22—27, 2015 at CIRB Hisar, Haryana
    • Coordinated training programme entitled “Reproductive Health Management of Dairy Animals” for the technical staff of ICAR organized from 15th to 21st December 2016 at NDRI Karnal.

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


    • Kumar, N. ; Verma, R.P. ; Singh,L.P. ; Varshney,V.P. & Dass,R.S. (2006) Effect of different levels and sources of zinc supplementation on quantitative and qualitative semen attributes and serum testosterone level in crossbred cattle (Bos indicus x Bos Taurus) bulls. Reprod.Nutr. Dev. 46 663—675
    • Kumar, N.; Verma, R.P.; Singh,L.P. & Dass,R.S. (2007) Effect of inorganic and organic zinc supplementation on sexual behaviour in crossbred cattle (Bos indicus x Bos Taurus) bulls. International Journal of cow science,3 (1&2) : 24—26
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    • Brijesh Patel, Nishant Kumar, Varsha Jain, Nitin Raheja and S.S. Lathwal (2017). Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Uterine Involution Status and Ovarian Follicular Size of Karan Fries Cows. Accepted for publication in Intas Polivet
    • Book Authored-3
    • “Dairy Farming ke Mool Siddhaant ewam Wyawhaarik Gyaan” (2013) by Nishant Kumar, Dalip Gosain and Satyapal Published by KVK, NDRI Karnal.
    • Animal Reproduction and Gynaecology—A Question Bank (2015) Nishant Kumar and Mustafa Hassan Jan. (ISSBN Number 97893272577) published by Kalyani Publishers, New Delhi
    • Dairy pashu Prajanan: Samasyaayein ewam prabandhan (2016) by Nishant Kumar, Shiv Prasad, M.L. Kamboj & S. S. Lathwal Published from DKMA, ICAR
    • Book edited-3
    • Bharat mein Dairy pashuon ke prabandhan ke liye prathaaon par raastriya sanhitaa (2015) edited by Chander datt, Madanlal Kamboj and Nishant Kumar Published by NDRI Karnal Publication number—132/2015
    • “Milk Production (Dairy Husbandry) A Practical manual for class XI” (2013) edited by Nishant Kumar, Asif Mohammad, B.S. Chandel, Pradip Behare, Senthil Kumar & Mukesh Bhagat published by CBSE New Delhi
    • “Milk Production (Dairy Husbandry) A student handbook for class XI” (2013) edited by Asif Mohammad, Nishant Kumar, S. Subhash, Senthil Kumar & B.S. Chandel published by CBSE , New Delhi
    • Book Chapter-1
    • Kumar,N., Sharma,M. Prasad,V.,Shinde,S. and Manjusha,J. (2015) “Feed Supplements for Improving Fertility in Female Livestock” In : Feed supplements for livestock and poultry (editors P.K.singh, R.Kumar, S.Kumar and K.Kumar) Daya Publishing House, New Delhi – 110 002
    • Technical folders-3
    • Go pashuon ki prajanan samasyaaon ki rokthaam ke liye pashupaalakon ko aawasyak soojhaaw (Hindi) published by NDRI Karnal in 2012
    • Good practices to achieve high conception rate using artificial insemination in bovine published by NDRI Karnal in 2012
    • Management of Repeat Breeding in cattle & buffalo under field conditions’’ published by NDRI Karnal in 2012
    • Technical bulletin-2
    • Breeding soundness evaluation of dairy bulls (2013) by A.K. Chakravarty, Nishant Kumar, T.K. Mohanty, A.K. Gupta, A.Kumaresan, M. Bhakat & Pradip Behare.(Publication No. 101/2013) published by NDRI
    • A technical bulletin on Organic dairy farming (2013) by M.L. Kamboj, Saroj Rai, Shiv Prasad, Chander datt, A.S. Harika, Naresh Kumar & Nishant Kumar (publication No. 101/2013) published by NDRI
    • Manual-4
    • Practical manual on Milk Production Management (2013) by S.S. Lathwal, Shiv Prasad, A.Kumaresan, Chander Datt & Nishant Kumar
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    • Reproductive Health management of dairy animals (2016) by Nishant Kumar published by NDRI, Karnal