• Dr. Naresh Kumar

    Dr. Naresh Kumar
    Principal Scientist & Nodal Officer – National Referral Center

    Dairy Microbiology Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Food Safety & Quality Assurance with specialization in the field of biosensor development for rapid detection of Antibiotics, pesticides, Heavy metals, and bacterial pathogens for application in the Dairy industry


    • Master Degree (Dairy Bacteriology)
    • Doctorate Degree (Dairy Microbiology)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    One of the significant achievement was to established state of the art infrastructure facility as National Referral Center on Milk Quality and Safety (NRCMQS) which includes BSL-3 Containment under World bank funded NAIP project with fund support of 17.5 Crores in 2014 for addressing the scientific issues on milk safety in our country with the mandate to provide scientific solution in specialized field of milk safety and quality assurance; to carry out Risk Profile Work on Potential Contaminants in milk and milk products; development   of milk safety standards, sampling plan and testing procedures for regulatory compliance; Rapid Biosensor Based Tools/Assay/Kits for field application and to conduct training on HRD development on milk quality.

    BSL -3 Containment Established at NRC

    With the established facility at NRC rapid sensors were developed for detection of potential contaminants in dairy food chain by exploring bacterial spores as biosensor.Bacterial Spore as innovative approach for its application as bio-recognition element was successfully employed in rapid detection of antibiotic, pesticides and bacterial contaminants in dairy foods and their commercialization under field condition. Spore-based sensing technologies were developed to target many emerging contaminants in different types of food matrices, including milk and milk products in order to ensure food safety and quality. Different types of approaches were attempted for the development of spore-based biosensors for detection of antibiotic, pesticides and bacterial contaminants in milk.

    Paper Strip Based concept for Detection of Antibiotic Residues in Milk:

    Paper-based sensors are new alternative technology for fabricating simple, low-cost, portable and disposable analytical devices for many applications. The major advantages of using paper as a sensing platform include ease of availability, low cost, passive liquid transport, compatibility with chemicals/bio-chemicals  and fast response.  With these basic properties in mind, a spore-germination inhibition based assay for antibiotic detection was developed on the paper strip for exploring its potential under field application. The stages involved in developing paper sensors include the proper choice of paper, fabrication/patterning, and semi- quantitative analysis based on color development as a result of specific marker enzymes released during spore germination.The test involves pre-dipping of strip in milk and germination of spores in presence of germinant mixture when incubated at 64o C for 1:15 hrs. Development of blue color on paper strip indicates the absence of antibiotic residues and no color development indicates presence of antibiotic Residues in milk. The technology was developed under externally funded Outreach project on monitoring of drug residues and environmental pollutants funded by ICAR with fund support of 71 lakhs.

    Paper Strip Based concept for Detection of Antibiotic Residues in Milk

    Spore Based Kit for Detection of Antibiotic Residues in Milk at Dairy Farm: The developed technology is working on principle of spore germination and its inhibition in presence of antibiotic residues in milk. In case when antibiotic residues are absent in milk, marker metabolites are released during germination which change the color of the indicator. However, in presence of antibiotic residues in milk, the spore germination process is inhibited at ≥ MRL level of contaminants and no change in color indicates the presenceofdrugresiduesinmilkwhenincubatedat 64o C for 2.30 hrs.

    Technology was developed under externally funded Ministry of Food processing (MFPI) with fund support of 41 lakhs.

    Paper Strip based concept for Rapid Detection of Pesticide Residues: Pesticides are well known carcinogen and their impact on human beings and presence in different food products including milk are well known in the prior art. The existing conventional chromatographic methods (LC/GC-MS) are time- consuming and laborious. Currently, new standards for pesticides have been developed by FSSAI and implemented for regulatory compliance in different food products including milk. For routine monitoring of pesticides under field application, three stage assay on paper strip has been developed based on “spore germination and enzymeinhibition principle”. In case where analyte i.e. pesticide is absent, specific marker enzyme (s) are produced by spores during germination which will act specifically on chromogenic substrate resulting in colored end product on paper strip, whereas complete inhibition of marker enzyme will take place when pesticides are present in food sample (Patent Reg. 3819/DEL/2015).Simple and cost- effective technology for field application for testing of pesticides residues in milk, cereal based foods, fruit juices, feed, fodder, soil, water, manure etc. Technology was developed under externally funded Niche area of excellence (NAE) with funded  by Education Division ICAR with support of 121.420 lakhs

    Spore Based concept on Biochip for Listeria monocytogenes, Enterococci and E. coli in milk: A miniaturized spore based assay for detection of bacterial contaminants in milk on functionalized gold chip with minimal quantity of milk and other reagents with enhanced sensitivity was developed. The developed assay was integration with other consortia partners to have multi-analytehigh throughout put analysis for dairy applications. The spore enzyme assay was evaluated on biochip using EMCCD camera. The fluorescent signals were quantified in terms of integrated optical density (IOD).Patent on the technology has been published in IPO (1357/ DEL /2013) in Indian patent journal no. 50/2014, Dated12/12/2014. Technology was developed under externally funded NAIP project funded  by World bank with support of 22.0 crores


    • Fellow of National Academy of Dairy Science (NADSI) -2014
    • Fellow of National Academy of Agriculture Science (FNAAS)- 2019
    • Eminent Scientist award conferred by the Samagra Vikas Welfare Society (SVWS) for outstanding contribution in the field of Agriculture. (2017)
    • Recognition by “Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) 2017
    • Recognition by “CG Centre -international live stock research Centre (ILRI)-2017
    • Recognition/ Appreciation from “World Bank team members during their visit at NDRI while evaluating the performance of NATIONAL REFERRAL CENTRE FOR MILK QUALITY AND SAFETY established under NAIP project -2014
    • Best consortia award in NAIP project on development of biosensors and micro-techniques for bacterial contaminants in milk (2010)
    • Nominated as part of Indian delegation for attending codex meeting on drug residues held at Minneapolis, Minnesota (2013)
    • Scientific panel members on bio-hazard in FSSAI and contributed in development of regulatory microbiological standards for dairy industry (2008 onwards)
    • Recognition by Board of Management (BOM) of NDRI (2008)
    • Recognition by “Centre for Science (CSE) and Environment, New Delhi
    • Recognition by ICAR-NDRI by Nominated as member of the Board of Management (BOM) of ICAR-NDRI by the director for two years (2018-19)
    • Appointed as Member secretary of codex committee by the Director w.e.f. 2013 onwards
    • Nominated as Expert member of Institute Bio-safety Committee (IBSC) by Director of the institute. (2015-19)


    • Training program on E-learning for dairy science faculty under NAIP project at National academy of agricultural research management , Hyderabad for 10 days i.e. October 19-29 , 2010
    • One week training programme on AMR under ICAR-ILRI project Organized by ILRI under ICAR-ILRI project entitled “Assessment of Antimicrobial Residues and Resistance in Dairy Animals in India at NDRI from  (3rd Jan. 2017 – 9th Jan. 2017)
    • Training on Laboratory Quality Management Systemand internal audit as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025 :2005  organized by National Institute Of Training For Standardization (NITS) for NABL accreditation at Bureau Of Indian Standard (BIS) ,Noida from (20-23 Feb. 2018)
    • Training Programme on procurement related matters and financial management system Participated in National Training Programme on procurement related matters and financial management system under world bank funded project sponsored by PIU-NAIP –ICAR from 3-4 February 2009.
    • Training on Quality Management system (ISO: 9001:2000) and Food Safety Management System (HACCP)

    Patent Filed/Granted

    Patented Granted:

    • Novel Process of Sporulation, Activation and Germination in Thermophilic Bacteria for Rapid Detection of Antibiotic Residues in Milk. Patent grant No: 264145 dated 9.12.2014.Inventors: Kumar Naresh, Patil G. R., Rane S., Malik R. K. (2014).
    • Development of spore inhibition based enzyme substrate assay(SIB-ESA) for monitoring aflatoxin M1 inmilk Patent grant no: Indian Patent No. 292836 dated 13/02/2018. Inventors: Kumar, Naresh, Singh, N.A., Singh. K., Malik, R. K. and Raghu, H.V. Sunial Bhand (2010).
    • Technology on Spore Germination Based Detection Kit For β-Lactam Group in Milk. Patent grant no: 273160 granted on 20/05/2016 Inventors: Naresh Kumar, Sougata Das and Manju Gare.

    Patent filed/Published:

    • Novel enzyme-substrate based bio-assay for real time detection of monocytogenes” in milk system. Patentpublicationno1357/DEL/2013-Published in Indian patent journal no. 50/2014, Dated12/12/2014.Inventors:Balhara, M., Kumar, N., Thakur, G., Raghu, H. V., Singh, V. K., Lawania, R., Khan, A., Shabnam (2012).
    • Real time detection of enterococci in dairy foods using spore germination basedbioassay. Patent publication no: 119/DEL/2012 published in patent journal no.– 19/2015 dated 08/05/2015 Inventors: Kumar Naresh, Kaur G, Thakur G, Raghu HV, Singh N, Singh VK and Raghav N. (2012).
    • Rapid spore enzyme based miniaturized assay (s) for detection of pesticide residues. Patent publication no: Indian Patent Reg. No. 3819/ DEL/ 2015. Publication journal no. 21/2017 dated 26 May 2017 Inventors:NareshKumar,N.Tehri,R.Gopaul,P. K.Sharma, S.Morab and Raghu H V.(2015).
    • Development of enzyme-spore based assay (s) for monitoring antibiotic residuesin milk. Patent publication no: 2213 /DEL/2014 Publication Journal no. 07/2016, U/S 11A dated 2016/02/12. Inventors : Naresh Kumar, A. Khan, S. Arora, F. Patra, M. Dahiya, Raghu H.V., M. Balhara, P. Kumar, S. Shaikh. (2014).
    • Marker enzymes and spore germination based assay for detection of E. coli in milk and milk products. Indian Patent no. 2214/DEL/2014.Inventors : Naresh Kumar, Avinash , Ramakant, Raghu H.V., (2014)

    Technology Developed, validated and Licensed:

    • Technology “Detection of L. monocytogenes in milk
    • Validation: M/s. SGS India Pvt.Ltd. Gurgaon dated 9th Nov 2012
    • Commercialized to: M/s Neugen Diagnostics (India) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, with an amount of 5 Lakhs as non-exclusive license during Agri-Tech Meet organized at NASC complex dated 18-19th July 2013
    • Technology “Detection of Enterococci in milk
    • Validation: M/s. SGS India Pvt.Ltd. Gurgaon dated 9th Nov 2012
    • Commercialized to: M/s Neugen Diagnostics (India) Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad, with an amount of 5 Lakhs as non-exclusive license during Agri-Tech Meet organized at NASC complex dated 18-19th July 2013.
    • Technology “Paper strip assay for rapid detection of pesticide residues in milk
    • Validation:Validated byNABL accredited SGS laboratory, Gurgaon. The results obtained with developed assay was compared withGC-MS/MS, LC-MS and similar results were obtained.The limit of detection (LODs) as claimed were found reproducible during validation work. No false positive or negative results were observed. Certificate no ref no gg17-001563.001 dated 20-4-2017
    • commercialized to :
    • M/s Hatsun Agro product limited Agro, Chennai with an amount of 5.75Lakh as non-exclusive license, during Institute-Industry Meet, 17th Dec 2016.
    • M/s. Florecer Services Private Limited, New Delhi, through Agrinnovate with nonexclusive license fee of Rs.5.90 Lakhs+ 2% Royalty dated 01 July 2019
    • Technology “Spore based kit for detection of antibiotic residues in milk at dairy farm”,
    • Validation: validated by third party throughanopentenderandM/s.DoveResearchand Analytics, Panchkula (A unit of Dove Chemicals)intermsof working test procedure, sensitivity against various groups of antibiotics as per Limits of Detection (LODs). Certificate noDRA/NDRI/16 17/080217/001dated9-02-2017.
    • Commercializedto:
    1. M/s Hatsun Agro Private Ltd. Chennai with an amount of 3.45 Lakh as non-exclusive license during Institute-Industry Meet, 17th Dec 2016.
    2. M/s. Delmos Research Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon with an amount of 3.54 Lakh as non-exclusive license on 12 March 2019.
    • Technology“Paper strip for detection of antibiotic residues in milk”
    • Validation: validated by third party through an open tender and M/s. Dove Research and Analytics, Panchkula(AunitofDoveChemicals)in terms of working test procedure, sensitivity against various groups of antibiotics as per Limits of Detection (LODs). Certificate no DRA/NDRI/16-17/080217 /002 dated 9-2-2017
    • commercializedto:
    •  M/s. Florecer Services Private Limited, New Delhi, with an amount of Rs. 5.90 Lakh as non-exclusive license dated 01 July 2019.


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    Book chapters

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