• Dr M. Sivaram

    Dr M. Sivaram
    Principal Scientist

    Economics and Statistics Section, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute,Southern Regional Station, Adugodi, Bangalore – 560 030

    • Current Research Area
      Applied Statistical Analysis, Dairy Statistics, Data Mining, Decision Support System, Error Propagation Issues in Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Statistical Ecology


    • M.Sc. (Statistics)
    • Ph.D. (Statistics-Biostatistics)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    Research Projects: Completed- 11; Ongoing-3 Nos.
    Extension/Consultancy Projects Completed- 7 Nos.
    Training Programmes Coordinated – 8 Nos.


    • Successfully completed a FAO sponsored project on ‘Inventory of Tree Volume and Biomass Allometric Equations for South Asia’ and follow-up Regional Workshops.
    • Developed Statistical Databases and Decision Support System Tools viz., KFSTAT, TMIS 1,0, SPA Analytics 1.0 and InventNTFP 1.0 addressing various issues of sustainable forest management. For details: http://www.kfri.res.in/kfri_software.asp
    • Undertook data mining activities with respect to prediction of future supply-demand gap of major timber species and their prices.
    • The implicit economic values of physical attributes of teak logs were estimated.
    • Deeply involved in the estimation of animal abundance in Kerala forests during 2002, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2011 & 2012 and submitted reports to Government.
    • Developed habitat models for forest owls and Nigiri Tahr  Hemitragus Hylocrius using statistical and GIS techniques.
    • Developed methodology for the inventory of non-wood forest products.

    Academic Recognition

    • Visiting Faculty (Biostatistics) to Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Thiruvananthapuram.
    • Coordinator of TEAKNET-An International Teak Information Network supported by FAO, CIFOR and ITTO (2013).
    • Member, Board of Studies in Forestry and Wood Technology, Kannur University since 2011.
    • CSIR Senior Research Fellow (1996).
    • Project funding and Travel grants received from International and National Agencies such as FAO, German Academic Exchange Programme, Royal Statistical Society, CREEM (University of Scotland), CSIR, DST, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation and Ministry of Environment and Forests.

    Software/Decision Support Systems developed

    • Sivaram M & Sandeep S (2014). TMIS 1.0. Timber Market Intelligence System to monitor timber prices.  KFRI, Peechi.
    • Sivaram M (2013). KFSTAT- Kerala Forestry Statistical Database, Data Mining and Information Dissemination. Software. KFRI, Peechi.
    • Sivaram M (2012). SPA Analytics 1.0. A decision support system tool for setting up Seed Production Areas. 2012. KFRI, Peechi.
    • Sivaram M and Sasidharan N (2008). InventNTFP 1.0. Inventory Analysis of Non-timber Forest Products for Sustainable Forest Management. Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi.


    In Journals: 12; In Conference Proceedings: 6; Research Reports: 12; Extension Reports: 7,
    Database/Decision Support Systems: 4.
    Papers presented in Conferences: 20 Nos.
    Lectures delivered as Resource Person in Training Programmes: 30 Nos.



    • FAO Regional Training on Data Analysis for Tree Volume, Biomass and Carbon Stock Assessment (using R Software). 10-13 November 2014. KFRI, Peechi.
    • Training Programme on Data Analysis using SAS Software. 24-28 September 2013. PDADMAS, Bangalore.
    • Open Source GIS Training- Quantum GIS. 16-20 May 2011. KFRI, Peechi.
    • International Training workshop on Forest Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Forest Genetic Resources. 11-16 June 2007. Forest Research Institute, Malaysia.
    • Applying Data Mining Techniques using Enterprise Miner Module of SAS package. 2-4 March 2006. SAS Inc., Bangalore.
    • International Workshop on MATLAB. 17-18 March 2005. St.Thomas College, Pala.
    • Software Engineering and Software Technologies (VB.net, ASP.net & SQL Server). 28 December 2004 – 10 May 2005. Indiaoptions.com, Thrissur.
    • Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation. 06-10 June 2005. CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation, Bangalore.
    • Management Information System in Irrigated Agriculture. 4-8 August 1997. CWRDM, Kozhikode.
    • Epidemiological Methods and Analysis & Applied Multivariate Techniques. 15 April – 3 May 1991. Christian Medical College, Vellore.
    • Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS). 23-28 July 1990. CSSRL, Wardha

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


    • Sivaram M . (2014). Modelling the price trends of teakwood using statistical and artificial neural network techniques. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis. 7(2): 180-198.
    • Sandeep, S., Sivaram, M., Henry, M. and Birigazzi, L. (2014). Inventory of volume and biomass tree allometric equations for South Asia. KFRI, Peechi, India, Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome, Italy.
    • Sivaram M and Nayana K.G. (2013). Hedonic Price Analysis of Teak Logs. Small-scale Forestry. 12: 597-609.
    • Sivaram M, Jayson E.A. and Ramachandran K.K. (2013). Population estimation of major mammals in forests of Kerala. Extension Report No. 61. KFRI, Peechi