• Dr. Latha Sabikhi

    Dr. Latha Sabikhi
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Technology Division, ICAR_NDRI, Karnal , Ph. +91-184-2259240

    • Current Research Area
      • Emulsion based delivery systems for the development of health foods • Dairy products from milk of minor species (camel milk)


    Ph.D. (Dairy Technology)

    Major Research Accomplishments:

    • Iron-rich composite dairy biscuits
    • Farmstead/artisanal cheeses
    • Low calorie zero transfat biscuits
    • Cereal based probiotic dairy beverage
    • Composite dairy-pulse based smoothie


    • Fellow of the Indian Dairy Association
    • Fellow of the National Academy of Dairy Sciences (India)
    • International Professional Women Opportunity Award by ConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia (CoRFiLaC), Italy

    Several Best Paper and Best Poster Awards

     Research Projects:

    S.No. Title of Project Funding


    Role Duration/Date of completion
    Ongoing Research Projects
    1. Process development for production of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) inhibitory peptides from milk of Gir cows and their encapsulation through double emulsification technique. ICAR (NASF) CCPI Aug 2018 to July 2021
    2. Improving livelihood of rural women through dairy based secondary agriculture DST Co-PI 2017-20
    3. Development of processed cheese from milk protein ingredients


    IRC Co-PI 2019-22
    4. Efficacy of buttermilk as an encapsulating agent for omega 3 fatty acids IRC Co-PI 2017-20
    5. Technology of Ricotta Cheese from cow and buffalo milk system IRC Co-PI 2017-20
    Completed Research Projects
    1. Technology of heart friendly herbal-milk smoothie with prophylactic effects against CVD and associated risks MoFPI Co-PI 2017-18
    2. Evaluation of dairy conjugates as effective emulsifiers for the delivery of herbal bioactives Institute PI 2014-17
    3. Formulation of a ready-to-serve breakfast smoothie Institute Co-PI 2011-14
    4. Development of E-courses for B.Tech (DT) Degree Programme (Under NAIP) ICAR (NAIP) Co-PI 2009-14
    5. Technology of cereal-rich fermented dairy food with improved functional attributes DST Advisor 2009-10
    6. A value chain on composite dairy foods with enhanced health attributes ICAR (NAIP) Co-PI 2008-14
    7. Incorporation of selected probiotic bacteria in infant formula Institute PI 2007-10
    8. Development of industrial process for milk and wheat-based convenience food MoFPI Co-PI 2004-06
    9. Modulatory effect of fermented milk products on immune function Institute Co-PI 2005-06
    10. Development of whey-based lassi


    Institute PI 2002-06
    11. Development of processed Mozzarella cheese Institute Co-PI 2000-02
    12.  Development of probiotical spray dried dairy food formulation Institute Co-PI 1997-2001
    13. Biotechnological studies on the enhancement of probiotic attributes through Bifidobacteriumbifidumin Edam cheese Institute Research Fellow 1996-99

     Training programmes:

     Training programmes conducted (Over 50)

     Training programmes attended

    1. International Training Programme on Leadership and Career Development for Women Scientists/Technologist.Department of Science & Technology, GoI, New Delhi at Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi.Sep. 1-5 , 2014.
    2. Management Development Programme on Leadership Development (Pre-RMP Cadre). NAARM, Hyderabad.Nov 26- Dec 7, 2013.
    3. Training on Multimedia for development of e-course in Dairy Technology for B.Tech (DT).NAARM, Hyderabad. March 22- April 2, 2011.
    4. International Training on Probiotics. Department of Dairy Science. South Dakota State University. Aug 25- Oct 22, 2010.
    5. Sensitivity/Awareness/ Motivation Workshop on Capacity Building for Women Managers In Higher Education. Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, New Delhi (UGC Sponsored Programme). January 27-31, 2009.
    6. International Training &Seminars on Cheesemaking. Organised by CoRFiLaCConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia).Ragusa, Italy. April 29- May 11, 2007.
    7. 3rd Faculty Development Programme in Advances in Educational Technology. NAARM, Hyderabad. October 5-25, 2004.


    S.No. Details
    Research articles (52)
             1. Sathish, MHS, Sabikhi, L. and Lamba, H. 2020. Emulsification properties of sodium caseinate-based conjugates with selected polysaccharides. International Journal of Dairy Technology. doi: 10.1111/1471-0307.12713.
             2. Chaudhary, N., Sabikhi, L.,Hussain, S.A., Kumar MHS 2020. A comparative study of the antioxidant and ACE inhibitory activities of selected herbal extracts. Journal of Herbal Medicine. Doi: 10.1016/j/hermed.2020.100343.
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    Book chapters/Books (15)
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    Review articles (15)
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    Practical Manuals
                1. Borad, S., Khetra, Y., Sabikhi, L. and Ganguly, S. 2018. Instruction Manual on Technology of Cheesemaking. NDRI Publication No. 162/2018. 69 pages.
                2. Thompkinson, D.K., Sabikhi, L. and Sathish, M.H.K. 2017. Laboratory Manual – Market Milk. 3rd Edition. March. NDRI Publication No. 24/2006. 59 pages.
                3. Sabikhi, L. and Thompkinson, D.K. 2006. Laboratory Manual – Cheese and Fermented Milks. NDRI Publication No. 25/2006. 76 pages.



    Patents applied for
    1. LathaSabikhi, Dipesh Aggarwal and Ashish Kumar SinghHigh Fiber Reduced Calorie Biscuits from Dairy-Multigrain CompositePatent Application No. 758/DEL/2015


    Foreign Deputations:

    • International training on ‘Enhancement of CLA in dairy foods by natural fermentation with probiotic lactic acid bacteria’ at the Department of Dairy Science, South Dakota State University, Brookings, USA for a period of two months (8.2010 to 22.10.2010). The training was funded by National Agricultural Innovation Project, ICAR.
    • Invited to participate as a resource person and participant in the Cheese Making Course organized under the project International Professional Women Opportunity – iPWO conducted by ConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia (CoRFiLaC), Italy, a consortium of University of Catania, Sicilian Government and local Sicilian cheesemakers. The visit was funded by CoRFiLaC. The duration of the visit was two weeks (April 29- May 11, 2007).
    • Invitation to participate in CheeseArt -2006; 5th Edition of the Biennial event of Culture and Science of Traditional Dairy and Agricultural Food Products of Mediterranean Countries and Seminars on Women and Development of Emerging Countries organised by ConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia (CoRFiLaC), Italy, a consortium of University of Catania, Sicilian Government and local Sicilian cheesemakers. The visit was funded by CoRFiLaC. The duration of the visit was five days (June 27- July 2, 2006).Awarded International Professional Women Opportunity Award consisting of a certificate and a gold medal during the event.