• Dr K. Ponnusamy

    Dr K. Ponnusamy
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Extension Division, NDRI Deemed University, Karnal - 132 001 (Haryana) India. Phone: +91-184-2259210 (Office), 09466963690 (Mobile)

    • Current Research Area


    • BSc (Agri),Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
    • MSc (Agrl Extension), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore
    • MBA, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
    • PhD (Dairy Extension), National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana

    Major Research Accomplishments

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    • Best Oral Presentation Award for National Conference on Water Crisis Management Under Changing Climate during 16-17 November 2012 at Bhubaneswar organised by Gugly Centre for Biological Research, Bhubaneswar
    • Best Oral Presentation Award for National Conference on New Vistas in Indian Aquaculture in commemoration of silver jubilee celebration of CIBA during 23-24 February 2012 at CIBA, Chennai
    • Best article award of 2009 published in the Indian Journal of Dairy Science
    • Best article award of 2007 published in the Indian Journal of Dairy Science
    • Shri. K.Chidambaram Memorial award for best extension work in 2008
    • Third prize for essay titled, Combating female foeticide in india in state level essay competition
    • Second prize in the poster presentation on IVLP project of CIBA under World Bank funded NATP project
    • Best article award of 2006 published in the Indian Journal of Dairy Science
    • GCBR Award-2013 for popularisation of biological science on the occasion of National Workshop, Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate Variability by Gugly Centre for Biological Research on 26th November 2013 at Bhubaneswar.
    • Dairy Extension Division bagged first position in the Dairy Mela 2014 exhibition organised by National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal during 25-27 February 2014


    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Participatory technology refinement of CIBA shrimp feed, crab fattening
    • Participatory technology development in use of sugarcane bagasse for ammonia removal, green water technology in shrimp ponds, Micro brackishwater analysis kit, pH and DO kit
    • Demonstration of 52 technological interventions in TAR mode under NATP
    • Development of Sustainable Livelihood Index (SLI) for evaluating farming systems
    • Criteria development for popularizing indigenously developed aqua feeds
    • Preparation of 15 bankable aqua projects to promote entrepreneurship
    • Risk evaluation of coastal aquaculture for introducing L.vannemei in India
    • Gender studies on migration of women agricultural labours, Agri Clinics and farmers club of NABARD
    • Demonstration of Public Private Partnership (PPP model) in maize cultivation in Odisha and facilitating PPP models for organic farming in Assam, vegetable cultivation in Tamil Nadu and mushroom cultivation in Kerala.
    • Completion of Network project by involving TNAU, TANUVAS and ZPD-8 to develop expert system for 5 crops (paddy, sugarcane, finger millet, banana and coconut) and 3 animal enterprises (cow and buffalo, sheep and goat and poultry)


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