• Dr. Goutam Mondal

    Dr. Goutam Mondal
    Senior Scientist

    Animal Nutrition Division ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area


    • MVSc
    • Ph D

    Research project handled:

    • Comparative evaluation of De Potash Vinasses and cane sugar molasses as cattle feed pellet binder and its effect on performance in lactating buffaloes
    • Effect of Ca Propionate, mycotoxin binder and CLA on nutrient utilization, milk yield and composition in Murrah buffalo
    • Role of certain trace minerals on semen quality of cattle and buffalo bulls
    • Studies on metabolizable protein and energy allowances on puberty in buffalo
    • Supplementation of mineral mixture on growth of crossbred calves under field condition.
    • Supplementation of copper and zinc on growth performance in crossbred lambs
    • Growth and reproductive performance of local sheep and goat under field condition of Kargil
    • Effect of locally available feeds on growth of local sheep and goat under field condition of Kargil
    • Assessment of livestock production system in Kargil
    • Endo-parasitic infestation of ruminants in Kargil
    • Growth and laying performance of Key Stone Golden birds on different feeding regimen under cold arid condition
    • Chemical evaluation of locally available feeds, fodders and tree leaves in Ladakh


    Course no Professional course Title
    AN-613 (2+2) MVSc 1st yr, 1st semester Feeds and forages for livestock
    AN 622(2+1) MVSc, 1st yr, 2nd semester Non Ruminant Nutrition
    AN-721 (3+0) Ph D, 1st yr, 2nd semester Modern concepts of feeding ruminants and forage utilization
    AN 722 (2+0) Ph D, 1st yr, 2nd semester Advances in monogastric feeding
    AN 725 (2+0) Ph D, 1st yr, 2nd semester Newer feed resources and anti nutritional factors
    MP- 111 (3+1) B Tech (DT), 1st yr, 1st semester Milk production, management and development

    Publication (10 latest):

    • Thakur M, Asgar ud Din, Veena Mani, M Bhakat, T K Mohanty and G Mondal.2019. Effect of dietary supplementation of trace minerals on semen production performance of Sahiwal bulls during winter months. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition. 36 (2):136-145.
    • Dutta S, Magan Singh, R K Meena, N Basak, G Mondal and P S Hindoria. 2019. Effect of organic and inorganic nutrient sources on yield and quality of fodder cowpea (vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp). Indian journal of animal Nutrition. 36(2): 173-78.
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    Current research projects:

    • Comparative evaluation of De Potash Vinasses and cane sugar molasses as cattle feed pellet binder and its effect on performance in lactating buffaloes
    • Role of certain trace minerals on semen quality of cattle and buffalo bulls
    • Methane and nitrous oxide emission from Indian livestock
    • Participatory technology application and multi-stakeholder convergence for market led agripreneurship and sustainable rural livelihood (Inter Institutional project with IARI funded by Education Division, ICAR)

    Achievement (last 5 years):

    • Web based programme for ration formulation developed for dairy animals. feedingdairyanimal.com. Developed by Dr Goutam Mondal and assisted by Dr Nitin Tyagi, AK Tyagi, Sachin Kumar and M Bhakat. The website is user friendly and an user add many animals at a time andhe/ she has to input feed, fodder and animal details and the web will show the energy and protein requirement of the animal and recommend a ration with available feed fodder available to that particular farmer. This will help to formulate ration as per requirement to fulfill at different stages of production and wastage will be less.
    • The effects of calcium propionate, mycotoxin binder and CLA on productive performance, blood parameters, nutrient digestibility of Murrah buffalo under Indian intensive feeding system was observed. Almost 10-15% increased milk yield in Ca propionate and CLA supplemented group have been observed. There was improved nutrient utilization pattern, increased CLA content in milk was also observed in CLA supplemented group.
    • Latest population data depicts that crossbred cattle increased by almost 20%, crossbred female by 96% in all categories while indigenous male cattle decreased by 26% and  4% increase in female population. State wise data reveals that during the period (2000 to 2012) few states recorded increase while most of the states shown negative growth. Jharkhand, Gujarat, UP and Assam recorded higher enteric methane emission while other states decreased trend form 2000 to 2012. Total methane emission from crossbred were increased by 65% in 2012 while in indigenous cattle it decreased by 17%.  Emission from buffalo was also increased by 13%  and from the livestock sector it increased about 12%. Final report have been submitted to MoE&F, GoI for compilation of TNC.
    • Three experiments have been conducted to compare the ICAR (2013) feeding standard, 15% more energy or protein and both in various groups in Murrah buffaloes. MP requirement calculated from the trials for maintenance was 4.10 g/ kg BW75 and ME requirement for maintenance was131.2 kcal/ kg BW0.75. MP requirements for ADG (@ 450-500 gm/day was 0.28 gm/ kg BW0.75 and ME 4.56 kcal/ kg BW0.75. it was concluded that requirement of ICAR (2013) data may be used for practical animal feeding of pre-pubertal buffaloes and 15% increase in ME and MP in diet above ICAR (2013) standard did not yield any additional benefit in terms of nutrient digestibility, intake, body weight and daily gain.
    • Effect of Moringa oleifera leaf powder replacing compound feed in various levels in kids’ ration on certain blood biochemicals and its performance was observed. Twenty four crossbred (Alpine x Beetal) male kids of 2.5-3.0 months of age were divided into four groups with six animals each. In control group (Group I) animals were fed with 70:30 roughage (berseem) concentrate ratio without any Moringa oleifera leaf supplementation. Group II, Group III and Group IV were fed with 60:40,70:30 and 80:20 roughage to concentrate ratio and the compound feed was replaced by 10%, 20% and 20% by Moringa oleifera leaf powder, respectively. The initial body weight was around 13 kg while the final body weight of GI, GII, GIII and GIV were 26.88, 28.60, 28.36 and 27.41 kg, respectively (shown in the figure). The average daily gain of Group I, Group II, Group III and Group IV were 78.44, 87.13, 86.06 and 79.29g, respectively. There was improvement (P<0.05) in group II and Group III than Group I and IV due to the supplementation. There was no change in glucose (~65 mg/ dl), globulin (~3.50 g/ dl) and ALT (~29.3IU/ L) levels among the groups. Group IV (6.69 g / dl) and group I (6.72) had similar protein level while higher (P<0.05) level was observed in Group II (6.91g/ dl) and Group III (6.93 g/dl). Plasma albumin was increased (P<0.05) in Group II (3.44) and Group III (3.49) than Group I (3.22) and Group IV (3.30). No effect was observed in glutathione peroxidase activity which was around 14.59 µmol of NADPH Oxidized/g Hb/min and SOD activity which was 90.83 U/mg Hb) among the groups. It can be concluded that Moringa oleifera leaf powder can be replaced with compound feed upto 10% in 60:40 roughage to concentrate ratio; and 20% in 70:30 and 80:20 roughage to concentrate ratio for better performance of kids.
    • Several experiments have been laid down in Sahiwal and Murrah bulls to observe the seasonal effect of the trace minerals supplementation alone and in combinations on sexual behaviour, quantitative and qualitative semen quality of fresh and frozen semen, interaction of minerals in blood and semen, anti oxidant status and level of lipid peroxidation was also observed in blood and seminal plasma. Based on the results a trace mineral combination (TraceMinx) developed which will improve sexual behaviour, semen qualitative parameters viz., mass motility, initial motility, live sperm, intact acrosome and HOST (hypo-osmotic swelling test) percentage of fresh semen as well as in frozen semen. Blood SOD level was increased and LPO level was decreased in group supplemented with TraceMinx had no adverse effect on blood and seminal plasma mineral concentration.

    Technologies developed/ commercialized:

    • Bull specific trace mineral mixture

    Lab members (students)

    • Manjula Thakur, Ph D Scholar
    • Amit N Sharma, Ph D Scholar
    • Vandana Kumari L, Ph D Scholar
    • Rashika Srivastava, MVSc scholar

    Technical staff

    • H K Meena, TO