• Dr. Chander Datt

    Dr. Chander Datt
    Senior Scientist (Animal Nutrition)

    Dairy Cattle Nutrition Division National Dairy Research Institute Karnal-132001, Haryana Phone: 0184-2259055, 09996660010 (M)

    • Current Research Area
      Ruminant nutrition with special reference to mineral nutrition


    • M Sc. (Animal Nutrition)
    • Ph. D. (Animal Nutrition)

    Students guided (As major advisor):

    S. No. Name of student Title of thesis Year of completion
    Mv. Sc.
    1. Ajay Kumar Efficacy of pentasulphate mixture and arsenic in alleviating chronic selenosis and expression of glutathione peroxidase genes in buffaloes 2011
    2 Dinesh Kumar Effect of different dietary protein levels on   nutrient utilization and blood parameters in Sahiwal calves 2012
    3 Ph. Suraj Sharma Variations in metabolism of essential minerals in relation to residual feed intake in growing male Sahiwal calves 2013
    4 Bhong Nana Baban Assessment of residual feed intake and related biochemical parameters in growing male Sahiwal calves 2013
    5 Kuldeep Dudi Studies on nutrient utilization and blood parameters in divergently selected    Sahiwal female calves for residual feed intake 2014
    6 Elsadig Idris Eissa


    To study variability in residual feed intake, nutrient utilisation and blood parameters in     Murrah buffalo calves 2015
    7 Digvijay Singh Effect of vanadium supplementation on growth, nutrient            utilisation and blood   biochemical parameters in Sahiwal calves 2016
    8 Khushboo Jain Effect of inclusion of certain micronutrients in the diet on nutrient utilization, immunomodulation and hormonal profile in calves during different environmental conditions 2017
    9 Avinesh Sharma Effect of red seaweed  (Kappaphycus alverazii ) based feed additive on production and health of lactating crossbred cattle. 2018
    10 Thamizhan, P. Contd
    Ph. D.
    1. Akash Mishra Effects of supplementation of nano zinc oxide on zinc

    bioavailability, immunomodulation, expression of zinc responsive genes and performance in buffalo calves

    2. Swati Shivani Effect of nano copper supplementation on its bioavailability, immunomodulation    and      growth performance in goats Contd.
    3. Shambhvi Effect of Nickel supplementation on nutrient utilization, growth performance and biochemical parameters in calves Contd.

     Research projects handled:



    Project Duration Funding agency Status of the project


    1 Nutritional Evaluation of Local Feed Resources For Ruminants In Tripura (As PI) 2000-07 ICAR Completed
    2 Essential Mineral Status Of Soils, Feeds/Fodders And Animals In Tripura (As PI) 2000-07 ICAR Completed
    3 Effect Of Inclusion Of Local Feed Resources And Probiotics In The Diets Of Non-Ruminants On Growth And Feed Efficiency (As PI) 2006-09 ICAR Completed
    4 Augmentation Of Productive And Reproductive Efficiency In Goat Through Managemental And Hormonal Interventions (As CO-PI) 2007-12

    (Involvement till Jan, 2009)

    ICAR Completed
    5 Genetic Improvement In Growth And Production Traits Of Japanese Quail In Agroclimatic Conditions Of Tripura (As CO-PI) 2007-12

    (Involvement till Jan, 2009)

    ICAR Completed
    6 Livelihood Improvement And Empowerment Of Rural Poor Through Sustainable Farming Systems In Northeast India 2007-

    (Involvement till Jan, 2009)

    7 To Study The Efficacy Of Pentasulphate And Arsenic in Alleviating Chronic Selenosis And Gene Expression of Selenoproteins in Buffaloes (As PI)


    March, 2009-Feb.2012 ICAR Completed
    8 A Pilot Study on Development of Organic Milk Production System (As CO-PI)




    ICAR Completed
    9 Yield And Quality of Sorghum, Cowpea, Oat And Berseem Fodder Under Organic Manure Based Production System (As CO-PI) 2007-2011)

    Involvement since July, 2009

    ICAR Completed
    10 Network Project On R&D Support For Process Upgradation Of Indigenous Milk Products for Industrial Application-Contamination Component (As CO-PI) 2004-2013

    (Involvement since Aug., 2009)

    Network Project (ICAR) Completed




    11 Participatory Approach On The Effect of Various Micronutrients On Productive Performance Of Dairy Animals Under Field Conditions (CO-PI) March, 2011-Feb-2013 ICAR Completed
    12 Indicators Of Retained Foetal Membrane and Evaluation Of Existing Preventive and Therapeutic Regimes For Maintaining Postpartum Fertility In Dairy Animals (As CO-PI) Since March, 2012-2016 ICAR Completed


    13 Assessment Of Variation In Residual Feed Intake in Ruminants (As PI) Since March, 2012-2016 ICAR Completed


    14 Evaluating The Impact of Ration Balancing On Methane         Emission In Dairy Animals  (NDDB-NDRI Consultancy Project) As CO-PI May2013-March2015 World Bank Completed


    15 NICRA Since 2011 Ongoing
    16 “Confirmation of lactation performance and animal safety of dairy animals of the Bos sp. treated with recombinant bovine somatotropin” with ELANCO Since June, 2013-2014 ELANCO Completed
    17 Precise Energy and protein provisions for transition buffaloes for optimizing production, immunity and health (As CO-PI) April, 2013-March,2016 ICAR Completed
    18 Kappaphycus alvarezii and red seaweed based formulations for improving productivity and health of dairy and poultry animals

    Sub component: To study the effect of Kappaphygus alvarezii based feed additives on production and health of dairy animals (As PI)


    April,  2016-March, 2019 CSIR, New Delhi Completed
    19 Studies on vanadium and boron for their role in immune endocrine functions, bioavailabilty of minerals and production performance in dairy animals (As CO-PI) April, 2015-March, 2019 ICAR Completed
    20 Role of certain trace minerals in semen quality of cattle and buffaloes (As CO-PI) April, 2016-March, 2019 ICAR Completed
    21 Salinity and drought stress adaptability of cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica)          as             potential forage in arid environments (Funded by DST, Ministry of Sci. &          Technol.,         GOI): Lead centre- CSSRI, Karnal

    As CO-PI

    April, 2018 DST, Ministry of Sci. &          Technol.,             GOI)


    22 Studies on iodine deficiency in livestock and its management.   Lead centre- SKAUST, Jammu

    (As CO-PI)

    April, 2018 DST, Ministry of Sci. &          Technol.,             GOI)



    List of Research Publications:

    S. No Names of author (s) Year Title Journal Vol.: page No. NASS rating
    1. Chander Datt and Singh, G. P 1995 Effect of protein supplementation on in vitro dry matter digestibility and gas production of wheat straw Indian J. Dairy Sci. 48: 357


    2. Chander Datt and Singh, G. P.. 1995 In vitro digestibility and gas production as affected by supplementation of protein to urea treated wheat straw Indian J. Anim. Nutr. 12: 151-156




    Chander Datt and Singh, G. P.


    1996 Effect of supplementation of protein to untreated and urea treated wheat straw on dry matter intake and nutrient utilization in crossbred cattle Indian J. Anim. Nutr. 13:137-141


    4. Niranjan, M., Chander Datt and Anubrata Das 2001 Semen quality studies in two White Leghorn lines maintained at Tripura Indian J. Poult. Sci.


    36: 287-289 4.35
    5. Chander Datt and Aruna Chhabra 2004 Blood selenium level and glutathione proxidase activity as affected by high level of selenium supplementation in cattle and buffaloes: A comparative study  Indian J. Anim. Sci. 74: 872-877


    6. Chander Datt, Aruna Chhabra, Niranjan, M., Chattopadhyaya, K., Dhiman, K.R. and Singh, N.P. 2004 In vitro digestibility of straw of different cultivars of paddy


    Indian J. Anim. Nutr. 21:149-153 5.02
    7. Chander Datt and Aruna Chhabra 2006 Effect of selenium supplementation on feed intake and nutrient utilization in cattle and buffaloes Indian J. Anim. Sci. 76: 955-960


    8. Chander Datt, Niranjan, M., Aruna Chhabra and Dhiman, K.R. 2006 Nutritional evaluation of different bamboo leaves of Tripura Indian J. Dairy Sci. 59: 376-379


    9. Chander Datt, Niranjan, M., Aruna Chhabra, Chattopadhyaya, K. and  Dhiman, K.R. 2006 Forage yield, chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of various cultivars of maize (Zea mays L.)


    Indian J. Dairy Sci. 59: 177-180 5.26
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    15 Chander Datt, Sankaran, M., Singh, N.P. and Santhosh, B. 2007 In vitro evaluation of cultivars of tapioca and sweet potato tubers for livestock Indian J. Anim. Nutr. 24: 104-10.


    16 M. Sankaran, Singh, N.P., Chander Datt, Santhosh, B., Nedunchezhiyan, M., Laskar, S.K. and Ngachan, S.V. 2008 Evaluation of high yielding cassava varieties under upland conditions of Tripura J. Root Crops 34: 73-76.


    17 M. Sankaran, Singh, N.P., Chander Datt, Santhosh, B., Nedunchezhiyan, M., Laskar, S.K. and Ngachan, S.V. 2008 Morphological and proximate composition of Amorphophallus muelleri Blume J. Root Crops 34: 79-81.


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    20 Chander Datt, G.V.N. Reddy and S.S. Kundu 2011 Effect of feeding differently processed paddy straw based complete diets on feed intake and nutrient utilization in Nellore lambs Indian J. Anim.Nutr. 28: 160-165.


    21 Vinod Kumar, Monica Puniya and Chander Datt. 2011 Effect of heavy metals on in vitro rumen fermentation and use of lignosulfonate as an ameliorant. Indian Vet. J. 88: 77-79.


    22 Shete, S.M., Rijusmita Sarma, Chander Datt and S.K. Tomar. 2012 Effect of syringe type on rumen fermentation parameters while using in vitro gas production technique Indian Vet. J. 89:32-33.


    23 Chander Datt, S. Malik, M. Datta, N.P. Singh and S.S., Kundu


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    32 Sonali Prusty, S.S Kundu, Ajay Kumar, A P Ruhil and Chander Datt 2013 Quantitative prediction of indigestible cell wall fraction of tropical forages used in livestock feeding Indian J. Anim. Sci. 83:1347-1350


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    DOI 10.1007/s11250-013-0447-7. 6.98
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    64 Ravi Prakash Pal, Veena Mani, Deepika Tripathi and Chander Datt



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