• Dr Brajendra Singh Meena

    Dr Brajendra Singh Meena
    Senior Scientist

    Division of Dairy Extension, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132001,Haryana, INDIA Telephone No. : 0184-2259213

    • Current Research Area
      Feed and fodder, Participatory research


    • M.Sc. Dairying (dairy Extension Education)
    • Ph.D. Agril.(Extension Education)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    As PI
    Assessment of Fodder production technologies of IGFRI.
    Status of forages and its marketing in Jhansi district.
    Farmer Participatory trials to manage fodder scarcity in rainfed areas.
    As Co-PI
    Technology Assessment and Refinement through Institution Village Linkage Program for nutritive cereal based rain fed agro-ecosystem for Bundelkhand region (NATP Project).
    Post development Impact analysis of watershed and waste land development project Livelihoods and Livestock feeding strategies in Jhansi district of Bundelkhand.
    Gender sensitive analysis and planning for farm families in Bundelkhand
    Developing Computer Application for Training on Livestock Based Farming System.
    Participatory Testing and Evaluation of Drudgery Reducing Hand Tools and Implements for Farmwomen On Farm Participatory Varietal Selection (PVS) of Forage Crops.
    Participatory Research on Forage Based Livelihood Modules in Bundelkhand Region Livelihood Conditions and Livestock Production System of Resource Poor Farmers.
    Technological Gap Analysis of Livestock Production System of Resource Poor Farmers Livelihood Profile and Livestock Production System Analysis of Resource Poor Farmers. Household Analysis of Resource Poor Livestock Owners with Special Reference to Gender Issues  Farming System Approach for Livelihood Improvement
    Adoption of Forage Crops by the Farmers in Technology Demonstrating Areas Forage and Livestock Production and Marketing in Peri–Urban Areas of India.

    Guidance to Students:
    * As Guide:
    M.Sc. : 3(completed); 1(continuing)
    * As Co-Guide :
    Ph.D. : 3(continuing)
    M.Sc. : 5 (completed)


    • Young Scientist award-2005, for the contribution in the field of agricultural Extension was awarded to me by the society of extension education, on the occasion of 3rd National extension education congress on April27-29, 2005 at National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal
    • Best poster presentation award under the theme of participatory research was given to me for my paper entitled” Impact of participatory research on farmers’ knowledge and adoption of animal production technologies” authored by Meena, B.S; Sharma, Purushottam; Pandey, Sadhna; Dwivedi, R.N. By the society of extension education during 3rd National Extension Education Congress, SEE, NDRI, Karnal April 27-29, 2005.
    • The society of extension education awarded another best poster presentation award under the theme of gender concerns in revitalizing extension system was given to our paper entitled” Pandey, Sadhna; Meena, B.S.; Sharma, Purushottam; Dwivedi, R.N.2005. Decision making and gender involvement pattern of farm families in food, feed and fodder production on the occasion of 3rd National Extension Education Congress, SEE, NDRI, Karnal April 27-29, 2005.
    • NDRI Junior Research Fellowship, while doing the Master degree programme at National dairy Research Institute, Karnal during the years 1995-97.
    • NET (National Eligibility Test) Certificate of the Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board (ASRB), New Delhi, in the year 1997.
    • Chosen for Distinguished Standing, and has been conferred with an honorary appointment to The Research Board of Advisors of The American Biographical Institute, since 2004.


    • Training on Trainers’ development at Extension Education Institute, Nelokheri, Haryana from Nov., 25 to Dec 2,1999.
    • 70th Foundation Course for Agricultural Research Scientist (FOCARS) for 4 Months
    • (2-6-2000 to 30-09-2000) at National Academy for Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad
    • Field Experience Training” (FET) at national dairy Research Institute, Karnal for around one month August to September,2000.
    • Training on Transfer of soybean production technology during April 17-21, 2001, organized by National Research Center on Soybean, Indore.
    • A eight days training on Preparation of Audio Visual Aids during July 4-11, 2001at Extension Education Institute, Nilokheri, Haryana.
    • A twenty one days Refresher course on Management development for sustainable Agriculture production during Oct.10-30, 2002 organised by Indian Agricultural Research Institute, (IARI), New Delhi.
    • Training and Workshop on Participatory Extension during September 29 to October 6, 2005 at Extension Education Institute, Nilokheri, Haryana
    • Application of experiential learning approaches in agricultural education and training, 21 days18-8-06 to 7-9-06 Department of agriculture, GB University, Pantnagar, Uttarnchal.
    • A four days training on Improving efficiency of scientific and technical human resources, during 29-11-06 to 2-12-06 organised by National Academy for Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad at IGFRI, Jhansi.

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Sodhyatra
    • Assessment of technologies at farmers’ field.
    • Participatory Approach for Farmer-Centered Development through Institution Village Linkage Programme (IVLP))
    • Management of fodder scarcity in rainfed areas
    • E-learning teaching modules
    • Slide shows through still photographs
    • Power Point Presentation With Video & Songs


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