• Dr. Bimlesh Mann

    Dr. Bimlesh Mann
    Principal Scientist

    Principal Scientist and Head Dairy Chemistry Division, NDRI, Karnal Phone: 0184-2259152

    • Current Research Area
      Milk Protein/Bioactive peptides/Functional Foods


    • M.Sc. (Major Subject): Dairying (Quality Control)
    • Ph.D. (Major Subject): Dairy Chemistry

    Major Research Accomplishments

    1.Antioxidant Peptide Identified from Cheddar Cheese
    The most active RP-HPLC fraction was of water soluble extract (WSE) of fourth month old cheddar cheese made with adjunct culture L. casei  ssp. casei  was subjected to LC-MS/MS for peptide identification.

    2. Two peptides VKEAMAPK b-casein f (98-105) and HIQKEDVPSER as1-casein f (80-90) were identified.
    3. The antioxidant activity of these peptides was comparable to that of the BHA, t-BHQ, and Ferulic acid.

    MS/MS spectrum of m/z 872.5048 obtained from HPLC fraction of UF permeates of WSE of Cheddar cheese made with L. casei ssp. casei.

    Process parameters for hydrolysis were optimized for the production of whey protein hydrolysates with strong antioxidant and antihypertensive activity using Response Surface Methodology. The antioxidant and antihypertensive activity was evaluated invitro using biochemical methods.

    Method for the production of whey protein-pectin covalent complex was standardized and its application as an emulsifier and stabilizer improved the Quality of Ice cream.

    Method standardized for the quantification of antimicrobial peptides from lactoferrin, casein and casein hydrolysates.These products fractions exhibited strong antimicrobial activity against spoilage (B.cereus, B.subtilis, Yeast and mold) and pathogenic (E.coli 0157 and Staph.aureus) microorganims.

    Method for the production of Antifungal substances from the milk fermented with Lactobacillus Spp.has been optimized. Natural preservative system developed for enhancement of shelf life of paneer by surface treatment with Antifungal substances along with pediocin.
    • Methodology was modwas modified to evaluate the antioxidant activity of buffalo milk and its constituents. Method was also standardized for measuring radical scavenging activity.