• Dr B.V.Balasubramanyam

    Dr B.V.Balasubramanyam
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Technology Division, National Dairy Research Institute, Southern Campus, Adugodi, Bangalore – 560030

    • Current Research Area
      Traditional milk products of southern India, Fermented milk based foods


    • M.Sc – Dairy Technology
    • Ph.D- Food Science

    Major Research Accomplishments

    • Technology for production of acceptable quality Curd rice with a shelf life of 5 days at ambient temperature was developed.
    • Process for production of Quarg (Chakka) by using antagonistic lactic isolates for production of chakka cake with a shelf life of 21 days at refrigerated temperature was standardized.
    • Process for production of Natural Fruit Flavoured Milk Drinks by using enzyme clarified fruit juices was optmized.
    • Isolation of probiotic lactic cultures from different sources and their use in production of probiotic misti dahi using the isolated cultures.
    • Worked on standardization of technology for production of Kashi Halwa.

    Guidance to student:

    M.Sc: 6


    • Awarded Laljee Godhoo Smarak Nidhi Award by Association of food scientists and Technologists (India) in recognition of research contribution in Dairy Technology.
    • Received Six prizes for Poster Presentations in national and international conventions.
    • Indian Dairy Association – Life member
    • Association of Food Scientistis and Technologists (India) – Life member
    • Dairy Technology Society of India – Life member


    Qualified as Food Safety Auditor after successfully completing the course on HACCP and certificate was awarded by RIPH, UK.

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Process for Milk Gelatinized Ada production
    • Process Formulation of Palada Payasam Ready Mix.


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