• Dr B Srinivas

    Dr B Srinivas
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Production Southern Campus National Dairy Research Institute Bangalore-560030 Karnataka

    • Current Research Area
      Rumen fermentation, metabolism and nutrient utilization for production.


    • M. Sc.(Animal Nutrition)
    • Ph.D.(Animal Nutrition)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    • Developed and improved the composition and texture of urea-molasses-mineral block (UMMB) licks under National Dairy Research Institute and National Dairy Development Board collaborative project. Rumen fermentation, bacterial and protozoal production rate, energy efficiency and milk production potential of crossbred low and high yielding cows were studied using UMMB licks as supplements to wheat straw based diets.
    •  Factors affecting the different components in the first order in vitro gas production kinetics model (Ya[1-e-k(t-?)]) in rumen were worked based on fermentation intensity and vigour on different concentrate ingredients. Microbial dynamics in rumen influences potential gas production and lag time while, feed characters influence lag time, rate constant and t1/2 of gas production.
    •  Developed first order kinetic models for digesta dynamics in rumen when diets consisted cell walls ranging from 30 to 75%. Models were developed based on three compartments such as solid, liquid and overlapping solid-liquid in the rumen. Quantitative changes in the digesta were analysed on different diets for rate of intake, digestion, passage and true rate of digestion.
    •  Determined critical point of time to resuscitate fermentation vigour during off feed conditions likely to occur during ill health and natural calamities on the basis of Baye’s theory of probability using mat, bailable and overlapping pools of digesta in rumen. Fermentation recovery was possible till 3 d of off feed. Fermentation totally ceased at 5th day.
      •  Developed concentrate supplements to sheep during different physiological stages for minimal total discomfort and optimized the level of feeding based on marginal performance. Total discomforts included discomforts from weather (temperature, humidity, wind velocity,

      rainfall, evaporation, and surface soil temperature), seasonal parasitic infestation and nutrient deficiency from the grazing resources.

    •  Simple weather discomfort index was developed based on the temperature, humidity, wind velocity, evaporation, rainfall and soil surface temperature. Optimum tolerable limits of different psychometric parameters for farm livestock were taken as basic inputs to draw the day to day discomfort index. This index is useful in quantifying temporal and spatial comparison of weather in relation to farm animal productivity rather than describing in subjective terms.
    •  Developed concentrate supplement for synchronous supply of nutrients in rumen based on their first order kinetics of gas production with selected ingredients to meet the nutrient requirement. These formulations were tested against milk production in ewes in terms of nitrogen and energy utilization and milk production.
    •  Standardized and developed mode of exogenous enzymes and probiotics fortification to diets of ruminants to improve fermentation and nutrient utilization.
    •  Chemical and incriminating factors translocation in different plant parts of Prosopis juliflora was studied.  Different acid, alkali and organic solvents extracts were used to ameliorate incriminating factors. Extracts were tested as bactericides and herbicides while pods and leaves were used as feed resource to ewes in tropical semi-arid regions.


    • Jindal Merit Scholarship for University First rank in the first year of Master’s degree (1987-88)
    • Senior Research Fellowship NDRI (ICAR), Karnal : For Doctorate Programme
    • Best oral presentation in International Tropical Animal Nutrition Conference (October, 2007) by Animal Nutrition Society of India (1982-2007).


    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Development and improvement of Urea-molasses-mineral block licks.
    • Optimization of concentrate supplements for milk and reproduction in breeding ewes.
    • Methodology to develop synchronized concentrate supplements to reduce asynchrony in rumen fermentation.


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