• Dr B.S. Chandel

    Dr B.S. Chandel
    Principal Scientist

    Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics & Management , ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Production economics, Impact assessment and priority setting, value chain analysis and policy research


    • M.Sc (Agricultural Economics)
    • Ph.D (Agricultural Economics)
    • MBA (from IGNOU)

    Major Research Projects: completed and on-going:

    • Micro-level Priority Setting in Agriculture (NATP sub-project)
    • Assessing Impact of Oilseeds Research in India (Institute Project)
    • Returns to Investment on R&D of Crossbreeding Technology in Haryana (Institute Project)
    • Visioning and Strategic Planning for Dairy Sector in India (NAIP Project)
    • Value Chain Analysis for Enhancing the Performance of Animal Feeds Industry in Diverse Dairy Production Environments (NABARD Project)
    • Development and Application of Multi-market model for policy analysis in the dairy sector (on-going)


    25 years of experience of teaching and guiding the graduate and post graduate students

    Courses Taught:

    Agricultural Production Economics, Econometrics, Linear Programming, Operations Research, Quantitative Development Policy Analysis

    Awards and Fellowships:

    • ICAR Senior Fellowship in Ph.D. (1984-88)
    • Polish Government Scholarship in National Economic Planning (1989-90)
    • AHRD Fellowship for three months at Cornell University, Ithaca, U.S.A (1997)
    • Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship-2009
    • First Best paper awards (One time from AERA(India) and two times from IDA)

    Research Publications:

    Published more than eighty research articles in peer-reviewed research journals, eight specialized reports, and five-course material

    Ten latest publications in research journals:

    • Chandel B.S. and Rishikanta Singh (2015) Policy Interventions for mainstreaming of Small Milk Producers in Contemporary Production System – a Value Chain Analysis of Indian Dairy Sector. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 68(1): 73-80.
    • Sharma, Mukesh and Chandel, B.S. (2016) Structure, Conduct, and Performance of Selected Wholesale Market of Intermediate Dairy Products in India-Critical Issues and Concerns. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 12(1): 133-141.
    • Singh, Shyam Prakash; Chandel, B.S. and Horo, Aniketa (2016) Is that high claims plug widening of livestock Insurance Scheme? A case study of Haryana State. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 12(1a): 525-530.
    • Chowdhary, Soumitra, and Chandel, B.S. (2016) Value Chain Analysis of Animal Feed Sector in Indian States of West Bengal and Odisha. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 12(3): 475-482.
    • Kumari, Binita and Chandel, B.S. (2016) Trends in demand, supply and trade of pulses in India: What makes the retail prices to rise? Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing, 30(3):67-73.
    • Dubey, L.R. and Chandel, B.S. (2017) Comparing total factor productivity of milk and major crops in Haryana: its implications on future investment. International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences, 7(11): 20-29. (ISSN (o): 2249-7382.
    • Lal, Priyanka, and Chandel, B.S. (2017) Total factor productivity in Milk Production in Haryana. Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 30(2): 279-284.
    • Horo, Aniketa and Chandel, B.S. (2018) What are the constraints in crossbreeding programme and technology in Jharkhand? Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 14(1): 126-132.
    • Kumari, B; Chandel, B.S., and Lal, Priyanka (2018) An econometric analysis of optimality for sustainable paddy production in India. Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 31(Conference Number): 139-145.
    • Chandel, B.S.; Lal, Priyanka and Kumari, Binita (2019) Livestock production systems, subsidies, and its implications: An investigation through review of the literature. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 72(2): 121-128.