• Dr. Ashutosh

    Dr. Ashutosh
    Senior Scientist

    Dairy Cattle Physiology Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Environmental & stress Physiology/ Climate Change / shelter Physiology Behaviour Physiology


    • M.Sc.(Animal Production Physiology)
    • Ph. D.( Animal Production Physiology)

    Major Research Accomplishments:

    • Climatic effects on various Physiological and Behavioural parameters of Marwari , Magra Malpura, Gaddi Synthetic and Bharat Merino sheep during different seasons were studied  under arid, semi arid and sub temperate conditions.
    • Accomplished Behavioural and Physiological performance studies  of migratory sheep at migration point in the hilly track of North India.
    • Relationship between environmental parameters and calves sex ratio in different breeds of cattle and buffaloes during different months.
    • The annual rhythmicity in reproduction in cattle and buffaloes.
    • Effect of environmental parameters on cattle and buffalo productivity.
    • Developed a modified ELISA method to estimate HSP-70 in stored plasma samples of different breeds of cattle.
      Relationship between Heat Shock Protein (HSP-70) and the Physiological States In Zebu And Cross-Bred Cattle at             different environmental conditions
    • Developed Multi purpose cage system to popularise back yard rabbitry in hill states.

    Guidance to student:

    M.Sc/ M.V.Sc…2


    • The Kisan Utthan Award for Outstanding Contributions in Livestock Improvement for the period 2000-2005 for significant and outstanding contributions in livestock management in hill regions of Himachal Pradesh. The award carries a Certificate, Citation, Plaque and a cash award of Fifty One Thousand rupees only
    • “First Prize” awarded to the Research Paper entitled “ Jalvauon Parivartan Ka Pashuon Ke Dugdh Utpadan Per Parbhav” Presented During Poster Presentation Competition held at NDRI, Karnal from September 14-30, 2007 (Hindi Pakhwada).


    • Summer school organized by College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, CSK HPKV, Palampur (H.P.) w.e.f. September 02-22, 2002
    • Winter school organized by College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, PAU, Ludhiana, w.e.f. 21st November-11th December 2003.
    • “ Technical Advances in Livestock and Poultry Production and Management – Specific Reference to Rural Development ”

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Threshold ranges of ambient temperature (thermo neutral zones) for Indian cattle(Tharparkar and Sahiwal, Zebu crosses (Karan Fries and Karan Swiss) and buffaloes beyond which stress initiated.
    • Developed methodology for alleviation of thermal stress.
    • Temperature Humidity Index (THI) were calculated for different locations of country and based on these values different THI zones were developed on Map Of India.
    • Developed a simplify methodology to monitor methane emission from fresh dung of cattle and buffaloes to estimate the otal emissions from dung.
    • Working on the aspects of Impact, Adaptation and Vulnerability of Indian Dairy production system to Climate Change.
    • Working on different aspects of Adaptation and facilitation of impending climatic changes in livestock through shelter management.
    • The modified coal furnaces were designed for calf housing system which significantly decreased the calf mortality during winter season.


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