• Dr Anupam Chatterjee

    Dr Anupam Chatterjee
    Principal Scientist

    Animal Nutrition Section National Dairy Research Institute Eastern Regional Station, Kalyani – 741235, West Bengal Ph:033-25829034(O) 9433270816(M)

    • Current Research Area
      Ruminant Nutrition, Feed Resources

    Qualifications :

    • M.Sc (Dairying) in Animal Nutrition
    • Ph.D (Animal Nutrition)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    The mineral status in different yak tracts, yaks and its products were studied. This is the first study of its kind in India. The data generated on mineral profile in soil, pasture, serum and hair should definitely help in future planning in restoring the mineral deficiency problem and in due course to solve the problem of low production and reproduction efficiency in yaks. The chemical composition and mineral status of yak milk was evaluated.
    The nutritional and mineral status of locally available tree fodder species of Arunacjhal Pradesh and Sikkim, commonly used for feeding of yak, cattle, sheep and goat were studied. Conducted  several feeding and metabolic trial on male yaks. Growth Trial has been conducted on yaks on different planes of nutrition. DM Intake and Live weight gain of animals under growth trial were recorded regularly. The effect of castration and plane of nutrition on growing yaks had been studied.
    The carcass yield and certain meat quality characteristics of yak were studied   (APCESS funded  Project). Yield of various wholesale cuts, carcass weight and dressing percentage of yak carcass is being carried out. The proximate composition of yak meat  in terms of moisture, protein, fat, ash were estimated. Macro and Micro mineral concentration of raw yak meat in terms of Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn, Co, Mn, Fe etc. had been analysed in different types of muscles and vtal organs.
    Acted as  Co- PI & Scientist In Charge for the  project on Backyard Poultry Production for the Tribal Communities of the Country  (NATP MM-III, Activity 3, NRCY).   The Hatchery and Nursery Set Up have been established at NRCY, Dirang. The Vanaraja Chicks were reared up to six weeks of age and proper health and nutritional care have been taken.  The six weeks old chicks were distributed among the selected beneficiaries. The performance of the birds at the village level have been regularly monitored.
    A study was conducted on the feed  requirement and nutritional status of the dairy animals in four zones (Old alluvial, new alluvial, laterite and coastal saline zones) of lower gangetic plains of West Bengal. The existing feeding practices and the amount of nutrients supplied through these feeds as compared to the ICAR Feeding Standard were studied and recommendation made accordingly.
    The  dairy scenario and existing  feeding practices of the Eastern Himalayan  region have been studied. Constraints of feeding were analysed and suggestions to improve the  existing feeding practices have been recommended.

    Recent Projects :

    Project Leader :
    · Studies on proximate composition and dietary protein & fiber fractions in concentrate ingredients and fodders at different stages of maturity(2007-2009)
    Project Associate :
    · Rumen Microbial manipulation for mitigation of Methane emission and productivity enhancement in dairy animals.(2007-2012)
    · Studies on Organic Milk Production System in the plains of West Bengal  (2008-2012)
    · Dietary manipulation of rumen fermentation to study the nutrient utilization and growth performance of calves. (2006-2009)
    · Studies on the effect of oviductal secretary proteins for in vitro maturation and fertilization of cattle oocytes (2008-2009)


    • Dr. D. Sundersan Award –2002 For Outstanding Research in the field of Animal Nutrition for the growth of Dairying in India for the period presented by NDRI Alumni Association on 22nd August, 2003.
    • Best Paper (Poster) Award for the paper “Bhattacharya, M., Debchowdhury , K.B. and Chatterjee, A (2002) A Correlative Study on Calcium Concentration and muscle histochemistry in yak ( Poephagus grunniens L.)” presented in XVII Annual Convention of Indian Association of Veterinary Anatomists and National Symposium at Bombay Veterinary College ,Parel , Mumbai-400012. November 16 , 2002.
    • First Best Paper Award” from Indian Dairy Association (IDA) during February, 2012 for the research paper entitled “Micro climatic variables under different dairy cattle shelter systems of rural West Bengal and its impact on milk production” ( Indian J. Dairy Sci. 63: 50 – 53) by P. K. Roy, R. B. Singh, A. Chatterjee and R.C. Saha published in the “Dairy Production Area” in the Indian Journal of Dairy Science for the calendar year 2010
    • Received Best Paper Award (Poster Presentation) in the National Seminar on “New paradigms in livestock production: from traditional to commercial farming and beyond” held at NDRI, Karnal from January 28 – 30, 2013 for the research paper entitled “Chemical composition of organically vis-à-vis conventionally grown fodders production” by S. K. Shandilya, P. K. Roy and A. Chatterjee.


    • Nutrition and Production of Animals under various Stress Conditions,Center for Advanced Studies in Animal Nutrition, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar.
    • UGC Sponsored Refresher Course on “Environmental Issues and its Modulation”, UGC- Refresher Course Centre , Univrsity of Kalyani Kalyani-741235, W.B

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


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