• Dr Anil Kumar Dixit

    Dr Anil Kumar Dixit
    Principal Scientist

    Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics and Management, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area


    • M.Sc. (Agricultural Economics)
    • Ph.D. (Agricultural Economics)


    • Young Scientist Award (Social Science) conferred on 3rd May 2011 during National Symposium on Technological Interventions for Sustainable Agriculture by Indian Society of Hill Agriculture, GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology.
    • Rajendra Prasad Puruskar for the technical book in Hindi in Agricultural and Allied Sciences (2015), Conferred by Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

    Research work done so far and on-going:

    In-house research project

    • Impact assessment of technologies developed under AICRP on PHET, CIPHET, and PET (PI)
    • Impact assessment of EDP conducted by CIPHET (PI)
    • Extraction of dietary fiber from byproducts of selected coarse cereals and pulses for development of functional food (Co-PI)

    External funded projects

    • Assessment of harvest and post-harvest losses of major crops and commodities in India Sponsor: MoFPI, Govt. of India, Budget: Rs. 539.91 lakh, Period: 2013 to 2015 [Co-PI]
    • Study on storage losses of food grains in FCI and CWC warehouse and to recommend norms for storage losses inefficient warehouse system, Sponsor: Food Corporation of India, Budget: Rs. 323.53 lakh, Period: 2013 to 2017 [Co-PI]
    • Status of Horticulture and Market Opportunities in the state of Uttaranchal (2006-09); Sponsor: Horticulture Technology Mission (MM-I), Budget: Rs. 7.50 lakh; [PI]
    • Protected Cultivation and Nursery raising of Tomato, Cucumber and Capsicum (2004-07); Sponsor: Horticulture Technology Mission (MM-I), Budget: Rs.14.00 lakh [Co-PI]
    • Validation and Demonstration of Organic  Farming in Vegetables (2004-07); Sponsor: Horticulture Technology Mission (MM-I), Budget: Rs. 9.73 lakh [Co-PI]

    On-Going research externally funded projects

    • ICAR-NIAP Network project on Policy Imperatives for Promoting Agricultural Commodity Value Chains in India (CCPI), Budget: Rs. 33.62 lakh, Period: 2018 to 2020
    • Processing and Value Addition of Agricultural Produce for Enhancing Farmers Income and Employment in Production Catchment, Budget: Rs. 52.91 lakh, Period: 2017 to 2020 (on-going), [Co-PI]


    • Linear Programming (ES-613): 1+1
    • Natural Resource and Environment Economics (ES-626): 2+1
    • Econometrics (ES-623): (2+1)
    • Advance Macro Economics Analysis (ES-721): 2+0
    • Advance Econometrics (ES-711): (2+1)

    Guidance to the students

    • Sc. (02): one is on-going; M.Phil. (01); Ph.D. (02): one is on-going

    Recent Publications:

    • Sharma S., Dixit, A.K., Sidhu G.K. (2017). Techno-economic evaluation of maize degermer machine. Journal of Hill Agriculture 8(1): 93-97, DOI 10.5958/2230-7338.2017.00006.4
    • Dixit A.K., Rawat I., Sharma S., Mann S., Kumar R. (2016). Entrepreneurship through EDP and Licensing of Post-Harvest Technology: An Impact Assessment. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 12 (4):679-686. DOI: 5958/2322-0430.2016.00191.8.
    • Jai Paul, Choudhary A. K., Sharma S, Bohra, M., Dixit A. K., Kumar P. (2016). Potato production through bio-resources: Long-term effects on tuber productivity, quality, carbon sequestration, and soil health intemperate Himalayas. Scientia Horticulturae, 213 (2016) 152–163.
    • Sharma S.K., Bansal, S., Mangal M., Dixit A.K., Gupta R.K., and Mangal A.K. (2016). Utilization of Food Processing By-products as Dietary, Functional, and Novel Fibre: A Review. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 56(10):1647-61. DOI 10.1080/10408398.2013.794327.
    • JaiPaul, Dixit, A.K., Sharma A.K., and Vinod Kumar (2014). Nutrient Recycling and its relationship with bio fertility indicators of soil health and nutrient uptake in rice (Oryza sativa L.)-wheat (Triticaum aestivum L. emed. Fiori &Paol) cropping sequence. Agroecology and Sustainable Food System, 38:4, 445-459, DOI: 10.1080/21683565.2013.870628.
    • Sharma S.K., Chaudhary S.P., Dixit A.K., Rao VK, Yadav V.K., and Bisht T.S. (2013). Drying characteristics of wild apricot (Prunus armeniaca) fruit bar and economic evaluation of the market potential of the enterprise. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 83(3): 321-325.
    • Dixit AK, Sharma S.K., Sikka B.K., Sharma R., and Sharma A.K. (2013). Entrepreneurship development in wild apricot processing: A study of Tehri Garhwal and Dehradun district of Uttarakhand (India), Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing, 27 (1): 91-103.
    • Dixit, A.K., Nanda, S.K., Singh K.P. and Kudos, S.K.A. (2011), ‘Economic benefits of Vivek Millet Thresher-cum- Pearler and Agro-Processing Centre in Uttarakhand’ J. Hill Agri., 2 (2):160-165.
    • Dixit, A. K., and Sharma, S. (2010). Potato in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand: Some Issues and Suggestions, Potato Journal, Vol. 37 (3-4):158-164.
    • Dixit, A. K., P.C., Sharma, S. K. Nanda, and S. K. A. Kudos (2010). Impact of Processing Technology in Hilly Region: A Study on Extraction of Apricot Kernel Oil, Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 23 (Conf. No.), 405-410.

     Books//technical bulletins/Reports/Strategic document, etc.:

    • Singh KP, Singh RRB, Singh Inderjeet, Kundu KK, Sirohi S and Dixit AK (2017). Doubling Farmers’ Income in Haryana by 2022- A Strategy Document, prepared by CCS Haryana Agricultural University Hisar and ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute Karnal, pp. 167.
    • Dixit AK, Jha SN, Kudos SKA (2015). Four Decades: R&D of All India Coordinated Research Project on Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology, ICAR- AICRP on PHET. ICAR-CIPHET Ludhiana-141004, pp 1-386.
    • Dixit A K, Rawat I, Chopra S and Jain D (2015). Entrepreneurship development programme on ICAR-CIPHET technologies: An impact assessment. Technical Bulletin No. ICAR-CIPHET/Pub/2015/01, pp 1-26.
    • Sharma M, Mridula D, Dixit A K, Gupta, R K, and Tyagi S K (2015). Convenience food products from maize and sorghum. Technical Bulletin No. ICAR-CIPHET/Pub/2014/04, pp 1-26.
    • Jha SN, Vishwakarma, RK, Ahmad, T, Rai A and Dixit AK (2015). Report on assessment of quantitative harvest and post-harvest losses of major crops and commodities in India, ICAR-All India Coordinated Research Project on Post-Harvest Technology, ICAR-CIPHET, P.O.-PAU, Ludhiana-141004, pp.1-162.
    • Nanda SK, Dixit AK, Kudos SKA (2013). Impact assessment of technologies from AICRP on PHT centers. All India Coordinated Research Project on Post-Harvest Technology, ICAR-CIPHET, Ludhiana, pp1-102.


    • Mr. Ravishankara K. M., SRF in externally funded ICAR-NIAP project (code: 1009811)