• Dr Ajmer Singh

    Dr Ajmer Singh
    Principal Scientist

    Division of Dairy Economics, Statistics & Management , ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Sustainability of Gaushalas,Economic feasibility of indigenous cattle


    • M.Sc. (Dairy Economics)
    • Ph.D. (Dairy Economics)

    Research work done so far and on-going:

    As Principal Investigator/ Lead worker

    • District-level Data Base Creation and Maintenance thereof in respect of the area, production and input usage of major crops w.e.f 1960
    • Economic analysis and impact assessment under AICW&BIP
    • Impact assessment of wheat production technologies
    • Socio-economic analysis and characterization of cotton-based systems
    • Potential and Prospects of Campbell Bay being Production Hub to Meet
    • Requirements of PDS (Rice) and Perishable Foods of Nicobar District
    • Demand and Supply Analysis of Livestock Products in Andamans
    • Determination of carrying capacity for organic farming in A & N islands
    • Impact Assessment of Technological Interventions in Andaman
    • A study on the sustainability of Gaushalas in Haryana
    • Estimation of production and utilization pattern of milk and milk products in India (—ongoing —–)

    As a coordinator at Zonal Project Directorate

    • National Initiative on Fodder Technology Demonstrations (NIFTD)
    • Demonstration programme on Hydrogel technology
    • Kisan Mobile Advisory (KMA)
    • Frontline Demonstration programme (FLD)


    • Cost accounting and financial management
    • Dairy business management
    • Research methodology for social sciences
    • Advanced micro-economic analysis

    Recent Publications:

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