• National Library in Dairying

    The Institute has a National Library on Dairying, which possesses an impressive collection of literature on dairying and related subjects. The Indian and foreign print periodicals are regularly subscribed to keep track of the current scientific/ technical developments. Besides, there are books and volumes of bound journals, bulletins, theses, CD-ROMs and reprints. The Library also provides Internet browsing, reference literature, photocopying, printing and scanning facility to the students, scientists and research workers of NDRI and other sister Institutes, SAUs and research organizations. The plan and policies for the major procurements and management issues of library are monitored by LAC (Library Advisory Committee) comprising of Chairman (The Director) and one representative (Principal Scientist/ Senior Scientist/ Scientist) from each Division of the Institute. Head Library Services looks after day to day work/ management and besides routine purchases.

    The Library has double story building with covered area of 1914 Sq. meters and 850 sq. meters space provided for reading rooms. The Library building has space for stacking 1.25 lakhs volumes and accommodates 200 readers in four reading halls at one time. Library has a well furnished comfortable Air-conditioned Computer Section with INTERNET connectivity, can accommodate 40 users at a time.

    The Institute Library has impressive collection on all the subjects pertaining to Dairying and Animal Sciences besides documents in the related disciplines. Library has a stock of nearly ~ 95,000 volumes, which includes:

    • 56,000 Books, Standard etc.
    • 34,000 Bound Periodicals
    • 5,000 Theses +
    • 3,600 CDs (Books & Theses) & other miscellaneous publications.

    The library remains open from 8.30 AM to 8.30 PM on working days and 8.30 AM to 2.30 PM on Sundays, Second Saturdays and other Gazetted holidays. However, it remains closed on three National Holidays i.e. Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti.

    Circulation Section- deals with the issue and return of documents, subscription of newspapers and scanning them for dairy related information.

    Reprographic Section- provides photocopies of the documents on request on payment basis to students of the Institute and indenters from outside with due respect to copyright acts.

    Periodical section- subscribes the Indian as well as foreign periodicals.

    Computer cum Technical Processing Section- makes available INTERNET facilities to help users to find the desired information; it is also responsible for computer application to library services and maintenance of all the library equipments, as well as for technical processing of library reading materials.


    Library is providing CD-ROM Literature scanning services by a large storage capacity CD-NAS Hybrid Server which can store enormous quantity of information. Several abstracting and full text databases are available on CD-ROM. Library has five different CD-ROM databases including frequently used CABCD 1972 to 2008, FSTA 1959 to 2008, AGRIS 1975 to 2001, Indian Standards on CDROM published up to 2005 (url:, ISO Standards on food products in CD-ROM published up to 2013 (url: and some CDs of Derwent Biotechnology Abstract. All the CD-ROM databases are available in the Local Area Network of the institute. This service is free for the students, faculty members and other staff members of the institute. The students, faculty members and research workers of other sister Institutes of ICAR/ SAUs/CAUs/CUs having Agriculture faculty and other research organizations may also use these databases on request after getting permission for the same.


    Library is providing Internet/Email Services to students, faculty members and other staff members of the institute, for this purpose there are 40 workstations available in the library, so that they may got current information in the area of their interest and communicate with the researchers of their interest immediately. In addition of that Library also provides uninterrupted WIFI based internet connectivity to library users, who are using personal laptop in the library for their study and research work. These services are free for the students, faculty members and other staff members of the institute. The students, faculty members and research workers of other sister Institutes of ICAR/ SAUs/CAUs/CUs having Agriculture faculty and other research organizations may also use these services on request after getting permission for the same.

    ONLINE JOURNALS (e-journals) through CeRA

    Library is providing online full text download facility of research article from  ~3000 full text journals of different publication houses viz. Springer, Science Direct (Elsevier), Wiley,  Annual Reviews, CSIRO (Australia), Taylor & Francis etc. All these are through Consortium for e-resources in Agriculture (CeRA) (url:https://jgateplus.com/search/index). Beside these journals, Institute Library is also providing online access of various other full text articles (free with print copy of journals being subscribed) to students, faculty members and other staff members of the institute.

    KRISHIKOSH (Digital Repository)

    Library is providing access of KrishiKosh (URL: http://krishikosh.egranth.ac.in). KrishiKosh is a digital repository which captures, preserves, archives and provides policy based access to the intellectual output of Indian NARS. It is a unique repository of knowledge in agriculture and allied sciences. Having collection of old and valuable books, institutional publication, technical bulletins, project reports, lectures, preprint, reprint, thesis, records and various document spread all over the country in different libraries of research institutions and State Agricultural Universities (SAUs).


    Library is providing access of WorldCat/ Agricat database. WorldCat is a union catalog representing the holdings of over 70,000 libraries worldwide. ICAR creates a ‘group catalogue’ of all 12 initial partner libraries of ‘eGranth’ including catalogue of Library, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal   with OCLC partnership on ‘WorldCat’ with the name of “Agricat” (url:http://www.agricat.worldcat.org). It includes catalogue items including books, dissertations, serial publications, articles, electronic books, digital objects, websites etc. The databases is searchable by standard bibliographic criteria viz. author, title, subject, keyword, etc. the results of a search indicate the number of libraries owning an item.


    The library procured about ~1000 e-Books of different foreign and Indian publishers (Springer/ Elsevier/ Taylor & Francis/ CABI/ SAGE/ Cambridge University Press, Wiley – Blackwell  and some Indian publications) for IP based perpetual access to students, faculty members and other users of the institute. In addition of purchased e-Books, some other e-Books/serial publications (1469 e-Books and 17 serial publications) are also available for institute users through CeRA. List of all the e-Books/ serial publications purchase by the library, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal/CeRA, hyperlink and instructions for use are also available on institute’s website under url- http://ndri.res.in/e-books/


    Library is providing round-the-clock Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)/Web based Online Public Access Catalog (WebOPAC) facility to the Student, faculty members and other staff members of the institute through Library software KOHA-Library Management System url: (for access with in local area network) or  http://library.ndri.res.in (for remote access). The database is searchable by standard bibliographic criteria viz. author, title, subject, keyword/subject etc.


     Library has a fully equipped photographic and reprographic section. Reprographic (Photocopying) services are provided through efficient photocopying machines on payment @Rs.1/- per page from the students and staff of NDRI as well as outside users.

    Library also provides printing facility on payment @Rs.1/- per page for single page printing & @Rs. 1.50 per page for back to back printing  Library also provides colour printing facility on payment @ Rs.6/- per page for single page printing and @ Rs. 10/- per page for back to back printing.

    In addition of that library fully equipped with three high capacity A3 Size Document scanners/Document Scanning and editing software’s. This service is free for all the students, faculty members and other staff members of the institute


    All the scientific journals subscribed by the library are being regularly scanned. Current Content from these journals are being circulated to all the Divisions of the Institute, for bringing contents to the notice of researchers. Library creates bibliographies of different topics time to time on demand. ‘List of New Additions’ is regularly brought out from the computerized library database and is being circulated to all the Divisions of the Institute as and when required.

    All bonafide staff members and students enrolled in this Institute are eligible to use the library. Books are loaned to the students after they become user members of the library. Bonafide research workers belonging to other Institutes / SAUs are permitted to use the library on their applying through the Head of the respective Institutes. However, books are not to be issued to them. They are entitled to get xerox copies of the literature at par to NDRI user members Every person who enters the library is to sign in the register kept at gate as token of his / her acceptance to adhere to the library rules.

    The users are issued books as per their entitlement through Smartcard as under:

    (A) Scientific Category 6
    (B) Technical Category:-
    (i) Chief Technical Officer, Assistant Chief Technical Officer 5
    (ii) Senior Technical Officer, Technical Officer, Senior Tech. Assistant 4
    (iii) Technical Assistant 3
    (iv) Senior Technician and Technician 2
    (C) Administrative Staff
    (i)  Group A  Officers 5
    (ii)  Assistant Administrative Officer 4
    (iii) Assistants 3
    (iv) UDC 2
    (iv) LDC 1
    (D) Skilled Supporting Staff 1
    (E) Student
    (i) Ph.D. and Post Graduates 4
    (ii) B. Tech 3
    • Smartcards are to be produced to get issued book/s as per number specified against each category. Loan period for issued book/s is 21 days for students and 90 days for Faculty / Staff Members, thereafter get re-issued for 3 times if there is no reservation for the issued books but these are liable to be recalled at any time.
    • Overdue Charges applicable @ Rs. 2.00 per day after given Loan Period. User can get reserved their required book/s through OPAC or submit reservation request on Library book ‘Issue-Return Counter’.
    • The Smartcard is not transferable and the borrower has to be responsible for the loss of books issued on his/her card. In case of loss of library Smartcard, the borrower must report immediately to the Librarian to get blocked issuing of books. If Smartcard is lost or damaged, user can be re-issued new Smartcard on payment of Rs. 100/.
    • The Smartcard must be in usable condition at the time of its return to get ‘No Dues’ from the library.
    • Library Books should not be taken out of station. The readers are, therefore, cautioned to return all the borrowed items to the library before leaving Karnal. The borrowers are not allowed to sub-lend the books borrowed from the library.
    • If the books recalled by the Librarian, and are not returned within 24 hours from the receipt of notice, a fine of Rs. 2/- per day per volume will be charged.
    • For all the Scientific Staff, books can be retained for either one semester as maximum period or get reissued for three times (within semester).
    • A reminder is issued after the expiry of due date giving 3 day’s time. After the expiry of reminder a fine of two rupees per day per volume is charged.
    • If the books are not returned / renewed on the due dates, an overdue charge of Rs. 2/- (two) per day per volume will be charged from the borrowers.
    • Director / Joint Directors / Head Library Services shall have the power to exempt such overdue charges on genuine reasonable ground.
    • For Reference Book, overdue charges are Rs. 2/- per day.
    • Back volumes of periodicals preserved in the library can be issued for overnight at 4.30 PM to all the Scientific, Teaching staff and Students, and must be returned the following day before 10.00 AM. Failure to return the Journals taken on overnight loan on the following day, the borrower has to pay a fine of Rs. 2/- per day. Back volumes of periodicals / reference books can also be issued to the above said teaching staff as a teaching aid for one hour only during the working hours.
    • All bags, umbrellas, caps, hats, lab-coat sticks and personal / borrowed books etc. are to be left at a place provided for this purpose. Only notebooks are allowed to be brought inside library.
    • Cell phones should not be used in the library; while in the library users can keep these in vibrating mode.
    • Readers shall maintain complete silence within the library premises. Sleeping in library is strictly forbidden.
    • Lab coats/ overcoats are to be kept in the boxes provided at the entrance gate.
    • The students are to sit in proper manner and are to leave chairs and monitor screens in proper manner/condition.
    • Users / students are not to change desktop wallpaper of library PCs.
    • The library internet services are for browsing literature and for scientific activities only.
    • Removal of any publication belonging to the library is an offence, except in accordance with the rules regulating the issue of publications on loan. The defaulter is liable to punishment in terms of replacement of the book or its cost.
    • Smoking and spitting are strictly prohibited in the library.
    • The readers are not to do any marking for the purpose of correcting an error or otherwise, mark whatsoever in the publications either by pencil or in ink, underline words and sentences therein tear pages or otherwise damage them. The defaulter will be liable to punishment in terms of replacement of the book or its cost.
    • If any publication borrowed is lost or disfigured or the reader removes any page and picture, he / she is required to replace it by a new copy. If he/she fails to do so, he / she is required to pay the cost plus handling charges of Rs. 300/- and any fine that may be imposed on him / her.
    • In the library CCTV Security System is being laid down, hence the users are to follow proper etiquettes; defaulters will be liable for disciplinary action as per university rules.



    Sr. No Title
    1. American Economic Review (Complete Subscription)

    Journal of Economic Literature

    Journal of Economic Perspectives

    AEJ: Applied Economics

    AEJ: Economic Policy

    AEJ: Macroeconomics

    AEJ: Microeconomics

    2. American Journal of Sociology
    3. ASHRAE Journal
    4. British Journal of Nutrition
    5. Canadian Journal of Animal Sciences
    6. Current Biotechnology
    7. Cytogenetic & Genome Research
    8. Dairy Industries International
    9. Economic Inquiry
    10. Food Protection Trends
    11. Food Technology
    12. Genome
    13. Human Reproduction
    14. Journal of Biochemistry
    15. Journal of Dairy Research
    16. Journal of Experimental Biology
    17. Journal of Food Protection
    18. Journal of Nutrition
    19. Journal of the Science of Food & Agriculture
    20. Lipids
    21. Nature Genetics
    22. Physiological Reviews
    23. The Pharmacogenomics Journal
    24. Scientific American
    25. Veterinary Record



    1. Animal Nutrition & Feed Technology
    2. Economic & Political Weekly
    3. Indian Dairyman
    4. Indian Food Industry
    5. Indian Horticulture
    6. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics
    7. Indian Jr. of Agronomy
    8. Indian Jr. of Animal Nutrition
    9. Indian Jr. of Forestry
    10. Indian Phytopathology
    11. Indian Research Jr. of Extension Education
    12. Interaction (Formerly: Jr. of Communication Studies)
    13. Journal of Food Science & Technology
    14. Jr. of Indian Society of Ag. Statistics
    15. Kheti
    16. Man & Development
    17. Phal Phool
    18. Prevention of Food Adulteration Cases (FAC)
    19. Ruminant Science


    1. Archives of Biochemistry & Biophysics
    2. Animal Behavior
    3. Animal Reproduction Science
    4. Biotechnology Advances
    5. Current Opinion in Biotechnology
    6. Enzyme & Microbial Technology
    7. Food Chemistry
    8. Food Research International
    9. Genomics
    10. International Dairy Journal
    11. International Journal of Food Microbiology
    12. Journal of Food Engineering
    13. Livestock Science
    14. Small Ruminant Science
    15. Theriogenology
    16. Trends in Genetics
    17. Trends in Biochemical Science
    18. Trends in Biotechnology
    19. Trends in Microbiology
    20. Analytical Biochemistry

    Please Contact for Any Information: N.S. Rohila, Technical Officer, Mobile:9812956585

    Email:libraryndri@ndri.res.in; ns.ndri@gmail.com

    Email Address: libraryndri@ndri.res.in & libraryndri@yahoo.com

    Head, Library Services Dr. S.M. Deb
    Information Section Mr. B. P. Singh

    e-mail: libraryndri@yahoo.com

    Technical Processing   &
    Computerization, Membership
    Enrolment for Smartcards,
    Reprographic & Xeroxing Section
    Mr. B. P. Singh

    email: Bindeshwari.Singh@ icar.gov.in
    Mr. Lakshman

    e-mail: lakshman1@icar.gov.in

    Mr. Raj Pal

    Periodical Section Mr.Narendra Singh Rohila

    e-mail : ns.ndri@gmail.com
    Mr.  Ashok Kumar

    Circulation (Issue/Return)/

    Reference Section

    Mr. Deen Dayal Kumar

    e-mail: dayal.kumar@icar.gov.in

    Mrs. Subina

    e-mail: subina_kamboj@yahoo.com

    Mr. Shalinder Singh

    Acquisition Section Mrs. Veenu

    e-mail: veenu_tauraus@yahoo.com
    Mr. Jagmendra

    Library Office Mr. Raghubir Singh

    e-mail:  raghu.ndri180366@gmail.com