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    Human health Complex

    Human Health Complex has been catering to the health needs of the employees and students of NDRI as well as to the other sister ICAR Institutes situated at Karnal since its establishment in 1991. Full time Doctors for Allopathic treatment and part- time practitioners for Ayurvedic & Homoeopathic (currently vacant) systems of medical aid are available. Well qualified & trained nursing staff, laboratory technicians and pharmacists assists the Doctors in providing the desired medical facilities.

    Facilities Available

    1. Physiotherapy Unit for the benefit of the patients suffering from various chronic ailments such as Lower back-ache, Cardiac ailments, Hypertension and various types of Arthritis etc.
    2. Diagnostic clinical lab well equipped with a fully automatic Haematolyzer and a semi-auto Biochemical analyzer.

    HHC also organizes various health awareness programmes for educating the Staff and their dependents for better health care.

    Health Complex Staff

    Manoj Kumar,  Medical Officer
    Shivjeet Singh, Ayurvedic Doctor (part- time)
    Richa Walia, Staff Nurse
    Saroj Kathuria, Staff Nurse
    Anuradha, Staff Nurse
    Shish Pal Gupta,  Lab Technician
    Deepak,  Lab Technician
    Shashi Bhushan,  Pharmacist
    Saroj Bala,  Pharmacist
    Karambir, Ministerial Staff
    Dilbag Singh, Supporting Staff
    Suresh Kumar,  Supporting Staff
    Bala Devi, Supporting Staff