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    1. Students seeking admission to the hostel must apply separately during each semester on the prescribed form available in the university office.
    2. The students will be admitted to the hostel by the Hostel Warden/Chief Hostel Warden and will be allotted a seat in the hostel for each semester on payment of prescribed fees.
    3. Every student will be provided with a chair, table, cot, table-lamp and other fittings. He/She shall be responsible for the safety of the furniture and electrical fittings given to him/her.
    4. No item of furniture is to be removed from one room to another without prior permission and authorization of the Warden.
    5. On allotment and before occupying the room and proceeding home during summer break or at the time of change of room, each students should get the furniture and electrical fittings checked and should hand over all the furniture items of his/her room to the Warden or any other person deputed by him/her.
    6. The hostel rooms are to be vacated during summer break so that the hostel buildings are attended to, cleaned, repaired, whitewashed and painted as and when necessary.
    7. As special case, for stay during summer break, a special request has to be made to the hostel authorities.
    8. Hostel accommodation once allotted in a semester cannot be changed except in very exceptional circumstances with the concurrence of the Warden.
    9. No student can change his/her room on his/her own without the permission of the Warden. Clothes should not be washed inside the rooms.
    10. Any room can be got vacated at the discretion of the warden without assigning any reason.
    11. No resident will be allowed to remain in the hostel if he/she has not cleared all the hostel dues from time to time.
    12. No cooking or lighting fire of any kind is permitted in the hostel rooms.
    13. Students after submitting M.Sc. dissertation may be allotted hostel accommodation on request only till viva-voce examination is over.
    14. One of the duplicate keys of the room must be handed over to the Hostel Attendant for cleaning purposes.
    15. A limited accommodation in the Married Scholars Hostel is available for Ph.D. Scholars sponsored from Indian Universities, Research Institutions and State Government.
    16. Residents are not to scribe anything on the walls and doors of the hostel rooms. Sticking of posters and distribution of unauthorized hand bills/pamphlets/notices by the residents is not permitted.
    Ragging or Indulging in Ragging
    “Ragging” or “Indulging in Ragging” in any form by the student in or outside the institute campus is completely prohibited. Violation in any form will lead to the expulsion from the Hostel/Institute without asking any explanation from the defaulter.
    Absence from Hostel:
    1. Unauthorized absence from hostel, even overnight will be considered indiscipline. Residents who absent themselves in anticipation of sanction of leave will be considered as absent without leave.
    2. Hostellers should be in their rooms by 10.00 P.M. Scholars who wish to be in the laboratories after 10.00 P.M. for research work should obtain prior permission after due recommendation of their Guide/Head of Division.
    1. No student guests/ex-students are permitted to stay in the Hostels. For guests, separate arrangements are available in the Hostels/Scientists Home. This accommodation will be available on concessional rate on the recommendation of the hostel authorities.
    2. Under no circumstances can ladies/female guests be permitted or entertained in the individual rooms of the boy’s hostel and made guests in the ladies hostel.
    3. Guests of minor age are not allowed to stay in hostels.
    4. Only genuine guests of the students coming for training or official work can be accommodated in the hostel Guest Room on payment of Rs.50/- per seat per day with prior permission from the competent authority for a restricted minimum period. However, ordinary accommodation in the Hostel vacant rooms will be available on payment of Rs.50/- per seat per day only to those students coming for training or official work.
    Hostel Dues::
    1. Nonpayment of hostel dues may result in not only paying heavy penalty but also removal from the hostel.
    2. Students are advised to conduct properly while in cafeteria and pay the dues in time.
    3. All dues including mess charges should be paid in time.
    1. Every hostel has mess and dining facility equipped with requisite cookware and utensils. All students should have to deposit mess security (refundable) at the time of registration to hostel office. Cook is provided by the University for every Hostel. Mess is run by students on cooperative basis. The student shall pay mess fee on monthly basis. If a student is sick, written application by the student endorsed by the chairman, mess committee should be given to mess manager for mess worker supervisor for serving food in the room.
    2. Residents are to be cooperative in organization of their own messes and a Mess Committee comprising of students of respective hostels will be constituted and to be intimated to the respective hostel warden. The tenure of the committee will be for one semester. The mess committee will decide the menu, check food quality from time to time, maintain a record of such inspections and give feedback for improvement of food quality and other aspects of mess and dining. Mess committee will prepare a detail guideline in consultation with all students of respective hostels for operating mess. The final guidelines duly signed by the students (signature of at least 2/3 of total students of the hostel would be mandatory) to be submitted to hostel warden. It is mandatory for all students to follow the guidelines. Being cooperative system of mess, it would be responsibility of students to run the mess and all the financial issues has to resolve by the students themselves as per the guideline (as above) prepared consensually by the students and submitted to hostel office in the start of every semester.
    3. Students should observe the prescribed hours for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. They should be in proper dress when they come to common room or dining hall or use the lawns.
    4. No food items (breakfast, lunch and dinner) can be taken in the rooms by the hostel residents except in case of illness with permission of the Medical Officer/Warden.
    5. Such student who does not clear mess charges within one month of declaration of Mess accounts can be removed from the hostel as well as disciplinary action can be removed from the hostel as well as disciplinary action can be taken as deemed fit.
    6. It is compulsory for a student living in a particular hostel or to take meals in the mess of the same hostel only. Crossover to other hostel mess without clearing the mess dues of the previous mess will not be permitted in any case. However, on certain other valid grounds, special cases can be considered in agreement with the respective Hostel Warden for change of mess from one hostel to another. No hosteller is permitted to take meals outside the Hostel Mess.
    7. Non-hostellers/outsiders are not allowed to join the mess as a regular member or self-guest without permission of hostel authorities.
    1. The students having two wheelers shall get due sanction from the hostel administration by submitting a copy of registration papers and driving license.
    2. Only registered vehicles will be allowed to park in the hotel parking area.
    3. Vehicle parking other than the designated area of parking is strictly prohibited and will be fined.
    4. No four-wheeler, car, truck etc. will be permitted to enter in the hostel premises without the prior permission of the concerned Hostel Warden/Chief Hostel Warden.
    1. Rough handling/damage of any property or fitting of hostel premises like dining hall furniture, TV room, reading room, room furniture or any furniture of the hostel is strictly forbidden.
    2. The cost of damages will be recovered in the following manner:
      • If any individual or group is identified to have caused the damage, double the cost will be recovered from him/her group.
      • If damage is done in any of the rooms and the person(s) is / are not identified then double the cost will be recovered from the room-mates collectively.
      • If  damage is done outside the rooms i.e., in common places like corridors, bathrooms, recreation halls, mess etc., and the person(s) is/ are not identified, then double the cost will be recovered, floor wise or block wise or on the whole, as the case may be. Repetition of damage to the hostel property will result in expulsion from the hostel.
    1. Any confinement in the hostel due to sickness/ill health should be reported to the Hostel Warden.
    2. Students will have to use their own locks and bulbs for the hostel rooms allotted to them. Replacement of bulbs/tubes in the hostel room during the period of stay by a hosteller may be the responsibility of the hosteller himself.
    3. No article of common use such as magazines, common room items, spare articles, dining utensils etc. may be taken to their rooms by the residents in the hostels.
    4. The use of heaters, electrical rods or any other electrical appliances is not allowed in the hostel resident rooms.
    5. Students are not supposed to tamper with electrical installations. Any tempering with electrical installations, switchboards etc. shall be considered as violation of the hostel rules.
    6. Students should be as economical as possible in the use of water and electricity. Lights and fans must be switched off and water taps closed when not in use.
    7. One student will be nominated as Prefect by the concerned hostel warden from each hostel for efficient functioning of the hostel.
    8. Any act of damage to the buildings, wall, component, sanitary fittings, common electrical facilities, furniture, T.V. Radio/Stereo, record player, musical instruments etc. will be heavily penalized.
    9. Students will not disturb other residents by making noise or otherwise in the corridors or tuning electrical/electronic gadgets loudly.
    10. No resident is to insult/injure or appear to cause insult/injury to the feelings and sentiments of other hostel mates.
    11. Residents are not to organize themselves into groups, or give cause to even appear to have done so, on the basis of caste, creed, religion, class or programme considerations, or on the basis of social or political philosophy. Violation can lead to expulsion from Hostel/Institute.
    12. Gambling and use of alcoholic drinks/intoxicants/narcotics in any form within or outside the hostels by residents is strictly prohibited and any violation is liable to expulsion from the Hostel/Institute
    13. Residents/Boarders are to keep their surroundings neat and clean and make proper use of           dustbins. Spitting in the hostel compound, corridors and rooms and plucking flowers and crossing of flower beds and lawns are prohibited.
    14. Students are required to cooperate with hostel staff/attendants/mess servants etc. They are not authorized to punish hostel workers. Any complaint of indiscipline or insult against them should be reported to the Warden for disciplinary action.
    15. Students will abide by the decision of the hostel authorities with respect to the enforcement of hostel rules.
    16. The hostel authorities shall decide on merits the individual cases of any punitive or ameliorative action arising out of violation of rules or conduct inside the hostel.
    17. Every resident of the hostel must attend to the call of the Hostel Warden whenever required.
    18. During class hours, students are not allowed to stay in the hostel except under certain compelling circumstances such as sickness.
    19. No student is allowed to keep any lethal weapon, fire arm, explosive material, poison, intoxicant, alcoholic drinks etc. in his/her room in the hostel.
    20. Hostellers are advised not to keep costly jewelry, gold, cash etc. in their rooms. They are themselves responsible for safety of their personal belongings. A branch of State Bank of Patiala with ATM facility is available in the campus.
    21. Trespassing of lawns and sports grounds is not permitted. Playing games on lawns/ground other than those specified for the purpose is strictly prohibited.
    22. It is compulsory for all the students to obtain identity cards from the college and they should carry the identity cards with them and should produce as and when required.
    23. No cultural/social functions can be organized in the hostel premises without prior permission of hostel authorities.

    In addition to hostel rules and regulation as above, the following rules are particularly applicable to the residents of the ladies hostel for strict adherence.

    1. Parent guardian must submit to the Warden a list of relatives/outsiders along with passport size photographs and their addresses duly signed by the parents who are allowed to see the students and who can take them out.
    2. All visitors to the ladies hostel are required to sign in the visitors register at each visit to hostel specially kept for this purpose in the girls hostel and state their relation and purpose of visit.
    3. Lady students may meet approved visitors as at Sr. No 1 only in the visitor room during visiting hours i.e. 5.00 PM-7.00PM.
    4. No visitor is allowed to go inside the rooms of the residents in the girl’s hostel at any circumstances without prior approval of hostel Warden. It would be responsibility of the concerned student to inform the visitor for strict compliance of rules.
    5. No girl is permitted to receive courier parcels at her room. They can receive them near the visitor’s room or through the lady staff of the hostel.

    Violation of any of these rules would result in fine/punitive action and serious violations would be referred to the “Students Disciplinary Committee/ Disciplinary Authority “.

      1. The students disciplinary committee duly approved by the Vice Chancellor of Deemed University will be comprised of Joint Director (Academic), Academic coordinator, Chief hostel warden and all hostel wardens.
      2. The decision of the committee would however be final. The Director & Vice Chancellor/competent authority of deemed university reserves the right to take necessary disciplinary action/ terminate the temporary occupancy of the student for any wilful disobedience or defiance of authority, non-observance of hostel rules, causing damage to person or property or indulging in anti-social, anti-national or undesirable activities.
      3. In view of above rules and regulations, the following general fine would be imposed on hostel resident on violation of any of Hostel rules /disciplinary action against misconduct. Respective Hostel warden and or chief warden reserve right to impose the fine and decision of warden would be final. Failure to depositing in fine by hostel resident in defined time, will be liable for double fine and case will be referred  to disciplinary committee.
    S.N Violation of Hostel rule No Fine (Rs.) Remarks
    1. A (16) 1000
    2. C (1) 500
    3. C (2) 200 On repeated violation, case will be referred  to disciplinary committee
    4. D (1) 500 On repeated violation, case will be referred  to disciplinary committee
    5. E (1) Fine As  per institute norms plus dues
    6. E (2 &3) 500+ Dues Fine will be imposed if written complaints received by Cafeteria contractor or mess manager
    7. F (4) 500 If found during routine inspection/visit of hostel warden or disciplinary committee
    8. F (4) 1000 If found anywhere in hostel premises
    9. G (3) 200 On repeated violation, vehicle, copy of registration and license will  be seized and case will be  referred  to disciplinary committee
    10. I (3) 500
    11. I (4) 1000 And electrical appliance will also be seized
    12. I (5) 1000
    13. I (9) 500 If  written complaint received from roommates /neighbour / colleagues
    14. I (10) Case will be referred  to disciplinary committee
    15. I (12) 1000 Plus case will be referred  to disciplinary committee for further action
    16. I (17) 500
    17. I (18) 200
    18. I (19) 1000 Plus case will be referred to disciplinary committee for further action
    19. I (21) 500
    20. J (4&5) 500
    1. The fine collected will be deposited in student’s welfare fund and will be used for student’s welfare.

    For the students, excellent hostel accommodation is available with all modern facilities in terms of well-furnished rooms, wi-fi system, AC common rooms sports, indoor games, T.V. rooms, reading rooms, hobby center, cultural activities etc. A number of dinning halls/kitchens with modern cooking provisions are available for the boarding requirements of the hostel residents. A Cafeteria is also available for refreshments near the hostel. There are 5 hostels in the Institute providing accommodation for over 800 students. B.Tech. (Dairy Technology) students are located in Brahamputra Hostel, while Post-graduate students are accommodated in Sutlej Hostel, Krishna Hostel and Narmda Hostel. There is a separate hostel accommodation for girl students known as “Kaveri Girls Hostel”. Married Scholar Hostel is available for Ph.D. Scholars sponsored from Indian Universities, Research Institutions and State Governments. International Hostel furnished with all modern facilities is available for foreign students.
    In order to regulate community living harmoniously in the hostels, some rules have been framed for the guidance of the students. These rules are meant for the students to maintain a high order of discipline, honesty and moral conduct for self and fellow hostellers.
    Students admitted in N.D.R.I. Deemed University are all meritorious. They are supposed to lead a career oriented living in the hostel. While in the hostel, they are responsible for upkeep and look after of rooms, furnishing and fixtures. They are also supposed to conduct themselves extremely well within and outside the hostel.
    Payment of fees and dues, proper use of hostel facilities, common room and mess regulations and regulations for entry to and departure from hostel are some of the important points that have to be adhered to by the hostellers.
    The rules and regulations mentioned hereunder must be thoroughly read by all students for general guidance. These rules and regulations are applicable to both boys/girls hostels. It is mandatory for all the students of NDRI to strictly follow these rules and regulations.