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    TBI is an entity generated to create successful, viable and free standing business within a certain time frame. The TBI has the broad objective of promoting knowledge-based and innovation-driven dairy enterprises in the country. It facilitates an atmosphere congenial for their survival and growth. It provides all the necessary support and facilities required for a budding entrepreneur like infrastructure support, technology/prototype development support, research assistance, help in getting funding, business consulting assistance, marketing assistance and any other consultation required to set up an enterprise.
    Globally, the concept of Technology Incubation has proven to reduce the failure rate of new start up companies.In doing so, they create employment and assist local and regional economic development. TBI is designed to support and nurture industries in the area of Dairy and Food Processing, Feed Technology, Dairy Farming, Fish farming, Apiculture & Honey Processing, Biofertilizers, biopesticides & Panchgavya products based on dung and urine. TBI is located in National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI), a source of technology and knowledge. Locating TBI in country’s premier Dairy Research Institute reduces the time lag between technology development and its commercialization.

    Services Offered

    • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps.
    • Entrepreneurship Development programmes.
    • Provides specialized services to existing SMEs in the region.
    • Various training programmes including short term courses.
    • Incubation of start up ventures and mentoring.

    Applications are invited for physical incubation at SINED-TBI, NDRI from innovative entrepreneurs.

    For more details please visit http://www.ndritbi.com