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    • To carry out extension research on the basis of clientele needs
    • To enable the end-users to adopt the innovations in dairy farming
    • To carry out technology assessment and refinement of dairy innovations evolved by NDRI
    • To undertake HRD programmes in dairy extension
    • To promote convergence and collaboration for sustainable dairy farming

    Research Priorities:

    • Participatory Technology Development and Dissemination of dairy innovations
    • Demand-driven, System-oriented Extension Approaches for enhanced productivity as well as in view of changing climatic conditions
    • Low-External-Input- Dairying for Resource-Poor dairy farmers
    • Gender perspectives in Technology-Transfer
    • Entrepreneurship Development Focused on Dairy Innovations
    • Organizational Management and Communication Networks in Dairy  sector
    • Dairy Innovation System Researches
    • ICT-mediated Dairy Extension

     Linkages and Collaboration:

    • MANAGE, Hyderabad
    • Directorate of Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, New Delhi
    • Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development Depts. of various States and ATMA
    • State Dairy Co-operative Federations
    • NGOs
    • NABARD & other financial institutions
    • Academic linkages with SAUs, ICAR institutes and foreign universities

    Research Work undertaken by the division is duly approved by the divisional IRC and the Institute IRC. The research projects are formulated and approved under Research Programme, “Promoting Dairy Enterprise through Transfer of Technologies, Improved Farm Financing, Supply Chain Management and Better Market Access.”

    At present, four institute funded projects are being carried out in the division:

    1. Participatory Development of Need-based Interactive Information    Delivery System for Dairy Stakeholder
    2. Impact of Dairy Production Technologies Transferred by NDRI among dairy farmers in Karnal District
    3. Livelihood Perspective of Dairy Based Integrated Farming System
    4. Effectiveness of Mobile Advisory Services in Dairy farming

    Externally funded project

    • Preparedness of livestock rearers among tribal in disaster prone areas of Uttarakhand
        • Documentation of Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITKs)
        • Empowerment of women dairy farmers
        • Human Resource Development
        • Participatory Technology Development for sustainable Dairying
        • Assessment of Training Needs
        • Identification of constraints faced by farmers
        • Pilot level testing of technologies
        • Development of adoption indices for dairy innovations

    ICTs Developed

        • NDRI at a glance
        • NDRI Song
        • Clean Milk Production
        • Hygienic milk and milk product processing & packaging
        • Scientific calf rearing practices
        • Success Story of A Dairy Entrepreneur
        • Success Story of  women SHG (Anmol Mahila Dugdh Samitee)
        • Kaamyabi ki Dastak (already on ICAR web site)

    Multimedia Package Developed :

      • e-Book on Clean Milk Production
      • Interactive web module for dairy innovations

    Farm school:

    • A unique extension initiative is taken by Dairy Extension Division, in which 22 farmers of Gorgarh village in Karnal district were enrolled in all the aspects of agriculture in the mode of non- formal education.
    • Experts from NDRI visit the village and take class during every Friday and Saturday.
    • Formal examination pattern will be followed after completion of classes and certificates will be distributed to the participating farmers.
    • The first batch of the farmer group was enrolled in the programme during August, 2014.

    Fodder Museum:

    • A fodder museum has been established in the Farm of NDRI to showcase different fodder production systems.
    • High yielding fodder crop varieties are maintained in the live museum to sensitize the different stakeholders including the visitors and students from outside.

    The facilities created and supplied to the Institute by the Division are:

    • Farm Women Empowerment Laboratory (Capacity Building): For imparting training in value addition of milk
    • Field/Farm Technician Laboratory :

    The Field/Farm Technician Laboratory attached to the division of Dairy Extension provides a base for Extension work in the villages around Karnal. The main objectives are-

    • To provide an opportunity for the students of extension education to acquire skill in organizing field extension activities.
    • To facilitate the scientists to test the field applicability of their innovations.
    • To improve the knowledge and skill of farmers regarding scientific dairy practices so as to enable them to adopt the same.

    The laboratory is operated through Stockmen center. This serves as a grass root level link between the scientists and farmers. The major activities are:-

    • Dairy Development Work:
    • Organizing fertility and veterinary aid campaigns
    • Providing A.I. facility in cows and buffaloes.
    • Providing necessary treatment to animals of dairy animals.
    • Providing vaccination against contagious diseases.
    • Educating farmers regarding scientific methods of breeding, feeding, management and health care of animals.
    • Educating women in dairy farming and milk products.

    Calf Rally/ Dairy Mela:

    Calf rally and dairy Melas/ Exhibition are organized in the villages of Haryana and other states of India, with the prime objective of exposing the dairy farmers and others to the technological innovations developed by the institute. They are also motivated and encouraged to keep high-yielding crossbred animals through various competitions organized during these events.

    Communication Center:

    Under the Communication center, the division has developed the facilities of digital photography/videography, State-of-the-art projection systems, digital printing and displays of achievements and technologies of various Divisions of the Institute. These facilities are provided to various departments of the Institute through the following units:

    • Photo Lab
    • Video Lab
    • Audio-Visual Lab
    • Exhibition Unit
    • Dr. D. Sundaresan Auditorium
    • Dr. N.N. Dastur Auditorium

    Dairy Samachar

    A Quarterly extension bulletin Dairy Samachar is published by the Division in Hindi for the benefit of dairy farmers. It is dispatched to dairy farmers in different states, with the main objective that the improved technologies and package of practices of dairy farming reach the dairy farmers. The Division receives positive feedback and appreciation from the farmers/readers regarding the utility of this publication.

    Dairy Education at Farmers’ Door

    Since February, 2009 an innovative Approach was initiated by The Director NDRI to strengthen the effective dissemination of dairy production and processing technologies among farming community at their doorstep. Programme runs on 2nd Saturday of every Month, where multidisciplinary team visit farming households in the villages to disseminate technologies related to dairy science for the scientific dairy farming practices. This programme is coordinated by the Dairy Extension Division.

    • Since February, 2009 an innovative Approach was initiated by The Director NDRI to strengthen the effective dissemination of dairy production and processing technologies among farming community at their doorstep. Programme runs on 2nd Saturday of every Month, where multidisciplinary team visit farming households in the villages to disseminate technologies related to dairy science for the scientific dairy farming practices. This programme is coordinated by the Dairy Extension Division.

    Customised Training

    The Division regularly organizes the need based training to different stakeholders based on the demands from various organisations. This is in the form of either refresher training or orientation training.

    Course No.


    B. Tech. (DT)

    DX-221 (1+1)

    Dairy Extension Education

    DX-311 (1+1)

    Communication Skills

    PG Degree Programme

    DX- 611

    Fundamentals of Dairy & Animal Husbandry Extension

    DX- 612

    Communication for Dairy Development

    DX- 613

    Training for Human Resource Development

    DX- 614

    Social Psychology and Group Dynamics

    DX- 615

    Programme Planning and Evaluation for Rural Development


    e-Extension for Rural Development


    Credit Seminar

    DX- 6210

    Research Methodology in Social Sciences

    DX- 622

    Extension Techniques & Audio-Visual Aids

    DX- 623

    Participatory  Methods for Technology Development & Transfer

    DX- 624

    Management in Extension

    DX- 625

    Diffusion and Adoption of Dairy  and Animal Husbandry Innovations

    DX- 626

    Gender Sensitization for Development

    DX- 627

    Entrepreneurship Development


    DX- 711 Organizational Management
    DX- 712 Farm Journalism and Public Relations
    DX- 713 Advances in Training Technology
    DX- 714 Dynamics  of  Change
    DX- 715 Policies  and Regulations in Dairy and Livestock Sector
    DX-729 Credit Seminar
    DX- 721 Advanced  Research Techniques in Social Research
    DX- 722 Organizational  Communication
    DX- 723 Educational  Technology
    DX-724 Advances in Extension
    Dr.  K. S. Kadian Principal Scientist
    Dr.  Gopal Sankhala Principal Scientist
    Dr.  K. Ponnusamy Principal Scientist
    Dr.  Brajendra Singh Meena Principal Scientist
    Dr.  Hans Ram Meena Principal Scientist
    Mrs.  Ritu Chakravarty Senior Scientist
    Dr.  Sanjit Maiti Scientist
    Dr.  Sanchita Garai Scientist

    The Division of Dairy Extension came into existence during the year 1961 with limited staff and expanded in the 1980’s. Initially, the division was performing extension service oriented functions. Consequent to the joining of the Head of Division and the Research Officer in 1972, new dimensions of post-graduate teaching and research in extension were added.

    Objectives of Dairy Extension Division

    • To establish link between the Institute and Industry on one hand and the farming community on the other.
    • To disseminate the results of research to the field for adoption through various extension teaching methods.
    • To provide feedback on problems of industry and dairy farming to the institute for investigation.
    • To undertake under-graduate and post-graduate teaching in Dairy Extension to meet the manpower requirement of extension personnel in dairy industry.
    • To conduct research on various aspects of transfer of technology, extension teaching methods, constraints, Impacts of programmes, organisational management, etc.
    • To provide consultancy in the manufacturing, packaging and quality control of milk and milk products and cattle feed.