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    The main auditorium has a seating capacity of 870 with the following facilities:-

    • Sound proof hall with acoustic and sound reducing furnishings and panels, fully air-conditioned with Green Rooms.
    • Digital sound reinforcement system with feedback eliminators.
    • Multimedia projection facilities
    • Stage furnishing with motorized curtains and cyclorama projection screens.
    • Computer controlled stage lighting.
    • Computerized management of stage functions.
    • Fire sensors and smoke and flame detectors.
    • Standby power
    • It has two conference Halls of 48 seaters and 28 seaters capacity on the first floor of the auditorium

    The auditorium is available for hire with the approval of Director and the charges are as under:


    Sl.No. Name of Organisation Main Hall Conference Hall

    (48 seats)

    Conference Hall

    (28 seats)

    1. Private Rs.1,50,000/- per day plus  taxes as applicable Rs.10,000/- per day + taxes Rs.10,000/- per day + taxes
    2. Central Govt./State Govt. /PSU/ Semi Govt./ NGOs Autonomous Rs.1,00,000/- per day plus  taxes as applicable Rs.8000/- per day+ taxes Rs.8000/- per day + taxes
    3. ICAR Institutes/SAU’s Rs.70,000/- per day Plus  taxes as applicable
    4. Food Court Charges
    @ Rs. 10,000/- per day
    This institute also has a fully air-conditioned Mini Auditorium with seating capacity of 145 persons with the all audio-visual facilities.

    The exhibition unit of the division organizes exhibitions at different places to project an overview of the institute and its contribution in dairy development.  The unit is fully equipped to prepare the exhibits in it workshop.

    • To educate the dairy farmers, trainees etc. who visit National Dairy Research Institute from time to time regarding scientific dairy husbandry Practices.
    • To serve as live laboratory for under graduate and post graduate students and research work of the institute.
    • The exhibition unit has a “Dairy Museum” for providing all the scientific information of the institute to the various visitors coming across the country.

    A fifty seator conference hall has also developed to screen the latest videos of the institute to the visitors.

    The NDRI has well developed exhibition ground for organizing dairy mela every year to transfer all the the proven technologies to the dairy farmers of the country by showcasing exhibits by all the divisions of NDRI and sister institute located at Karnal.
    The Exhibition Ground/Dairy Mela Ground is available for organizing exhibitions to private parties, Government  and NGO’s on rent basis with the approval of Director and the charges are as under:
    Sl.No. Name of Organisation
    Rent per Day (Rs.)

    Exhibition period

    Re/Post-Exhibition period for Erection/Dismantling
    1. Government

    Rs. 75,000/-

    Rs. 5,000

    2. Semi-Government

    Rs. 1,00,000/-

    Rs. 10,000/-

    3. Private
    Rs. 1,50,000/-
    Rs. 20,000/-
    • The photography section plays a vital role in providing photographic aid to the scientists for research and students for dissertations. Practical training in photography and slide making is imparted to the students of extension education.
    • Photographs are also supplied to V.I.Ps and for press releases in leading news Papers.
    • This section is also responsible for providing photographs for NDRI publications like Annual Report, News letter and other institute publications for highlighting the extension and research achievements.
    • It also supplies   photographs to the NDRI Museum & exhibition Unit for making posters and other displays.
    • Further a photographic collection of All Indian/Exotic breeds of cattle and fodders are available in the section.  Thousands of B & W negatives and Photographs pertaining to research work of the scientists have been recorded and preserved division wise for future reference.

    Audio Visual Lab.of Extension Division is the central facility of the institute which is equipped with latest & modern equipment of A.V. aids like video editing, VCR, video editing central unit, video camera, colour  T.V monitors 16 mm movie projectors, Amplifiers, 35 m.m. slide projectors, over head Projectors, epidiascopes, LCD Projectors, audio recording equipments which are handled by

    well trained, experienced technical persons.  The main objectives of this unit:

    • To provide the facilities of A.V. aids during seminars, meetings, Conferences and other important functions of the Institute
    • To educate scientists and students of graduate & post graduate level regarding the preparation & uses of A.V. aids and their operations.
    • To propagate the research findings of the Institute to the Dairy farmers, Village level workers & farm ladies using various A.V. aids.
    • To produce video films on different aspects of Dairying for the upliftment of Dairy farmers.
    • To produce video films on research projects
    • Screening of video films.
    • To conduct training programmes for KVK/TTC trainees and ARS trainees.
    • To project of 16mm movie films on Dairying through film library of A.V. laboratory.

    The film library of A.V. laboratory comprises the 16 mm films/film Strips and video cassettes and CDs mainly on Dairying, Agriculture and allied subjects.  The main objective of the library is to improve Dairy Extension practices in India by using Audio-Visual media.


    Besides above, following conference hall and meeting rooms are also available to organize day to day meetings of the scientists, various types of collaborative institutes and organizations and institute events.

    Sr.No. Name of Hall/Room Seating Capacity
    1. Pinaki Hall. 54
    2. Jayanty Hall 24
    3. Matangi Hall 14
    4. Hannu  Varta Hall 06

    The Communication center of the institute has developed the facilities of digital photography/videography, State-of-the-art projection systems displays of achievements and technologies of various Divisions of the Institute and Dr. D. Sundaresan Auditorium (Main Auditorium) and Dr. N. N. Dastur auditorium (Mini) to organize various functions and events of the institute. These facilities are provided to various departments of the Institute through the following units: