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    The Dairy Technology Division, one of the earliest Divisions of NDRI, Karnal, is involved in teaching, research, training and consultancy activities. The educational programmes include the flagship programme of B.Tech. (Dairy Technology), Masters and Ph.D. (Dairy Technology) and Masters (Food Technology). The research efforts of the Faculty are channeled through sponsored as well as in-house projects including dissertations of post graduate students.

    The projects focus on basic and applied studies to refine processing and packaging technologies for traditional, composite, western and dried dairy products. The Division has developed strong expertise in the area of membrane processing, biotechnological applications, composite dairy and food products, and their packaging. It has successfully organised 39 National Training Programs under the ICAR-sponsored Centre for Advanced Faculty Training in Dairy Processing (earlier, Centre for Advanced Studies in Dairy Technology) since 1994, for training the faculty of State Agricultural Universities and other institutions. The Division of Dairy Technology has received a number of awards in recognition of the outstanding scientific contributions made by the scientists, students, and staff, such as Fellow of the Indian Dairy Association, Best Employee Award from ICAR, Best Teacher Awards, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Awards, Jawaharlal Nehru Award, DAAD Fellowships, Humboldt Fellowships and several others, including Best Research Paper awards. Most recently, the Institutional Development Plan under the National Agricultural Higher Education Project for the incentivisation of undergraduate programs was granted to ICAR-NDRI, under which several activities for the improvement of faculty and students are in progress in the Division. Several undergraduate students and faculty have been trained overseas under this program. As a consequence of this exposure, students were encouraged to apply for higher education programs abroad and six students have secured admission for MS program at foreign universities. The Dairy Technology Division, over the years, has contributed significantly to the human resource needs and technological repertoire of the Indian Dairy Industry.

    Dr. A.K.Singh, HOD

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    Institute Projects in Progress

    • Preparation of polyphenol-rich whey powder
    • The technology of goat milk-based functional beverage
    • Preparation of fermented whey with enhanced bio-accessible iron content
    • Processed cheese from milk protein ingredients

    Institute Research Projects completed in 2017-20

    • Efficacy of buttermilk as an encapsulating agent for omega 3 fatty acids
    • Preparation of spray dried whey protein based curcumin encapsulate
    • Evaluation of dairy conjugates as effective emulsifiers for the delivery of herbal bio actives
    • Technology of heart friendly herbal-milk smoothie with prophylactic effects against CVD and associated risks
    • Studies on structure, rheology and functional properties of paneer
    • Technology development for the production of milk protein concentrate (MPC60) from buffalo milk
    • Preparation and characterization of Micro/nano delivery systems for “green” carotenoids
    • Development of Ricotta cheese from cow and buffalo milk systems

    Externally Funded Projects (In Progress)

    • Process development for production of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) inhibitory peptides from milk of Gir cows and their encapsulation through double emulsification technique (ICAR-NASF)
    • Development of Functional Traditional Sweetmeats through 3-D Food Printing under Extramural Research Project Proposal (ICAR-Extramural Research)

    Externally Funded Projects completed in 2015-2020

    • Electrospun smart O2 sensor for modified atmosphere packaged dairy productsICAR Extramural Research Project (Agri. Engineering Division)
    • Bionanocomposites for packaging of milk-based foods .CRP on Nanotechnology in Agriculture, ICAR, New Delhi
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    Current Research Project

    S.no Title of the Project Name of PI Duration Funding Agency
    1 Process Development for production dipeptidyl peptidase IV of (DPP-IV) inhibitory peptides from milk of Gir cows and their encapsulation through double emulsification technique Dr Latha Sabikhi Aug 2018-July 2021 External, NASF
    2 Development and Promotion of Low Cost Value added Weaning Foods Dr Anamika Singh 2017-2020 External, Post-Doc, UGC
    3 Technology of Goat milk based Functional Beverage Dr Heena Sharma 2017-2020 Institute
    4 Efficacy of buttermilk as an encapsulating agent for omega-3 fatty acids Dr Manoj Kumar CT 2017-2020 Institute
    5 Technology of Ricotta Cheese from Cow and Buffalo Milk System Dr Sangita Ganguly 2017-2020 Institute
    6 Technology of Spray dried Camel Milk Powder Dr A K Singh 2018-2021 Institute
    7 Preparation of Polyphenols-rich whey powder Dr Manoj Kumar CT 2018-2021 Institute
    8. Development of fermented whey beverage with enhanced bio-accessible iron content Dr Writdhama Prasad 2019-2021 Institute
    9. Development of Processed Cheese from Milk Protein Ingredients Dr Yogesh Khetra 2019-2022 Institute


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    The inception of Dairy Technology discipline at this Institute may be traced back to the very establishment of the then Imperial Institute of Animal Husbandry & Dairying in Bangalore during 1923. During the formative years, plant and machinery was set-up for processing of milk and conversion into products like cream, butter, ghee and cheese. In the first two decades, processing of milk and milk products was done only for meeting the needs of the military establishment in Bangalore. Another objective of the Institute was development of human resource for managing the nascent dairy industry in India. The educational curriculum led to the award of Indian Dairy Diploma for the managerial and supervisory core of the Dairy Industry. Most of the R&D work done up to 1940 was on pasteurization of milk and extending the keeping quality of butter and ghee. During the tenure of Dr. W.L. Davies as the Director of Research, emphasis on R&D strengthened and the Institute was rechristened as the Imperial Dairy Research Institute in 1941. R&D activities in the field of Dairy Technology were further strengthened with the establishment of a Research Laboratory. In 1943, when Mr. H.C. Verma joined as the Dairy Technologist, research was initiated on preservation of milk during long distance transportation and standardization of the process for the manufacture of desi ghee from curd.
    With the appointment of Dr. S.C. Ray as the Dairy Technologist in 1946, R&D linkage was established with a research scheme for conducting studies on the manufacture of milk powder at Government Research Creamery at Anand (Gujarat). Dr. Ray further expanded the scope of research activities to cheese and also to upgrade the existing methods for the manufacture of traditional dairy products, mainly desi ghee, khoa and chhana. In 1955, when the headquarters of NDRI was shifted to Karnal, a make-shift Dairy Processing Plant was established in the old barracks.
    In 1961, the present Experimental Dairy was built and laboratories of Dairy Technology Division were shifted to their current location.
    Dairy Technology discipline at NDRI spearheads the Nation’s most prestigious under-graduate programme in Dairy Technology and provides elite ‘human resource’ for various managerial positions in the industry. The main R&D thrust of Dairy Technology Division has been on the development of appropriate technologies for processing of buffalo milk which possesses different processing properties than cow milk and for which technologies already developed in the advanced countries of the world could not be adopted as such. This division has also developed an impressive Technology Bank for the product diversification in Dairy Industry and has evolved technologies for a wide range of cheese and fermented milk products, concentrated and dried milk products, traditional dairy products, special dietary dairy foods, dairy analogues, convenience foods and by-products. The major objectives of the division are as under:

    • To provide R&D support to the dairy industry for new product and process development

    • To assist the Nation’s dairy industry with technological support for problem-solving to promote greater productivity and efficiency

    • To participate in the Nation’s Human Resource Development programmes by conducting under-graduate, post-graduateand doctoralcourses of the NDRI Deemed University

    A premier division of the Institute, Dairy Technology Division is involved in teaching, research and consultancy activities. The division has made significant contributions to the developments of technological know-how for the dairy industry. It was identified as a key component of the UNDP Centre of Excellence in Dairy Processing. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has recognized the Division as Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Dairy Technology since 1994. Through these efforts a large number of teaching faculty of the State Agricultural Universities and research scientists have been exposed to the latest developments in the field of Dairy Technology. The Division has so far organized 39 training courses under CAS programme. The notable achievements of the division are development of innovative processes for improved traditional dairy products including instant rasmalai mix, instant gulab jamun, basundi mix, gulab jamun mix powder, khoa powder, instant kheer mix, dahi dessert mix, misti dahi, long life paneer, long life dalia dessert, Arjuna herbal ghee, dietetic burfi and ice cream, special foods such as fruit dahi & fruit lassi, Infant food formulations to suit the requirements of different groups of babies, different varieties of cheese from cow, buffalo and goat milk and their admixtures, dairy by-products like edible casein and caseinates, whey protein concentrates, whey powder, lactose, development of ready to reconstitute whey based kinnow juice mix, whey based lassi, soy and beverages, formulated foods such as malted milk food, soybean based weaning food, low fat table spreads, egg-less cake mixes and by-products based pizza loaf mix. Analytical tests/methods for preservationof raw milk have been extensively studied in the division and a process has been standardized for the preparation of tablets for activation of LP system. Studies on modified atmosphere packaging of Mozzarella cheese, pizza and paneer have been successfully carried out. Environment-friendly packaging of dahi has been developed. The division has ample expertise in the area of membrane technology. Processes using this versatile processing tool for the manufacture of several products such as paneer, shrikhand, chhana, rasogolla etc have been standardized. Biotechnological applications to utilize modified microorganisms and enzymes for production of cheese and fermented milk with improved sensory, biochemical, textural and probiotic attributes is another current research priority. Presently, the thrust of R&D work is on utilization of dairy by-products in the manufacture of health foods, green technologies for extraction of biologically/commercially significant molecules from biowastes, on-package smart sensors for detecting spoilage in dairy products, techno-biofunctionalities of camel and goat milk, colloidal and emulsion based delivery systems for the development of health foods and rheology of dairy and food products.
    The Division of Dairy Technology has received a number of National and International Awards in recognition of the outstanding scientific contributions made by the scientists and students, some of which include, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Awards, Jawaharlal Nehru Awards for P.G. Agricultural Research, Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards, CSIRO Jubilee Fellowship, DAAD Fellowships, Humboldt Fellowships, Rishab Shree Award, Nestle Young Scientist Award, UGC Research Award, UNU Fellowship, Fellowship of NAAS, International Professional Women Organisation Award, Norman Borlaug Fellowship, etc.

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    • Products like curcumin fortified lassi and chhana based low calorie spread have been developed having prophylactic attributes against Alzheimer’s disease.
    • A technology has been developed to manufacture ready-to-use shelf-stable dairy-fruit-cereal based composite smoothie.
    • Functional butter was developed by incorporating CLA and phytosterol and its functionality evaluated through animal bioassay.
    • A process has been standardized for the manufacture and extension of shelf life of Kheer mohan from cow milk.
    • Developed a technology for manufacture of functional processed cheese spread, mixed fat chocolate spread and sweetened soft cheese using functional dairy and non-dairy ingredients.
    • Developed probiotic fermented beverage made from whey-skim milk, germinated pearl millet flour and liquid barley malt extract.
    • Improved textured dahi was prepared for extended storage was prepared using biotechnological approach.
    • A technology has been developed to manufacture low sodium Processed Mozzarella cheese.
    • A process has been standardized for the manufacture of Indian farmstead artisanal cheese.
    • A probiotic dahi containing Lactobacillus gasseri with improved texture for better shelf life and stability during distribution was prepared using biotechnological approach.
    • Shelf life prediction models for micronutrient fortified barley-milk-based nutrimix have been developed with different packaging materials.
    • The effect of storage on stability vitamin A and iron fortified thermally processed milk was established.
    • A novel method for fortification of paneer with iron has been developed using edible biopolymers. The process resulted in increasing of iron content of paneer from 31 to 94 mg/kg (on dry basis).
    • Research carried out to reduce the amount of sodium in many cheese varieties including Cheddar, Mozzarella and Processed cheese has resulted in reduction of up to 70% sodium without compromising the quality characteristics of cheese.
    • Manufacturing protocols for cream cheese, cheese dip and wheat grass incorporated yoghurt cheese have been developed.
    • Manufacturing protocols developed for several products such as Functional cream cheese, Functional Yoghurt cheese, Low sodium Cheddar, Mozzarella and Processed cheese, Low sodium and low fat Cheddar cheese, Milk protein concentrates (i.e. MPC55, MPC60 and MPC70), Aloe Vera Supplemented Probiotic Lassi, Dietetic Sandesh: 30% reduction in calorie, Cheese dip, Ready-to-Serve Breakfast Smoothie
    • Application of ohmic heating for the manufacture of Basundi
    • Technology of instant kheer mix from oat-semolina based vermicelli
    • Development of wheat flour based Pinni
    • Technology development and shelf life enhancement of milk-coconut sweet
    • Studies on technology and shelf life of herb incorporated burfi
    • Development of phytosterol fortified lassi
    • Technology of chocolate steam dahi (Bhapa Dahi)
    • Effect of pomegranate peel extract on antioxidant attributes and shelf life of dahi
    • Technology for spray dried colostrum preparations
    • Technology of spiced cheese rolls from an admixture of goat-buffalo milk
    • Evaluation of indigenous probiotic lactobacillus strains in synbiotic oat-milk based fermented products
    • Development and evaluation of milk protein-starch-nanocellulose based biodegradable packaging material
    • Development and evaluation of milk protein-starch-nanoclay based biodegradable packaging material
    • Quality improvement of goat’s milk yoghurt using ultrafiltration
    • Application of dairy protein-polysaccharide complexes in double emulsion based functional mayonnaise
    • Development of milk protein enriched pearl millet malt based complementary food
    • Technology of gluten-free pasta from a composite dairy-millet base
    • Studies on effect of extrusion processing induced changes on quality characteristics of milk protein-maize composite based extrudates
    • Development of cream cheese fortified with functional ingredients
    • Enhancing the functionality of sweetened yoghurt cheese incorporated with functional ingredients
    • Developed manufacturing protocols for several products such as Chocolate Steamed Dahi, milk protein concentrates, milk protein enriched pearl millet malt based complementary food, double-emulsion- based functional mayonnaise enriched with bitter-gourd extract, smoothie enriched with amla bioactives etc.
    • An intelligent oxygen sensor developed and evaluated on modified atmosphere packaged mozzarella cheese
    • Shelf life studies conducted on high fiber reduced calorie biscuits made from dairy-multigrain composite applying selected packaging materials
    • Basic studies conducted on effect of heat treatment on rennet clotting behaviour and retention of selected milk nutrients during cheese making from goat milk
    • Ultrafiltration as a tool to improve the quality improvement of goat’s milk yoghurt
    • Evaluation of stability and release properties of Amla bioactives from double emulsion
    • Technology development for the manufacture of milk protein concentrate 60 from buffalo milk
    • Studies on effect of extrusion processing induced changes on quality characteristics of milk protein-maize composite based extrudates
    • Effect of pomegranate peel extract on antioxidant attributes and shelf life of dahi
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    Courses Offered

    Course Nomenclature Credit Hours
    Ph.D. (Dairy Technology)
    DT-711 Advances in Lipid Technology 3+0
    DT-712 Advances in Protein Technology 3+0
    DT-721 Product Monitoring and Process Control 3+0
    DT-722 Research and Development Management in Dairy Industry 3+0
    DT-723 Advances in Carbohydrate Technology 3+0
    DT-719, DT-729 Seminar 1+0
    M.Tech. (Dairy Technology)
    DT-611 Advanced Dairy Processing 3+1
    DT-612 Advanced Food Processing 3+1
    DT-613 Rheology of Dairy and Food Products 2+1
    DT-614 Dairy Process Biotechnology 2+1
    DT-616 Alternative Processes for Dairy and Food Industry 2+1
    DT-621 Membrane Technology in Dairy Processing 2+1
    DT-622 Advanced Dairy and Food Packaging 2+1
    DT-624 Functional Foods and New Product Development 3+1
    DT-629 Seminar 1+0
    M.Tech. (Food Technology)
    FT-611 Principles of Food Processing 3+1
    FT-615 Technology of Milk and Milk Products 2+1
    FT-622 Advanced Dairy and Food Packaging 2+1
    FT-623 Technology of Fruits and Vegetable Products 2+1
    FT-624 Technology of Meat, Poultry and Fish 2+1
    FT-625 Technology of Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds 2+1
    FT-629 Credit Seminar 1+0
    B.Tech (Dairy Technology)
    DT-121 Market Milk 2+2
    DT-122 Student READY Rural Dairy Work Experience Programme-I (During summer break) 0+5
    DT-211 Traditional Indian Dairy Products 2+2
    DT-212 Fat Rich Dairy Products 2+1
    DT-213 Food Technology-I 2+1
    DT-221 Cheese Technology 3+2
    DT-222 Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts 2+2
    DT-223 Student READY Rural Dairy Work Experience Programme-II (During summer break) 0+5
    DT-311 Byproducts Technology 3+1
    DT-312 Packaging of Dairy Products 2+1
    DT-313 Condensed and Dried Milks 3+1
    DT-321 Sensory Evaluation of Dairy Products 2+1
    DT-322 Food Technology-II 2+1
    DT-411 Dairy Plant Management, Waste Disposal and Pollution Abatement 2+1
    DT-412 Food Technology-II 2+1
    DT-413 Student READY Experiential Learning-III 0+10
    DT-421 Student Ready-In Plant Training 0+20


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    S. No. Name of the technology developed Inventors
    1. Functional Processed Cheese Spread S.K. Kanawjia, Apurba Giri and Yogesh Khetra
    2. Quarg type Fresh Cheese with enhanced Health attributes and shelf life S. K. Kanawjia, Hitesh Gahane, Kadiya Kunal and Yogesh Khetra
    3. Production of buffalo milk set plain dahi using UF technique Pankaj Kumar Meena, Dr. Vijay Kumar Gupta and G.S. Meena
    4. Production of buffalo milk set plain yoghurt Vijesh Yadav, Vijay Kumar Gupta and G.S. Meena
    5. Production of cow milk set plain yoghurt employing ultrafiltration N. M. N. K. Narayana and Dr. Vijay Kumar Gupta
    6. Production of cow milk set plain dahi employing ultrafiltration Sakshi Khurana and Vijay Kumar Gupta
    7. Iron-Fortified Biscuits from a Composite Dairy-Cereal Mix Devang Jani, KS Gayathry, Latha Sabikhi, A.K. Singh
    8. Technology of a Functional Milk Drink Kaushik Khamrui and Nipendra Kumar Maurya
    9. Milk Protein-enriched Bajra Snacks A.K. Singh
    10. Whey-Skim Milk-Millet Based Complementary Food A.K. Singh
    11. Breakfast Smoothie Using Composite Dairy and Non-Dairy Ingredients Sathish Kumar M.H., Latha Sabikhi, Devaraja H.C., Sumit Arora
    12. Technology of Low-Calorie & Fiber Fortified Misti Dahi P. Narender Raju
    13. Functional Quarg Cheese S.K. Kanawjia, Hitesh Gahane, Kadiya Kunal and Yogesh Khetra
    14. Technology of Bajra Lassi A.K. Singh
    15. Whey-Mango Beverage A.K. Singh
    16. Whey-Jaljeera Beverage A.K. Singh
    17. Low calorie & fiber fortified Misti Dahi P. Narender Raju & Late Dharam Pal
    18. Aloe vera probiotic lassi Shaik Abdul Hussain, G.R. Patil, R.R.B. Singh
    19. Reduced fat chhana based dairy spread Kaushik Khamrui, Kumar Amit Raj
    20. Functional quarg cheese S.K. Kanawjia, Yogesh Khetra, Kunal Kadiya
    21. Shelf stable, nutritionally rich smoothies Sathish Kumar, M.H, Latha Sabikhi, Thompkinson, Devarja, H.C, Sumit Arora
    22. Kheer Mohan production from buffalo milk G.S. Meena
    23. Kheer Mohan production from cow milk G.S. Meena
    24. High protein iron-fortified bajra biscuit Latha Sabikhi, Ashish Kumar Singh, Devang Jani, Gayatri, Sumit Arora
    25. Whey Jaljeera drink Ashish Kumar Singh, Sudhir Singh, G.R. Patil
    26. Millet-Milk nutrimix Ashish Kumar Singh, P.N. Raju, Amol Sahare, D.N. Yadav, Sumit Arora
    27. A Process for Iron Fortification of Paneer using edible coating P. Narender Raju, Parameshwar S. Jotarkar, Ashish Kumar Singh and Sumit Arora
    28. Whey tamarind drink Ashish Kumar Singh and Sanket Borad
    29. Whey mango drink Ashish Kumar Singh, Sudhir Singh and G.R. Patil
    30. Technology of Reduced Peda Gunvantsinh Rathod, Kaushik Khamrui
    31. Technology for preparation of Chocolate Bhapa Doi Kaushik Khamrui and Writdhama Prasad
    32. Technology for preparation of curcumin enriched Ghee Kaushik Khamrui, Jui Lodh, Writdhama Prasad
    33. Technology for preparation of herbal burfi Writdhama Prasad, Kaushik Khamrui

    The division is well equipped with state of art laboratories having advanced instrumentation facilities:

    • Functional Ingredients and Applications Laboratory
    • Food Technology Laboratory
    • Traditional Indian Dairy Products Laboratory
    • Sensory Evaluation Laboratory
    • Food Packaging Laboratory
    • Dairy By-Products Laboratory
    • Formulated Dairy Products Laboratory
    • Cheese & Fermented Milk Products Laboratory
    • Protein Analysis Laboratory
    • Bio Safety Room
    • UG-PG Laboratory
    • Membrane Plants: UF and MF
    • High Speed Homogenizer
    • Rotory vacuum evaporator
    • Kulfi making machine
    • Precision water bath
    • Deep freezers
    • Hot chocolate dispenser
    • Sensory Evaluation laboratory
    • Package Testing laboratory
    • Colour measurement
    • Texture analyser
    • Shear rate-controlled viscometers
    • Visco-amylograph
    • High shear mixer
    • Lyophiliser
    • Refrigerated centrifuge
    • Spectrophotometer
    • Batch Type Ultrasonicator
    • Modified Atmosphere Packaging Unit
    • Cheese Vats