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    About Division

    Dairy Chemistry Division is one of the oldest divisions of ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute established in 1941. The mandate of division is to conduct fundamental and applied research for understanding chemistry of milk and milk products, to impart educational programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and to provide R&D support towards chemical-quality control related problems of the dairy industry.

    Credited with nearly 32 industrial licenses of different technologies in last five years, Division’s work on detection of adulteration in milk and milk products and low cholesterol ghee has won it wide national and international acclaim. Dairy Chemistry division has generated significant quantum of intellectual property (more than 17 in last five years) in addition to quality research publications of high impact factor. The impact of scientific contributions is reflected through recognitions to its faculty which include Fellowships of the national academies, prestigious awards by ICAR, NAAS, NRDC, Professional Societies and research funding from national and international agencies.
    Our academic program leading to Master of Science/ Technology and Doctor of Philosophy degrees provides a solid background in dairy chemistry while allowing for specialization in the areas of chemistry of milk constituents, chemistry of milk products, or food chemistry and analytical chemistry. Since our curriculum is grounded in basic science, graduates are able to pursue careers in a wide variety of professional and technical fields.

    Dr. Raman Seth

    Division is also supplying a kit for detection of nine different adulterants in milk to various dairy industries on their demand. A wide range of science-based analytical services are offered to food and allied industries through the consultancy cell for compliance under the provision of FSSA 2006, Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS), AGMARK, and other national and international standards. The Faculty from the division is also managing the activities of Chemical Section of National Referral Centre of Milk Quality and Safety. This facility is ISO 17025:2005 certified and has been accredited for more than 175 analytical parameters for chemical testing of milk and milk products.

    The division has state of the art air-conditioned Seminar room, Lecture room equipped with interactive board, LCD projectors, Visualiser, Podium etc., Quality control Lab, Undergraduate and Postgraduate labs, Instrument room (equipped with HPLC, GLC, Mastersizer, Ultra filtration, Electrophoresis, Imaging system, Refrigerated water bath, Dual beam digital Spectrophotometer, Water purification system, BOD incubator, Sonicator etc.), Research labs (lipids, proteins and bioactive peptides, minerals, functional foods/ nutraceuticals and quality assurance), Chemical Section of National Referral Centre for Milk Quality and Safety (equipped with FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS, AAS, PCR, Real-time PCR, Particle size analyser, Electrophoresis, Elisa Reader, Western Blot, Digital Refractometer, Protein Analyzer, Lyophilizer, Fume Hoods, Conductivity & Dissolved O2 Meter etc.).

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    Current Research Project

    S.No Project Duration Funding agency Working team Status of the project Total grants received (in lakhs)
     1. Whey protein– iron complexes: Preparation, characterization and application in biscuits, milk and dahi 10.3.2017- 09.03.2020 SERB-DST Dr. Kamal Gandhi (PI) Dr. Sumit Arora   Continuing Rs 36.52
     2. Production of glycomacropeptide from cheese whey at industrial level 20-8-2018 – 19-8-2021 SERB-DST Dr Neelima Sharma(PI) Dr. Rajan Sharma Continuing Rs. 31.66/-
     3. Exploring the Dairy Industry Needs for Research and Better Employability of Dairy Graduates 13.3.2019- 12.03.2020 ICAR   Dr. Richa Singh(PI) Dr. Bimlesh Mann Dr. Rajan Sharma   Continuing Rs.5.5
     4. Development of Calcium enriched high milk protein powder for convenience formulations of traditional dairy products 15/10/2019- 14/10/2021 MOFPI Dr. Sumit Arora (PI) Dr. Vivek Sharma Dr. Ashish. K.Singh Dr. G.S.Meena Continuing Rs 22.21/-
     5. Development of methods to assess the chemicals migration from the packaging used for dairy products 15/10/2019- 14/10/2021 MOFPI Dr. Rajan Sharma (PI) Dr. Bimlesh Mann Dr. Kamal Gandhi Dr. P. Narender Raju Continuing Rs. 23.72/-
     6. Development of Analytical Tools to Assess Quality of Milk- Protein Based Health Supplements 2019-2022 IRC (In-house) Dr. Rajan Sharma (PI) Dr. Kamal Gandhi Dr. Bimlesh Mann Dr. Richa Singh Continuing  
     7. Protein profiling of milk from native indigenous breeds (cow and buffalo) in relation to their bioactive potential 2018-2020 IRC (In-house) Dr Rajesh Kumar(PI) Dr Bimlesh Mann Dr Rajan Sharma Dr Richa Singh Dr Rajeev Kapila Continuing  
     8. Quality evaluation of Butter and Ghee prepared from milk of Indigenous and cross bred cattle.                                   2019-2022 IRC (In-house) Dr Raman Seth Dr Chand ram Dr Kamal Gandhi Continuing  
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    • Paper strip based tests for rapid detection of adulterants in milk (sodium chloride, sucrose, neutralizer, urea, glucose, hydrogen peroxide and maltodextrin) were developed. These tests can be done at milk reception as well as at house-hold level.
    • Rapid HPLC and TLC based protocols based on tracer component were developed for the detection of vegetable oils/fats adulteration in ghee.
    • An analytical protocol was developed for the estimation of vitamin D2 in fortified toned milk.
    • A colorimetric test was developed for detection of melamine in milk using Gold nanoparticles.
    • Molecular imprinted polymer (MIP) against cephalexin and tetracycline have been developd
    • rRapid and semi-quantitative lateral flow based assay methods have been developed for detection of cephalexin and tetracycline in milk.
    • A protocol was standardized for the extraction of DNA from ghee as well as from rendered fats (clarified animal body fats).
    • A PCR based methodology was developed to detect the pig body fat (lard) in Ghee.
    • An electrochemical aptasensor for detection of trace amounts of aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) was designed and developed.
    • FTIR based rapid method was developed for assessment of proteolysis in UHT milk during storage.
    • A process for preparation of curcumin nanoemulsion optimized using milk proteins and assessed for antioxidant activity in animal model system.
    • The stability ofsodium caseinate stabilized curcumin nanoemulsion in Ice-cream was ascertained.
    • Nanoemulsions encapsulating clove oil using milk proteins were prepared and assessed for their antimicrobial activity.
    • A strategy has been developed for iron fortification of milk and yoghurt using casein hydrolysates-iron complex
    • Nano Iron (III) Oxo-Hydroxide Complex fortified biscuits were developed and the organic acid-iron complex was found to be a better iron fortificant with good oxidative stability and bioavailability.
    • Methods for preparing milk protein–mineral and lactose-mineral complexes were developed for the fortification purpose.
    • Methods were optimized for the preparation of iron-modified milk protein and zinc-modified milk protein complex.
    • Whey protein hydrolysates-iron and caseinophorphopeptides-Ca/zn/Fe complexes showed better bioavailability of these elements as compared to their irongemic salt in cell line (Caco-2 cell line) and animal model.
    • Antimicrobial peptides were identified from skim milk by fermentation using selected proteolytic lactobacillus strains [αS1-CN (24-34), β-CN (197-209), β-CN (199-209), β-CN (193-207)].
    • Casein hydrolysates were evaluated for protection against oxidative stress at different concentrations. It showed no cytotoxic effect and was found to provide cytoprotective effect against H2O2-induced oxidative stress in Caco-2 cells.
    • A method for the production of antioxidant peptide rich hydrolysate was standardized by integrating hydrolysis on membrane reactor.
    • Buffalo casein hydrolysates enriched with potential antioxidant peptides was d
    • Five potential DPPIV inhibitory peptides identified from β-casein (K.YPVEP.F, K.YPVEPF.T, N.LHLPLP.L, N.LHLPLPL.L, L.HLPLPL.L) and one from k-casein (I.NNQFLPYP.Y) following digestion of goat casein under in vitro simulated gastrointestinal conditions.
    • A methodology standardized to harvest the fat globules based on their size from cow and buffalo milk. In general, small fat globules fraction contains more than 69% fat globules of size ≤ 2 μM. The medium fat globules fraction contains more than 60% fat globules of size 2 – 4 μM. The large fat globules fraction contains more than 52% fat globules of size > 4 μ.
    • A methodology was standardized for characterization of Panchgavya formulation from Indigenous cow “Sahiwal”.
    • The feasibility of different preservatives like Kathon, Bronopol, Sodium Azide, Sodium Omadine, Dowicil, Triclosan, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Methyl and propyl parabenas as alternative to formalin for preservation of milk stored for analytical purposes was assessed. Bronopol (0.05-0.1%) and kathon (0.20-0.40%) showed better antimicrobial activity.
    • A method for preparing whey protein concentrate-iron (WPC–Fe) complex in powder form using spray dryingwas developed. WPC–Fe complex obtained was rich in protein and iron content and could be used as a better and innovative organic iron fortificant with enhanced bioavailability of iron with minimal effect on sensory acceptability, physicochemical characteristics and shelf life, thus alleviating the prevalent iron deficiency.


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    Courses Offered

    S. No Course No. Title
    1 DC-111(2+1) Physical Chemistry of Milk
    2 DC-122(2+1) Chemistry of Milk
    3 DC-221(2+1) Chemistry of milk products
    4 DC-311(2+1) Chemical Quality Assurance
    5 DC-322(2+1) Food Chemistry
    6 DC-611(2+1) Physicochemical aspects of milk and milk Products
    7 DC-612(2+1) Milk Carbohydrates, Minerals and Water Soluble Vitamins
    8 DC-613(2+1) Chemistry of Milk Lipids
    9 DC-614(2+1) Food Chemistry
    10 DC-629(1+0) Credit Seminar
    11 DC-621(2+1)  Chemistry of Milk Proteins
    12 DC-622(2+1) Chemistry of milk products
    13 DC-623(2+1) Chemical Quality Assurance
    14 DC-624(0+3) Research Techniques
    15 DC-711(3+0) Advances in Chemistry of Milk Proteins
    16 DC-712(3+0) Advances in Chemistry of Milk Lipids
    17 DC-713(3+0) Advances in Chemistry of Functional Dairy Foods & Nutraceuticals
    18 DC-719(1+0) Credit Seminar
    19 DC-721(3+0) Advances in the Chemistry of Milk Processing
    20 DC-722(3+0) Advances in Analytical Techniques in Dairy Chemistry
    21 DC-729 (1+0)  Credit Seminar



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    (last five years)

    1. Technology for the Preparation of High Antioxidant Activity Buffalo Casein Hydrolysates
    2. Technology for the Preparation of Encapsulated Curcumin for its Applications in Dairy foods
    3. Technology for the Preparation of Caseinophosphpeptides Enriched Milk Protein Product
    4. A New Strip based test for detection of Neutralizers in milk
    5. A New Strip based test for detection of Urea in milk
    6. Strip based test for detection of glucose in milk
    7. Strip based test for detection of hydrogen peroxide in milk
    8. Strip based test for detection of maltodextrin in milk
    9. A strip based test for detection of sucrose in milk
    10. A strip for detection of Sodium Chloride in Milk
    11. Technology to prepare a kit for the detection of Vegetable oil/ fats in ghee
    12. Methodology to confirm the presence of Lard in ghee


    (last five years)

    S No Name of the Technology Inventor Commercialisation
    1. New colourbased test for rapid detection of detergent in milk Rajan Sharma,YS Rajput and Amit Kumar Barui This technology was commercialized to five different commercial houses on 20-03-201319-03-2014,13-01-2015,28-4-2018 and 17-7-2018
    2. Strip based Test for Detection of Neutralizers in Milk Rajan Sharma, PriyaeBrath Gautam, Y.S. Rajput &Bimlesh Mann This technology was commercialized to five different commercial houses on 10-12-2014,11-12-2014,14-03-2018,28-04-2018,17-07-2018
    3. Strip based Test for Detection of Added Urea in Milk Rajan Sharma, YS Rajput, Bimlesh Mann and  PriyaeBrath Gautam This technology was commercialized to four different commercial houses on 10-12-2014,11-12-2014,28-04-2018,17-7-2018
    4. Strip based Test for Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide in Milk Rajan Sharma, YS Rajput, Bimlesh Mann and Panchal Bhaveshkumar R This technology was commercialized to four different commercial houses on 10-12-2014,11-12-2014,14-03-2018,17-07-2018
    5. Strip based Test for Detection of Glucose in Milk Rajan Sharma, YS Rajput, Bimlesh Mann and Panchal Bhaveshkumar R This technology was commercialized to three different commercial houses on 10-12-2014,11-12-2018,17-07-2018.
    6. Strip based Test for Detection of Maltodextrin in Milk Rajan Sharma, Y.S. Rajput, Bimlesh Mann and Panchal Bhavesh kumar R. This technology was commercialized to eight different commercial houses on 10-12-2014, 11-12-2014, 09-06-2015, 21-08-2015, 16-09-2015, 13-2-2017, 14-11-2017 and 28-04-2018
    7. A process for preparation of low cholesterol Ghee Darshan Lal, Vivek Sharma, Raman Seth, Manoj Kumar and Amit KumarDairy Chemistry This technology was commercialized to three different commercial houses on 01-07-2015, 06-04-2016 and  07-06-2016
    8. A new strip based Test for Detection of Sucrose in Milk Rajan Sharma, YS Rajput, Bimlesh Mann and PriyaeBrath Gautam This technology was commercialized to only one commercial house on 17-07-2018


    (last five years)

    1. Detection of Ammonium Compounds in Milk
    2. Tests for Presence of Sulphates in Milk
    3. Detection of Presence of Foreign Fat in Milk
    4. Detection of Nitrates (Pond Water) in Milk
    5. Test for Presence of Anionic Detergent in Milk
    6. Test for Presence of Hydrogen Peroxide in Milk
    7. Determination of Starch in Khoa
    8. Detection of Sucrose in Khoa
    9. Determination of Butyro Refractometer Reading in Ghee
    10. Method for detection of adulteration in ghee with vegetable oil

    (last five years)

    S. No Title of Patent Inventors  

    Date of filing

    Application Number
    A strip based detection of added urea in milk and process for the same Rajan Sharma, Panchal Bhavesh Kumar R. and Y. S. Rajput 29/11/2013 3472/DEL/2013
    Aptamer specific for Betacasomorphin 7           (BCM7)  Y. S. Rajput, Abhishek  and Rajan Sharma 18/12/2013 3703/DEL/2013
    Casein hydrolysates rich in caseinophosphopeptides Bimlesh Mann, Prerna, Rajesh Kumar 05/02/2013 331/Del/2013
    Microencapsulated flaxseed oil powder and a method of preparation thereof Vivek Sharma, Ankit Goyal, Sumit Arora and Darshan Lal. 18/07/2014 2030/DEL/2014
    A strip for detection of maltodextrin in milk and process for the same Rajan Sharma,Y.S. Rajput, Bimlesh Mann, PrernaNarula, Rahul Thakur, Brajesh Kumar 24/07/2014 2097/DEL/2014
    Antimicrobial Nanoemulsion of Clove Oil stabilized with milk protein and a process thereof. Bimlesh Mann, Minaxi, Rajesh Kumar and Rajan Sharma 31/03/2015 913/DEL/2015
    Aptamers specific for cefquinome. Rajan Sharma, Amit Kumar Barui, Y.S. Rajput, Bimlesh Mann 15/06/2015 1775/DEL/2015
    Oil in Water Curcumin Nanoemulsion and Method of Preparation Thereof Bimlesh Mann, Rajan Sharma, Rajesh Bajaj 30/05/2016 201611018434
    Caseinophosphopeptides-divalent Metal (Iron/zinc) nanocomplexes and method of preparation thereof Bimlesh Mann, Prabin Sarkar, Rajan Sharma, Rajesh Bajaj and Munmun Sen 28.03.2017 201711010975
    The Preparation of Buffalo Milk Casein Hydrolysates with enriched Antioxidative Peptides and the process thereof. Rajesh Kumar, Rajeev Kapila, Nichal Mayur Ashok Rao, Sowmya, Gulshan Dass, Bimlesh Mann, Suman Kapila 04/07/2017 201711023424
    An Indicator and the indicator impregnated strip for detection of neutralizers in milk Rajan Sharma, YS Rajput, GP Brath and Bimlesh Mann 10/08/2018 201811030055
    A Preservative formulation for milk and milk product samples stored for analytical purpose Richa Singh, Mitul, Bimlesh Mann Sumit arora, Priyanka, Divas Pradhan 9/08/2019 201911032383

    (last five years)

    S. No Title of Patent Inventors Date of Filing Patent grant No. Grant date
    1. A process for the preparation of low cholesterol ghee. (1078/DEL/2006) DarshanLal, Manoj Kumar, Vivek Sharma, Raman Seth, Amit Kumar 27/04/2006 257783 01/11/2013
    2. A Kit for detection of detergent in milk (1970/DEL/2006) Y.S. Rajput, Sumandeep Kaur, Rajan Sharma 04/09/2006 264661 14/01/2015
    3. A kit for detection of adulteration of milk with soymilk (396/DEL/2009) Y.S. Rajput, Rajan Sharma and Poonam 02/03/2009 275521 08/09/2016
    4. A multipurpose device for concentration, dialysis and buffer exchange of protein solution and a process for the same  (1703/DEL/2006) Y.S. Rajput & M.P. Divya


    25/07/2006 276077




    5. Casein hydrolysates rich in caseinophosphopeptides” (331/Del/2013) Bimlesh Mann, Prerna Saini and Rajesh bajaj


    5/02/2013 319794 04/09/2019