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    Dr. Raman Malik

    Dairy Cattle Nutrition Division is one of the founding divisions of this prestigious institute National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal. It was established in the year 1972, as Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Physiology Division, headed by Prof. S.P. Arora. Later in the year 1978, it was bifurcated into independent division as Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Dairy cattle Physiology. Research and teaching in the field of animal nutrition has been the main focus of the division. Dairy Cattle Nutrition Division was renamed as Animal Nutrition Division in the year 2016. Work on various aspects of energy and protein nutrition in cattle and buffalo was initiated in context of Indian scenario since inception of this division. Milk replacer and calf starter based on locally available sources were developed along with their feeding schedule. Utilization of NPN compounds upto 33% of the requirement was worked out and recommended. Protection of protein and fat was carried out resulting into efficient utilization of protein and decrease in bio-hydrogenation of fats leading to production of unsaturated fatty acids in milk. Work was also done on nutrient requirements of cattle, buffalo and goats. Utilization of Zn and vitamin A and iodine was studied. Degcure mixture was developed as a cure for degnala disease. Sulphur requirements with NPN compounds were also standardized. Sources of minerals were evaluated for their availability and chelated minerals were prepared and evaluated. Utilization of various newer feed resources and improvement of nutritive value of straw by biological treatment, block making and detoxification of anti-nutritional factors had been carried out. Surveys have been carried out to find the prevalence of pesticide and toxic metals as well as essential trace minerals. Recently work has been initiated on newer feed resources and trace elements, utilization of various newer feed resources and improvement of nutritive value of straw to curb the shortage of feed resources for the livestock. With the emergence of one health concept more focus has been diverted into value addition of milk and meat products, probiotics and prebiotics application in animal nutrition, mineral nutrition, and methane emission and its mitigation strategies.
    Animal nutrition division has many national, international and collaborative research projects which are externally funded by agencies like ICAR, DBT, DST, NABARD, NDDB and MoE. Every year this division publishes several research papers in national and international journals which are on par with the international research papers. In recognition of the research work, faculty of dairy cattle nutrition division are appreciated with various awards like Vasvik research award, NAAS fellow, ANA fellow, Dr. K. Pradhan Young Scientist Award and several. Scientists of the division are activity involved in extension activities, and village awareness programs such as Swach Bharat Abhiyan and also involved in educating dairy farmers on ration balancing through technical bulletins, folders and manuals of feed formulations. This division offers PhD and Masters Program in animal nutrition discipline. Students of animal nutrition have bagged various national and international scholarships like with PM international scholarship, JENESYS International fellowship and are being placed in various institutes as scientist, assistant professors and also in industry.

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    • Nutrient Requirements
    • Newer feed resources and their evaluation
    • Feed supplements/feed additives
    • Rumen Microbiology and Biotechnology
    • Micronutrients
    • Methane emission studies and strategies for its mitigation
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    Current Research Project

    Externally Funded Project

    Title of the projectPeriodSponsoring Organization
    Manipulation of rumen microbes using medicinal plant extract to enhance the nutraceutical value of milk2017-2020DBT
    Veterinary type culture collection-Rumen component2016-2019ICAR
    Update of Methane and nitrous oxide emission from Indian livestock: Biennial updates report (BUR) and for Third National Communication (TNC)2017-2020MoE

    In House Project

    1. Development and evaluation of additives for small scale silage  production
    2. Evaluation of Seaweeds as novel products to augment ruminant production performance
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    S. no.    
            I. No. of students per 10 years 150
          II. No. of Publication per 10 years 310
        III. No. of publication per scientist per 10 years 31
        IV. List of research projects per 10 years 250
          V. IF per scientist -10 years 10
        VI. List of research projects-10 years  
      VII. Research Milestones


    1)       Preparation of urea molasses block by cold process

    2)      Commercialization of Anionic mineral mixture Technology

    3)      Formulation of Degcure mixture for Degnala Disease

    4)     Establishment of SF6 tracer technique for enteric methane emission

    5)      Updation of Nutrient requirements for cattle and buffalo (ICAR publication)

    6)      Development of probiotics for neonatal health of calves


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    • The newer ways of analysis of feedstuffs for precise prediction of their nutritive values and determination of energy and protein requirements for different categories of indigenous and crossbred animals under tropical conditions.
    • A number of studies have been conducted on newer feeds and their utilization as well as detoxification of anti-nutritional factors present in some of the unconventional feeds.
    • Methods of analysis of micronutrients and their dietary supplementation in various categories of animals of different physiological stages for enhancing their immunity and production performance have been done.
    • Bio-availability of specific mineral mixture has been extensively carried out.
    • Series of experiments have been conducted for estimation of enteric methane emissions by indigenous livestock and strategies for its mitigation.
    • Strategies for mitigation of adverse effects of toxic heavy metals and pesticide residues in milk have been studied as well as value addition to milk and meat products by dietary supplementation of unsaturated fatty acids have also been done.
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    Courses Offered


    Course no Title Name of theory teacher Practical
    Semester I
    AN 711 (2+0) Modern concepts of feeding monogastric animals G Mondal/Nitin Tyagi
    AN 712 (2+0) Nutrition and rumen fermentation Asit Das/Raman Malik
    AN 713 (1+0) Advances in micronutrients Veena Mani/ Chander Datt
    AN 714 (1+2) Advanced techniques in nutrition and research Madhu Mohini / Chander Datt Chander Datt


    AN 719 (1+0) Credit seminar Asit Das/ S S Thakur
    Semester II
    AN 721 (3+0) Modern concepts of feeding ruminants and forage utilization Raman Malik/ Chander Datt
    AN 722 (1+0) Advances in Feed Technology S S Thakur / A K Tyagi
    AN 723 (1+0) Clinical Nutrition Sachin Kumar
    AN 724 (2+0) Nutrients and drug interaction  Nitin Tyagi/Sachin Kumar
    AN 725 (2+0) New feed resources and toxicants in animal Feeding A K Tyagi/S S Thakur/

    G Mondal

    AN 729 (1+0) Credit Seminar Madhu Mohini/G Mondal/

    S S Thakur


    Course no Title Name (theory teacher) Name  (Practical teacher)
    semester I
    AN 611 (2+1) Energy and Protein S S Thakur Nitin Tyagi
    AN 612 (2+1) Ruminant Nutrition Asit Das Veena Mani
    AN 613 (2+2) Feeds and forages for livestock Chander Datt/

    Raman Malik

    G Mondal
    AN 614 (2+1) Non conventional feedstuffs and toxic constituents in animal feedstuffs Sachin Kumar/ A K Tyagi A K Tyagi/ Veena Mani


    AN 615 (1+1) Feed Technology A K Tyagi/Sachin Kumar S S Thakur
    AN 616 (3+1) Principles and practices of Animal Nutrition Raman Malik/

    Veena Mani

    Raman Malik
    Semester II
    AN 621 (3+1) Animal nutrition-minerals, vitamins and feed additives Veena Mani/

    Chander Datt

    Chander Datt
    AN 622 (2+1) Non ruminant nutrition Asit Das/

    G Mondal

    G Mondal
    AN 623 (2+1) Nutrition of companion, wild and zoo animals Asit Das/

    Chander Datt

    Nitin Tyagi
    AN 624 (1+3) Research techniques in animal nutrition Madhu Mohini/

    Veena Mani

    Veena Mani/

    Madhu Mohini

    AN 629 (1+0) Credit seminar Nitin Tyagi/

    Sachin Kumar


    B Tech (DT) courses
    MP 111 (2+1) Milk production, management and development Sachin Kumar Sachin Kumar
    EN 121 (3+0) Environmental studies Madhu Mohini/

    Ritu Chakrabarty

    Pre requisite courses
    AN 411 (2+1) Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition Nitin Tyagi/ Sachin Kumar Sachin Kumar/

    Nitin Tyagi

    AN 421 (2+1) Applied animal nutrition Madhu Mohini/ S S Thakur G Mondal



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    • The anionic mineral mixture Technology: The technology is commercialized to industry and the product has been extensively used by the farmers
    • Development of Total Mixed Ration
    • Manufacturing process for Feed blocks
    • Area specific mineral mixture for Dairy animals
    • Degcure mixture for treatment of Degnala disease
    • Preparation of Urea molasses mineral block by cold process
    • Probiotic bacterial culture for preparation of fermented milk for neonatal health of calves and to augment neonatal health of calves
    • A CLA enriched value-added milk production technology for designer milk production
    • Development of the methodology for reduction of anti-nutritional factors in mustard cake