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    Division Detail

    #In-House Research Projects (IRC) 
    01Preparation and evaluation of panchmrit for immunomodulation Dr.ShilpaVij)
    02Evaluation and validation of enzyme substrate based strip test for detection of subclinical mastitisDr.Chand Ram
    03Conducting-polymer based rapid detection of microbial quality of milkDr. Raghu H.V
    04Unveiling the microbial diversity of traditional Indian fermented milk product “Dahi” through culturomic and metagenomic approaches      Dr.Rashmi H.M
    #Externally Funded Projects 
    01Cell wall components of probiotic lactobacilli as therapeutics for amelioration of   inflammatory gut diseasesCMR Dr. Sunita Grover
    02Scheme on Dairy Microbes under Network Mode (ICAR-National Centre on Veterinary   Type culture Collection, Hisar, HaryanaDr.S.K.Tomar
    03Monitoring of Drug Residues and Environmental PollutantsDr. Naresh Kumar
    04Development of Immunomodulatory Exopolysaccharides Containing Healthy Fermented Dairy FoodsMoFPI  Dr. Pradip Behare
    05Bile responsive proteo-transcriptomics investigation of native probiotic strain Lactobacillus helveticus MTCC-5463SERB  Dr. Pradip Behare
    06Surveillance of Dairy Products for antibiotic-resistant zoonotic bacterial pathogens under field conditionsSERB ECR                                                        Dr. Raghu H.V    
    07Development of Edible Antimicrobial Packaging Films for Traditional Dairy Sweetmeats using Metabolites of Lactic Acid BacteriaDST  Dr. Diwas Pradhan
    08Prevalence of Antimicrobial Resistance in Dairy Lactic Starters in Haryana Region ICMR  Dr.DiwasPradhan
    #International Projects 
    01DOSA-Diagnostic for one health and user driver solutions for AMR-DBT-Indo-UKDr.Naresh Kumar