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    Consultancy Services Board has been established at NDRI, Karnal in pursuance of the technology policy of Govt. of India, which lays stress on the development of indigenous technologies and their effective transfer to industry. The Board facilitates transfer of technologies developed on the basis of R&D work done in various laboratories for infusion of Science and Technology in areas of Dairy Production, Processing and Management on professional basis. For providing assistance to the Nation’s Dairy Industry, consultancy services are available in the following areas:

    1. Milk Production and procurement.
    2. Products/ Processes / Equipments developed at NDRI.
    3. Engineering design support for scaling up and fabrication of dairy equipments developed at NDRI.
    4. Preparation of techno-economic feasibility reports for dairy projects on milk production and milk processing /product manufacture.
    5. R&D assistance in product manufacture and problem solving.
    6. Quality assurance and product testing including feed analysis / evaluation.

    In cooperation with the National Research and Development Corporation, New Delhi, NDRI has transferred to the user industry several technologies generated by the Institute and the Board’s activities are increasing in this area.

    Revenue generated from consultancy services is utilized for strengthening the Institute’s infrastructure and R&D work and also part of the money is shared as an incentive among the scientists / staff rendering such services. Consultancy services also provide via media for two-way communication between scientists and industry. Feedback from industry through such interactions helps the scientists to focus and fine tune their research efforts to fulfill the real needs of dairy industry. During the year the Board provided services to 312 Organisations.

    Enquiries relating to Consultancy Services may be addressed to:

    Consultancy Board,
    NDRI, Karnal-132001
    Ph: 0184-2259268 / 2259240
    Fax: 0184-2250042