• Dr. Sachinandan De


    Degree Name of the College/Institute and University Passing Year
    B.V.Sc. & A.H Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya 1987
    M.V.Sc (Animal Biotechnology) Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly,UP 1991
    Ph. D (Animal Biotechnology) Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, Bareilly,UP 2000

    Research: Specific Research Areas:

    • Development of tools for Unknown DNA mutation and SNP genotyping.
    • Mechanism of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) in Bacterial pathogens.
    • Development of tools for enhancing Antiviral immunity in Domestic animal.


    S. No. Course code Course nomenclature Level
    1 BT – 623 Animal Genomics M Sc
    2 BT-712 Animal Functional Genomics and proteomics Ph D
    3 BT-629 Masters Seminar M Sc
    4 Bt-729 Doctoral Seminar Ph D


    • AshutoshVats Devika Gautam JitendraMaharana JatinderSingh Chera SushilKumar Pramod K Rout Dirk Werling SachinandanDe (2020) Poly I: C stimulation in-vitro as a marker for an antiviral response in different cell types generated from Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Molecular Immunology: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.molimm.2020.03.004
    • Devika Gautam Ashutosh Vats Mahima Verma Pramod Kumar Rout Amar Singh Meena Murtaza Ali Sameni Deepika Sachinandan De. (2019) Genetic variation in CSN3 exon 4 region of Indian goats and a new nomenclature of CSN3 variants. Animal Genetics First published:06 February 2019 https://doi.org/10.1111/age.12767.
    • Parkunan T, Ashutosh M, Sukumar B, Chera JS, Ramadas S, Chandrasekhar B, Kumar SA, Sharma R, Kumar MS, De S (2019) Antibiotic resistance: A cross-sectional study on knowledge, attitude, and practices among veterinarians of Haryana state in India. Vet World. 2019;12(2):258-265. doi: 10.14202/vetworld.2019.258-265. Epub 2019 Feb 14.
    • Sushil Kumar, Jatinder Singh Chera, Ashutosh Vats and Sachinandan De (2019) Nature of selection varies on different domains of IFI16-like PYHIN genes in ruminants. (December 2019) BMC Evolutionary Biology 19(1) DOI: 10.1186/s12862-018-1334-7.
    • Avijit Haldar, Sachinandan De, Vinay Singh, Mrinmoy Datta, Prasenjit Pal andBukkaraya S. Prakash (2018) Age-specific peripheral anti-müllerian hormone concentrations in goats (capra hircus). (August 2018) Indian Journal of Animal Research. Indian J. Anim. Res: DOI: 10.18805/ijar.B-3569
    • Jitendra Maharana, Debashis Panda, Sachinandan De (2018) Deciphering the ATP-binding mechanism(s) in NLRP-NACHT 3D models using structural bioinformatics approaches. December 2018 PLoS ONE 13(12):e0209420. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0209420

    Present Lab Members:

    1. Ashutosh Vats Ph.D. Scholar
    2. Jitender Singh Cherra Ph.D. Scholar
    3. Murtaza Ali Ph.D. Scholar
    4. Mayank Roshan Ph.D. Scholar
    5. Ankur Verma Ph.D. Scholar
    6. Sheevli Rajput Ph.D. Scholar
    7. Ranjith M Sc Scholar
    8.Parul Chaudhury: SRF

    Technologies Developed/ Patents Granted (if any):

    • Patent granted 1: A non-invasive DNA isolation methodology in Dairy Animals. (Application No-1366/Del/2007). Patent Grant Date: 31-01-2014.
    • Patent granted 2: A PCR based method for differentiating Cow and Buffalo milk (No-011-020181 dated 22/11/2013).

    • Technology 1: DNA-based method for differentiation of cow & buffalo meat, ghee, butter, milk, and milk products.
    • Technology 2: Universal cell lysis solution for direct PCR from the animal, plant tissues, and bacterial cells.
    • Technology 3: A PCR (polymerase Chain Reaction) based A1/ A2 beta-casein genotyping method for milk and milk product.

    Dr. Raman Seth


    • M.Sc.
    • Ph.D Dairy chemistry

    Major Research Accomplishments

    •    Develop a KIT for the detection of adulteration in milk and generated
    Revenue above seven lac for the institute.
    •     Developed a process for preparation of low-cholesterol ghee.
    •    Developed a dual purpose Gerber butyrometer for simultaneously determination of quality and quantity of milk fat.
    •    Shelf – life enhancement of ghee using natural antioxidants.
    •    Isolation and characterization of MFGM from goat milk
    •    Quality assessment of   SMP manufactured in India.
    •    Preparation of  freeze dried protein rich powder from buffalo

    Guidance to student :  Guided 7 M.Sc Students.



    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Patent Filed: Patent application on “A process for the preparation of Low- Cholesterol Ghee” has been filed at patent office, New Delhi and the Application has been accorded #1078/DEL/2006 dated 27.04.2006
    • Technology Developed: A technology for the preparation of Low – Cholesterol Ghee has been developed at pilot plant level.
    • Methodology Developed: A simple and rapid approach for simultaneous determination of quantity and purity of fat in milk using dual purpose Gerber butyrometer.



    • Detection of milk fat adulteration with admixture of foreign oils and fats using fractionation technique and Apparent Solidification Time test. Arun Kumar, Darshan Lal, Raman Seth and Vivek Sharma International J. Dairy Technology 63(3): 457-462, 2010
    • Apparent Solidification Time test for detection of foreign oils and fats adulterated in clarified milk fat, as affected by season and storage. Arun Kumar, Darshan Lal, Raman Seth and Vivek Sharma International J. Dairy Technology 62(1): 33-38, 2009.
    • Lactic acid and titratable acidity measurement in formalin preserved milk. Rajan Sharma, Darshan Lal, Raman Seth, B.K.Wadhwa and Y.S.Rajput Indian J. Dairy Sci. 62(2): 96-100, 2009.
    • A simple colorimetric test for detection of rice bran oil in ghee Amit Kumar, Darshan Lal, Vivek Sharma and Raman Seth Indian J. Dairy Sci. 62(1):71-73, 2009.
    • Applicability of enzymatic diagnostic kit for cholesterol estimation in ghee. Vivek Sharma, M.J.Sudharshana Reddy, Sumit Arora, Amit Kumar, Darshan Lal, Raman Seth, B.K.Wadhwa and G.S.Sharma J. Food Sci.& Technol. 46(3) : 244-246,2009.
    • Applicability of lactic acid estimation methods in milk in presence of additives. Rajan Sharma, Darshan Lal, Raman Seth, B.K.Wadhwa and Y.S.Rajput Indian J. Dairy Sci., 60(6): 399-404, 2007.
    • Dilatometric detection of body fats, vegetable oils and hydrogenated fat (vanaspati) added to milk fat. Arun Kumar, Darshan Lal, Raman Seth and Vivek Sharma Indian J. Dairy Sci., 60(4): 244-247, 2007.
    • A rapid method of cholesterol estimation in ghee using non- enzymatic diagnostic kit. Vivek Sharma, Tushar Makwana, Sumit Arora, Amit Kumar, Darshan Lal, Raman Seth, B.K.Wadhwa and G.S.Sharma. Indian J. Dairy Sci. 61 (5): 353-359, 2008.

    Dr. Anil Kumar Puniya

    Qualification: Ph.D. (Dairy Microbiology)

    Major Research Accomplishments:

    • Reported two novel genera of anaerobic fungi (Oontomycesanksri&Buwchfawromyceseastonii), which were only the 7th & 8th genera since their discovery in mid-seventies.
    • Developed methods for differentiation of genera/ species of these fungi using D1/D2 domain of large-subunit r-DNA &’long-term preservation of anaerobic fungi’
    • Contributed towards the diversity of methanogens & methane-mitigation interventions.


    • ‘Nutri-Scholars Award’, Certificate of Winner – Season-3 (2020) Puniya AK (Mentor); Team -Nikam PB, Dasriya NV, Rizwan M and Sao K; on a project ‘Nutripoi with Soymus’ in the category of QSR Style Lunch/ Dinner from DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences
    • Fellow of NAAS, 2020, National Academy of Agricultural Sciences
    • ‘Associate Editor’; Board of Systems Microbiology (Specialty Section of “Frontiers in Microbiology”)
    • APSI Award, 2019, Academy of Plant Sciences of India
    • Certificate of Appreciation, (ABRCMS, Anaheim, California), 2019, The Annual Bio-medical Research Conference for Minority Students’, USA
    • Best Oral Presentation Award (NPDF), 2019, 7th International Conference on Biological Sciences (9th World food & Agriculture Congress), New Delhi
    • Fellow of BRSI, 2019, Biotech Research Society of India
    • AFN-Membership; The Netherlands, 2019, Anaerobic Fungi Network
    • Elsevier, BIORESTEC (‘Bioresource Technology’), 2018, ‘Bioresource Technology’ for Bioenergy, Bioproducts& Environmental Sustainability, Spain
    • Fellow of FMSc, 2018, Indian Academy of Microbiological Sciences
    • Awarded Second Best Prize in E-Poster presentation, 2018, Processing & value addition towards efficiency; 46th Dairy Industry Conference, Kochi, Kerala
    • Best Poster Award, 2017, National Seminar on Food Processing India; GJUS&T, Hisar
    • Elsevier – Awarded Certificate of Recognition, 2016, ‘Small Ruminant Research’&‘Energy Conservation & Management’
    • Wiley – Awarded Reviewer Certificate, 2016, International Journal of Dairy Technology (Society of Dairy Technology)
    • Elsevier – Awarded Certificate of Recognition, 2015, Animal Feed Science & Technology
    • Elsevier – Awarded Certificate of Outstanding Contribution, 2015-16, Journal of Integrative Agriculture (Official Publication of Chinese Academy of Sciences)


    • National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC); Assessors Orientation Programme (AOP) at Punjab University, Chandigarh; 2019; to assess and accredit ‘Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs; Universities and Colleges)’.
    • ‘Training programme on ‘Data Analysis using SAS’, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal, 2011
    • “Web Based E-learning & Content Management” for Dairy Science Faculty, National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad, 2010
    • ‘Sixth foundation training programme for scientists & technologists’, (sponsored by ‘Department of Science & Technology’), Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi; 2006-07
    • ‘Computational biology & bioinformatics’, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal (sponsored by DBT, Govt of India), 2006
    • ‘Exploration of microbial diversity: a polyphasic approach’, Microbial Type Culture Collection & Gene Bank, Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, 2002
    • ‘Molecular Tagging of inoculants Strains for Ecological Studies’, Division of Microbiology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, 2000
    • ‘Orientation Course’, Academic Staff College, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra; 1999

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.

    • Discovery of novel genera&species of anaerobic fungi “Oontomycesanksri” from the digestive tract of Indian camel & “Buwchfawromyceseastonii” from buffalo faeces
    • Development of genetic marker for molecular phylogeny & rapid method for differentiation of anaerobic rumen fungi&PCR based method for identification of multiple genera & species
    • Methods for long-term preservation of anaerobic fungi
    • Development of SSF-ENLAC technology&formulation of direct-fed microbials
    • Probiotics for human health (CLA/ CLNA production; antidiabetic&anti-obesity effects)


    • Mahajan R,Chandel S, Puniya AK&Goel G 2020 Effect of pretreatments on cellulosic composition&morphology of pineneedle for possible utilization as substrate for anaerobic digestion. Biomass&Bioenergy. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biombioe.2020.105705
    • Singh N, Kaur R, Singh BP, Rokana N, Goel G, Puniya AK, Panwar H 2020 Impairment of Cronobactersakazakii& Listeria monocytogenes biofilms by cell-free preparations of lactobacilli of goat milk origin. Folia Microbiologica, 1-12
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    • Singh N, Sharma C, Gulhane RD, Rokana N, Singh BP, Puniya AK, Attri S, Goel G, Panwar H 2018 Inhibitory effects of lactobacilli of goat’s milk origin against growth & biofilm formation by pathogens: an in vitro Food Bioscience, 22: 129-138
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    Book chapters:

    • Dahiya DK, Renuka, Dangi AK, Shandilya UK, Puniya AK, & Shukla P New-generation probiotics: perspectives & applications. In: Microbiome&Metabolome in Diagnosis, Therapy, & other Strategic Applications Faintuch, J &Faintuch (Eds), Academic Press, ISBN: 9780128152508, doi: 10.1016/B978-0-12-815249-2.00044-0, 2019, pp 417-424
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    Dr. P. Barnwal


    • PhD, IIT Delhi

    Major Research Accomplishments


    • ellow, The Institution of Engineers (India): F-120010-7.
    • Course Director: Summer school entitled “Engineering interventions in processing and value addition of milk and milk products” organized at Dairy Engineering Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal during September 03-23, 2014.
    • Course Director: National Training entitled “Dairy and Food Process Engineering: Equipment, Processing and Value Addition” organized at Dairy Engineering Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal during January 10-30, 2018. CAFT in dairy processing on “”, sponsored by Education Division, ICAR


    • Data Analysis using SAS, at ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (ICAR-NDRI), Karnal during February 17-22, 2014.

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


    • Papers Published in National & International Journals: 60 ;………….Google Scholar h-index: 17;………….Technical /Popular Articles Published (Hindi/English): 50
    • Wale GS, Barnwal P, Deep A.,Barge RS (2019) Evaporative performance of single tube and multi tube falling film evaporator prototypes for molten butter: An experimental study. Indian J. Dairy Sci. (IJDS), 72(1): 59-69.
    • Barge RS, Barnwal P, Deep A, Wale GS (2018) An experimental study on freezing of kulfi using cryogen Indian J. Dairy Sci. (IJDS), 71(4): 353-359.
    • Srinivasa K, Barnwal P, Singh P (2017) Selected Physical, Colour and Textural Characteristics of Market Rasogolla. Indian J. Dairy Sci. (IJDS), 70(2): 155-161.
    • Singh P, Barnwal P, Srinivasa K, Wale G, Barge R (2017). Milk Cooling Technologies. Processed Food Industry (PFI), 20(6): 12-18.
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    • Barnwal P, Singh KK, Mohite A, Sharma A, Saxena SN (2015) Influence of cryogenic and ambient grinding on grinding characteristics of fenugreek powder: a comparative study. J. Food Process. Preserv. (JFPP), 39(6): 1243-1250.
    • Mridula D, Barnwal P, Gurumayum S, Singh KK (2014) Effect of chemical pretreatment on dehulling parameters of flaxseed (cv. Garima). J. Food Sci. Technol. (JFST), 51(9): 2228-2233.
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    • Singh KK, Mridula D, Barnwal P, Rehal J (2013) Selected engineering and biochemical properties of 11 flaxseed varieties. Food and Bioprocess Technology (FABT), 6(2): 598-605.


    Dr. Latha Sabikhi


    Ph.D. (Dairy Technology)

    Major Research Accomplishments:

    • Iron-rich composite dairy biscuits
    • Farmstead/artisanal cheeses
    • Low calorie zero transfat biscuits
    • Cereal based probiotic dairy beverage
    • Composite dairy-pulse based smoothie


    • Fellow of the Indian Dairy Association
    • Fellow of the National Academy of Dairy Sciences (India)
    • International Professional Women Opportunity Award by ConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia (CoRFiLaC), Italy

    Several Best Paper and Best Poster Awards

     Research Projects:

    S.No. Title of Project Funding


    Role Duration/Date of completion
    Ongoing Research Projects
    1. Process development for production of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) inhibitory peptides from milk of Gir cows and their encapsulation through double emulsification technique. ICAR (NASF) CCPI Aug 2018 to July 2021
    2. Improving livelihood of rural women through dairy based secondary agriculture DST Co-PI 2017-20
    3. Development of processed cheese from milk protein ingredients


    IRC Co-PI 2019-22
    4. Efficacy of buttermilk as an encapsulating agent for omega 3 fatty acids IRC Co-PI 2017-20
    5. Technology of Ricotta Cheese from cow and buffalo milk system IRC Co-PI 2017-20
    Completed Research Projects
    1. Technology of heart friendly herbal-milk smoothie with prophylactic effects against CVD and associated risks MoFPI Co-PI 2017-18
    2. Evaluation of dairy conjugates as effective emulsifiers for the delivery of herbal bioactives Institute PI 2014-17
    3. Formulation of a ready-to-serve breakfast smoothie Institute Co-PI 2011-14
    4. Development of E-courses for B.Tech (DT) Degree Programme (Under NAIP) ICAR (NAIP) Co-PI 2009-14
    5. Technology of cereal-rich fermented dairy food with improved functional attributes DST Advisor 2009-10
    6. A value chain on composite dairy foods with enhanced health attributes ICAR (NAIP) Co-PI 2008-14
    7. Incorporation of selected probiotic bacteria in infant formula Institute PI 2007-10
    8. Development of industrial process for milk and wheat-based convenience food MoFPI Co-PI 2004-06
    9. Modulatory effect of fermented milk products on immune function Institute Co-PI 2005-06
    10. Development of whey-based lassi


    Institute PI 2002-06
    11. Development of processed Mozzarella cheese Institute Co-PI 2000-02
    12.  Development of probiotical spray dried dairy food formulation Institute Co-PI 1997-2001
    13. Biotechnological studies on the enhancement of probiotic attributes through Bifidobacteriumbifidumin Edam cheese Institute Research Fellow 1996-99

     Training programmes:

     Training programmes conducted (Over 50)

     Training programmes attended

    1. International Training Programme on Leadership and Career Development for Women Scientists/Technologist.Department of Science & Technology, GoI, New Delhi at Indian National Science Academy (INSA), New Delhi.Sep. 1-5 , 2014.
    2. Management Development Programme on Leadership Development (Pre-RMP Cadre). NAARM, Hyderabad.Nov 26- Dec 7, 2013.
    3. Training on Multimedia for development of e-course in Dairy Technology for B.Tech (DT).NAARM, Hyderabad. March 22- April 2, 2011.
    4. International Training on Probiotics. Department of Dairy Science. South Dakota State University. Aug 25- Oct 22, 2010.
    5. Sensitivity/Awareness/ Motivation Workshop on Capacity Building for Women Managers In Higher Education. Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, New Delhi (UGC Sponsored Programme). January 27-31, 2009.
    6. International Training &Seminars on Cheesemaking. Organised by CoRFiLaCConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia).Ragusa, Italy. April 29- May 11, 2007.
    7. 3rd Faculty Development Programme in Advances in Educational Technology. NAARM, Hyderabad. October 5-25, 2004.


    S.No. Details
    Research articles (52)
             1. Sathish, MHS, Sabikhi, L. and Lamba, H. 2020. Emulsification properties of sodium caseinate-based conjugates with selected polysaccharides. International Journal of Dairy Technology. doi: 10.1111/1471-0307.12713.
             2. Chaudhary, N., Sabikhi, L.,Hussain, S.A., Kumar MHS 2020. A comparative study of the antioxidant and ACE inhibitory activities of selected herbal extracts. Journal of Herbal Medicine. Doi: 10.1016/j/hermed.2020.100343.
             3. Chaudhary, N., Sabikhi, L.,Hussain, S.A., Kumar, R., Choudhary, U. 2020. Emblicanin rich Emblicaofficinalis encapsulated double emulsion and its antioxidant stability during storage. European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology. 10.1002/ejlt.201900316.
             4. Bhagwat, S., Ganguly, S., Khetra, Y. and Sabikhi, L. 2020. Development and characterization of probiotic buffalo milk Ricotta cheese. LWT – Food Science and Technology 121: 108944.
             5. Hossain, S., Khetra, Y., Ganguly, S., Kumar, R. and Sabikhi, L. 2020. Effect of heat treatment on plasmin activity and bio-functional attributes of Cheddar cheese. LWT-Food Science and Technology. 10.1016/j.lwt.2019.108924. Vol. 120 February, 2020.
             6. Mehta, Dipakkumar, Sathish, M.H.K. and Sabikhi, L. 2017. Development of high protein, high fiber smoothie as a grab-and-go breakfast option using response surface methodology. Journal of Food Science and Technology. 54(12): 3859-3866.
             7. Chaudhary, N., Sabikhi, L., Hussain, S.A., 2019. Emblicanin rich Emblicaofficinalis extract encapsulated double emulsion: Controlled release during phagocytosis and in vitro digestion. Journal of Food Science and Technology.   DOI: 10.1007/s13197-019-04171-0.
             8. Borad, S. G., Singh, A. K., Kapila, S., Behare, P., Arora, S., Sabikhi, L. 2019. Influence of unit operations on immunoglobulins and thermal stability of colostrum fractions. International Dairy Journal. 93(1):85-91
             9. Ganguly, S. Sabikhi, L. and Singh, A.K. 2019. Effect of whey-pearl millet-barley based probiotic beverage on Shigella-induced pathogenicity in murine model. Journal of Functional Foods. 54: 498-505.
           10. Manoj Kumar, C.T., Sabikhi, L., Singh, A.K., Raju, P.N., Kumar, Rajesh, Sharma, Rajan. 2019.  Effect of incorporation of sodium caseinate, whey protein concentrate and transglutaminase on the properties of depigmented pearl millet based gluten free pasta. LWT – Food Science and Technology 103 (2019) 19–26.
           11. Choudhary, U., Sabikhi, L., Hussain, S.A., Khamrui, K., Sharma, V. and Vij, S. 2018. Stabilizing the primary emulsion with hydrophobic emulsifiers and salt for encapsulating herbal extracts in a double emulsion. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. https://doi.org/10.1111/jfpp.13699.
           12. Sharma, M., Yadav, D.N., Singh, A.K., Vishwakarma, R.K. and Sabikhi, L. 2018. Impact of octenylsuccinylated pearl millet (Pennisetumtyphoides) starch addition as fat replacer on the rheological, textural and sensory characteristics of reduced fat yoghurt.  International Journal of Dairy Technology. 71(3):723-733. doi: 10.1111/1471-0307.12461 (International) (NAAS 7.2 IF 1.225) (INT15)
           13. Aggarwal, D., Sabikhi, L., Sathish, K.M.H., Raju, P.N. 2018. Investigating the effect of resistant starch, polydextrose and biscuit improver on the textural and sensory characteristics of dairy-multigrain composite biscuits using response surface methodology. Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization. 12(2):1167-1176.
           14. Bera, S., Sabikhi, L. and Singh, A.K. 2018. Assessment of malting characteristics of different Indian barley cultivars. Journal of Food Science and Technology. 55(2):704-711.
           15. Lamba, H., Sabikhi, L., Aggarwal, D., Choudhary, U., Reddy, S., Kapila, S. and Kapila, R. 2017. Double emulsion-encapsulated guggul exhibits improved in vivohypocholesterolaemic action in rats. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 53 (3), 626–633.
           16. Manojkumar, C,T., Chauhan, O.P., Rajani, C.S. and Sabikhi, L. 2017. Effect of coconut milk, skim milk powder and banana pulp on sensory and functional properties of coconut curd and its applicability as a carrier for probiotic microorganisms. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. 42(2): DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.13460.
           17. Ahuja, K.K., Singh, A.K., Bala, K., Arora, S. &Sabikhi, L. 2017. Optimisation of the formulation for barley-milk composite-based fermented drink. International Journal of Dairy Technology. 70(2):237-244.
           18. Aggarwal, D., Sabikhi, L.,Lamba, H., Chaudhary, N. and Kapila, R. (2017). Whole grains and resistant starch-rich, reduced-calorie biscuit diet as a hypoglycaemic, hypolipidaemic and insulin stimulator in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. 52(1):118-126.
           19. Rani, R., Sathish, M.H.K. and Sabikhi, L. 2016.   Process optimisation for a ready-to-serve breakfast smoothie from a composite milk-sorghum base. International Journal of Dairy Technology. 69(3):372-379.
           20. Aggarwal, D., Sabikhi, L. and Sathish, M.H.K. 2016. Formulation of reduced-calorie biscuits using artificial sweeteners and fat replacer with dairy–multigrain approach. NFS Journal (Elsevier). 2:1-7.
    Book chapters/Books (15)
                1. Khetra, Y. and Sabikhi, L. (2019) Engineering milk based beverages. In: Volume IX. Emerging Trends and Developments in Beverage Science. (Multi Volume SET I-XX). AlexandruMihaiGrumezescu and Alina-Maria Holban(Eds.) Elsevier Publications.
                2. Manoj Kumar C.T. and Sabikhi, L. 2019. Ozone applications in food processing. In: Non-thermal Processing of Foods. O.P. Chauhan. (Ed.). CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, New York. 189-212.
                3. Sabikhi, L., Khetra, Y. and Raju, P.N. (2018) Processing and packaging of dairy-based products. In: Food Process Engineering and Quality Assurance. Mohan, C.O., Carvajal-Millam, E., Ravishankar, C.N. and Haghi A.K. (Eds.). Apple Academic Press, Taylor & Francis Group, New York. Chapter 12. 65 pages.
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                6. Sabikhi, L., Sathish, M.H.K. and Devaraja, H.C. 2015. Waste water management in the dairy sector: Economic and environmental issues. Chapter 27. In: Water Management in Agriculture: Lessons Learnt and Policy Implications. Section-IV: Water Management in Livestock & Aquaculture Sector. M.S. Meena, K.M. Singh & B.P. Bhatt (Eds.) Narendra Publishing House, Delhi. ISBN: 978-93-82471-47-9. pp. 419-440.
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              10. Sabikhi, L. 2007. Designer Milk. Advances in Food and Nutrition Research. Chapter 5. Vol. 53. Elsevier Publications, Academic Press/Elsevier, San Diego, CA, USA. pp:161-198.
    Review articles (15)
                1. Lamba, H., Sathish, K., andSabikhi, L. (2015). Double emulsions: Emerging delivery system for plant bioactives. Food and Bioprocess Technology. 8(4): 709-728.
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                5. Chaudhary, N., Sabikhi, L., Sathish, M.H.K. and Jha, Alok. 2016. Plant phenols and their health-enhancing properties. International Journal of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics. 4(1):69-79.
    Practical Manuals
                1. Borad, S., Khetra, Y., Sabikhi, L. and Ganguly, S. 2018. Instruction Manual on Technology of Cheesemaking. NDRI Publication No. 162/2018. 69 pages.
                2. Thompkinson, D.K., Sabikhi, L. and Sathish, M.H.K. 2017. Laboratory Manual – Market Milk. 3rd Edition. March. NDRI Publication No. 24/2006. 59 pages.
                3. Sabikhi, L. and Thompkinson, D.K. 2006. Laboratory Manual – Cheese and Fermented Milks. NDRI Publication No. 25/2006. 76 pages.



    Patents applied for
    1. LathaSabikhi, Dipesh Aggarwal and Ashish Kumar SinghHigh Fiber Reduced Calorie Biscuits from Dairy-Multigrain CompositePatent Application No. 758/DEL/2015


    Foreign Deputations:

    • International training on ‘Enhancement of CLA in dairy foods by natural fermentation with probiotic lactic acid bacteria’ at the Department of Dairy Science, South Dakota State University, Brookings, USA for a period of two months (8.2010 to 22.10.2010). The training was funded by National Agricultural Innovation Project, ICAR.
    • Invited to participate as a resource person and participant in the Cheese Making Course organized under the project International Professional Women Opportunity – iPWO conducted by ConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia (CoRFiLaC), Italy, a consortium of University of Catania, Sicilian Government and local Sicilian cheesemakers. The visit was funded by CoRFiLaC. The duration of the visit was two weeks (April 29- May 11, 2007).
    • Invitation to participate in CheeseArt -2006; 5th Edition of the Biennial event of Culture and Science of Traditional Dairy and Agricultural Food Products of Mediterranean Countries and Seminars on Women and Development of Emerging Countries organised by ConsorzioRicercaFilieraLattiero-Casearia (CoRFiLaC), Italy, a consortium of University of Catania, Sicilian Government and local Sicilian cheesemakers. The visit was funded by CoRFiLaC. The duration of the visit was five days (June 27- July 2, 2006).Awarded International Professional Women Opportunity Award consisting of a certificate and a gold medal during the event.

    Dr B.S. Chandel


    • M.Sc (Agricultural Economics)
    • Ph.D (Agricultural Economics)
    • MBA (from IGNOU)

    Major Research Projects: completed and on-going:

    • Micro-level Priority Setting in Agriculture (NATP sub-project)
    • Assessing Impact of Oilseeds Research in India (Institute Project)
    • Returns to Investment on R&D of Crossbreeding Technology in Haryana (Institute Project)
    • Visioning and Strategic Planning for Dairy Sector in India (NAIP Project)
    • Value Chain Analysis for Enhancing the Performance of Animal Feeds Industry in Diverse Dairy Production Environments (NABARD Project)
    • Development and Application of Multi-market model for policy analysis in the dairy sector (on-going)


    25 years of experience of teaching and guiding the graduate and post graduate students

    Courses Taught:

    Agricultural Production Economics, Econometrics, Linear Programming, Operations Research, Quantitative Development Policy Analysis

    Awards and Fellowships:

    • ICAR Senior Fellowship in Ph.D. (1984-88)
    • Polish Government Scholarship in National Economic Planning (1989-90)
    • AHRD Fellowship for three months at Cornell University, Ithaca, U.S.A (1997)
    • Commonwealth Academic Staff Fellowship-2009
    • First Best paper awards (One time from AERA(India) and two times from IDA)

    Research Publications:

    Published more than eighty research articles in peer-reviewed research journals, eight specialized reports, and five-course material

    Ten latest publications in research journals:

    • Chandel B.S. and Rishikanta Singh (2015) Policy Interventions for mainstreaming of Small Milk Producers in Contemporary Production System – a Value Chain Analysis of Indian Dairy Sector. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 68(1): 73-80.
    • Sharma, Mukesh and Chandel, B.S. (2016) Structure, Conduct, and Performance of Selected Wholesale Market of Intermediate Dairy Products in India-Critical Issues and Concerns. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 12(1): 133-141.
    • Singh, Shyam Prakash; Chandel, B.S. and Horo, Aniketa (2016) Is that high claims plug widening of livestock Insurance Scheme? A case study of Haryana State. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 12(1a): 525-530.
    • Chowdhary, Soumitra, and Chandel, B.S. (2016) Value Chain Analysis of Animal Feed Sector in Indian States of West Bengal and Odisha. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 12(3): 475-482.
    • Kumari, Binita and Chandel, B.S. (2016) Trends in demand, supply and trade of pulses in India: What makes the retail prices to rise? Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing, 30(3):67-73.
    • Dubey, L.R. and Chandel, B.S. (2017) Comparing total factor productivity of milk and major crops in Haryana: its implications on future investment. International Journal of Research in Economics and Social Sciences, 7(11): 20-29. (ISSN (o): 2249-7382.
    • Lal, Priyanka, and Chandel, B.S. (2017) Total factor productivity in Milk Production in Haryana. Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 30(2): 279-284.
    • Horo, Aniketa and Chandel, B.S. (2018) What are the constraints in crossbreeding programme and technology in Jharkhand? Indian Journal of Economics and Development, 14(1): 126-132.
    • Kumari, B; Chandel, B.S., and Lal, Priyanka (2018) An econometric analysis of optimality for sustainable paddy production in India. Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 31(Conference Number): 139-145.
    • Chandel, B.S.; Lal, Priyanka and Kumari, Binita (2019) Livestock production systems, subsidies, and its implications: An investigation through review of the literature. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 72(2): 121-128.

    Dr. K. S. Kadian

    Google Scholar id: https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&view_op=list_works&gmla=AJsN-F6wYiWgiHo3ZJCZYYy3z7HibYTmhrlH8bn0Mtu7pGByfCWhjBmw6g_25U8Lp-Nye3NChXDDqPm6PFszPpfTB4ELfcJUQ&user=0gmWZecAAAAJ


    S.No. Examination Passed University/Board Class or Division % of Marks Discipline
    1. M.Sc. N.D.R.I., Karnal 1st 70% Dairy Extension
    2. Ph.D. N.D.R.I., Karnal 1st 75% Dairy Extension

     Patent/technology/Methodology/genetic stock, variety etc. :

    • A scale to measure socio-economic status of dairy farmers was developed

    Research Papers (Best 10):

    • Girish, C. E, Kadian, K. S, Meena, B. S. and Mandi, Kalyan (2020). Knowledge Assessment of Farmers Regarding Sericulture Based Dairy Farming in Karnataka State. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(4): 16-20.
    • Neelam, Hema S.C.and Kadian, K.S. (2018). Constraints under ATMA extension system and suggestions for its better performance: an explorative study of stakeholders of ATMA in Andhra Pradesh, India. Plant Archives, 18(1):190-194.
    • Mooventhan, P; Kadian, K.S; Senthilkumar, R., Manimaran, A. and Karpagam C.(2017). Tribal farmers’ perceived constraints in the adoption of good dairy farming practices in the northern hills zone of Chhattisgarh, India, Journal of Applied and Natural Science, 9(1):533-538.
    • Lal, S.P., Kadian, K.S., Jha, S.K., Wodajo, W.A. and Lokhande, J.P. (2017). A methodological pathway to quantify livelihood security of the farmers: A confluence of alfares and FAO approach to frame and index. Indian Journal of Economics and development, 139(2a):772-778.
    • Laxmi, B., Sangappa, B. and Kadian, K.S. (2017). A comparative analysis on the managerial ability of success and unsuccessful agripreneurs running dairy enterprise in Karnataka, India. Journal of Entrepreneurship and Management, 6(2): 46-50.
    • Mooventhan, P; Kadian, K.S; Senthilkumar, R., Kumaresan, A; Manimaran, A. and Selvan, A.S. (2017). Effectiveness of Mastitis management instructional video on knowledge of tribal farmers in northern hills zone of Chhattisgarh. Indian Journal Animal Sciences, 87 (3): 391–395.
    • Lal, S.P., Kadian, K.S., Kale, Rajiv Baliram and Shruti (2017). Friedman based analysis of perceived constraints among dairy farmers affected by national calamity in India. Indian J. Dairy Sci., 69 (6):725-727.
    • Neelam, Hema S.C. and Kadian, K.S.(2016). Public agricultural extension system support for the natural farming: A case of convergence effort under ATMA, India. American Journal Rural Development, 4(4):93-96.
    • Mooventhan, P; Kadian, K.S; Senthilkumar, R., Manimaran, A., Meena, B.S. and Karpagam, C. (2016). Assessment of tribal dairy farmers’ perceived importance, level of awareness and constraints in the adoption of good feeding farming using exploratory factor analysis. Range management & agroforestry, 37(1): 98-103.
    • Kadian, K.S. (2014). A tool to measure socio-economic status of dairy farmers. Indian J. Animal Sciences, 84 (1): 91-95.

    Student Guided (Number only)

    M.Sc. :15      Ph.D. : 12



    • Conferred with Young Scientist Award -2007 for outstanding contributions in the field of Extension Education and Best Extension Professional Award-2017 for outstanding contributions in the field of Extension Education by the Society of Extension Education, Agra

    Current Research project:

    Sr. No Title of the Research Project Project team Year Funding Agency
    1 Nurturing Latent Agro-animal based Entrepreneurship among the youth in Mewat District of Haryana H.R. Meena

    K.S. Kadian

    B.S. Meena

    Gunjan Bhandari

    2019-2020 RKVY-


    2 Mitigation of stubble burning through custom hiring centers for agricultural machinery in Trans –Gangetic Plain region H.R. Meena

    K.S. Kadian

    B.S. Meena

    G. Sanghala

    Gunjan Bhandari

    2019-2021 ICSSR,

    New Delhi

    3 Automation on Commercial Dairy Farm in North India: Farmers Perspective Appraisal H.R. Meena

    K.S. Kadian

    B.S. Meena

    Gunjan Bhandari

    2018-2021 In-house project

    Dr K P Ramesha


    • M.V.Sc
    • Ph.D

    Major Research Accomplishments

    Developed “Zona free hamster egg bioassay for fertility evaluation of buffalo males For which I received Dr.G.B.Singh memorial Award.
    We screened cattle and buffalo bulls for sperm chromosomal abnormality.
    We reported the synergistic effect of pentoxifyline and heparin on buffalo sperm motility and in vitro fertilization of oocytes matured in culture which is useful to improve the success rate of IVF particularly in buffaloes.
    We developed a Dual staining (Nigrosin. Eosin Giemsa) technique for simultaneous determination of viability and acrosomal status of bovine spermatozoa.
    The molecular genetic studies in South Indian Zebu breeds revealed the genetic relationship between the breeds. Construction of dendrogram of relationship based on genetic distances clearly indicated that Hallikar breed is the progenitor for the draft breeds of southern India. Malnad Gidda is genetically distinct from other south Indian zebu breeds.
    Characterization and evaluation of Murrah and South Kanara buffaloes using molecular markers was  carried out by us.
    We characterized Krishnavalley breed of cattle for economic traits. An effort was made to conserve   the breed with the participation of progressive farmers and NGOs A total of 19000 doses of semen from elite Krishnavalley bulls were frozen for future use.
    Our effort to identify the SNPs in ? lactalbumin and ?- s, casein genes indicated the utility of the study to identify and to predict the effect of SNPs on structure and function.
    For the first time superior yak males were identified and male exchange programme was started by us to avoid inbreeding and for their genetic improvement. The molecular genetic studies clearly indicated that all the phenotypic types of yak found in India are genetically similar.
    Association between IGF-1 genotypes with birth weight and body weight at different ages was investigated. The polymorphism in IGF-1 was associated with birth weight. Heterozygotes were superior to homozygotes.
    The studies on variation in candidate genes indicated that genes related to growth and SRY gene (related to reproduction) are highly conserved in yaks.
    Our observations on semen collection and embryo transfer experiments clearly indicated that these procedures have been successfully standardized in yak and conservation of yak genetic resources can be successfully adopted using semen and embryos.
    A simple reliable Ssp1-PCR-RFLP assay to identify male mediated introgression based on mutation in SRY gene was developed for identification of paternal origin of hybrids.
    The protocols used in cattle for freezing of semen was modified by us  to suit for use in freezing of yak semen. Morphometrical dimensions of yak spermatozoa are much lower than other bovines.
    Fast, sensitive and reliable PCR assay was developed by us for molecular diagnosis of B. bigemina in yak and its hybrids using primers specific for small subunit ribosomal RNA sequence and the assay was tested at field level. The developed assay was able to detect carrier animals.
    Externally funded Projects: worked as P.I for NATP project entitled “SNPs in alpha lactalbumin and ?- s, casein genes in cattle and buffaloes”. I was also Co-PI for one DBT funded project on Zebu cattle of southern India and one NATP project on Dairy Production in India – a critical appraisal of policy and production. I completed one consultancy project for NDDB.
    I developed well equipped molecular genetics laboratory  at SRS of NDRI, Bangalore. Two scholars earned M.V.Sc in Animal Genetics & Breeding in the area of Molecular Genetics under my guidance. Worked as Advisory Committee member for 3 Ph.D and 2 M.V.Sc students. Worked has External Examiner PG programme  for various Universities including TANUVAS, Chennai, KVAFSU, Bidar, Dharwad and Bangalore Agricultural University.

    Guidance to student: 2 M.V.Sc scholars


    • I received Fakrudhin Ali Ahemed Award, for the biennium 2004-2005 by Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
    • Invited by the president Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Animal Science Research to be a visiting Fellow of JNCASR.
    • Best paper award-2005 – of the Alumni Association of NDRI, Bangalore for the article entitled “Stem cells in animal agriculture” Ind. J. of Dairy & Bio Science. 2005.
    • Won the best research poster award for “Genetic divergence study among Deoni breed of cattle using RAPD markers” Appannavar, M.M., Govindiah M.G. and Ramesha,K.P. (2003) at the National seminar on “Quality up gradation and safety aspects of dairy products” at Veterinary college, Bidar, Karnataka.
    • Best paper award by the Alumni Association, NDRI, Adugodi, Bangalore-560030 for the paper entitled “Embryo Transfer Technology In India: Costs and Applications” published in Indian Journal of Dairy and Biosciences, Vol. 10, 1999.
    • Best paper award-1994 – of the Alumni Association of NDRI, Bangalore for the article entitled “Perspectives of gene transfer in animal production” Ind. J. of Dairy & Bio Science. 5: 34-39.
    • Dr. G.B. Singh memorial award 1993 of the Indian Society for study of animal reproduction (ISSAR) at the 12th convention of ISSAR on 13th January 1995 at Akola, Maharashtra for the research paper entitled “Zona free hamster egg penetration test for assessing fertility of Murrah buffalo bulls”. Buffalo Journal. 9 (3): 259-263.


    • Executive Education Programme –Multi-disciplinary perspectives including techno- scientific management and S&T policy ,Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, USA
    • Nano-technology and Nano- materials, NIAS, Bangalore
    • Fourth NIAS-DST Course for Senior Scientist-Administrators on “Multi-disciplinary Perspectives on Science and Technology”. National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
    • Intellectual Property Rights and World Trade Organization ASCI, Hyderabad supported by DST
    • Indo-UK Stem Cell Workshop NCBS &JNCASR, Bangalore
    • International workshop in Cell biology-2004 Institute of Bio-informatics & Applied Biotechnology
    • Nucleic acid probes and hybridization methods in diagnosis of animal diseases Madras Veterinary College, TANUVAS, Chennai-7.
    • Computer applications in Animal Biotechnology NDRI, Karnal
    • Indo-US CME programme on Genetic Risk Assessment St.John’s Medical College, Bangalore
    • Animal models for biomedical research Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore
    • Training course on Genetic Risk Assessment Centre for Biotechnology, Punjab University, Chandigarh.
    • Recent advances in Livestock Breeding (Gametogenic and Cytogenetic) Madras Veterinary College, Chenna

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Gene bank submissions: 23 Genetic Stock Description: Described Krishnavalley, Amrithmahal and Malnad Gidda cattle


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    Dr. Smita Sirohi


    • M.A. Economics, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi.
    • Ph.D. Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

    Major Research Accomplishments:

    • Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research and Development (ongoing): ICAR Network Project.
    • Assessing Sustainability of Smallholder Dairy Production System in Under-developed Production Environments (ongoing): Institutional.
    • National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (ongoing): Externally funded.
    • Costs and returns in Milk Production: Developing Standardized Methodology and Estimates for Various Dairy Production Systems in India (completed): Dept. Of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Govt. of India.
    • Performance Appraisal of Dairy Products Manufacturing Enterprises in India: Sapio-teporal Analysis (completed): Institutional.
    • US Dairy Support Programmes (completed): Trade Policy Division, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India.


    • ES-611 Micro Economics Theory and Applications (2+0)
    • ES- 623 Econometrics (2+2)
    • ES-712 Advanced Econometrics (2+1)


    • M.Sc.: 8 (completed) + 2 (enrolled)
    • Ph.D.: 2 (completed) + 5 (enrolled)


    • First Best Paper Award for Paper published in Indian Journal of Dairy Science (2009), Indian Dairy Association, N.Delhi.
    • Guest Researcher Fellowship (2004) awarded by International Climate Policy Division of Hamburg Institute of International Economics, Hamburg, Germany.
    • Member Expert Committee (Agriculture/Sericulture/Horticulture) Major Research projects, University Grants Commission.
    • Member Expert Committee Commonwealth Fellowships, University Grants Commission.
    • Member of Planning Commission sub-group Credit and Livestock Insurance, XII Plan Working Group on Animal Husbandry and Dairying


    • NAIP National Training Programme on “Climate Resilient Livestock and Production System” held at NDRI, Karnal, from 18th Nov.-1st Dec., 2013.
    • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade: Capacity Building Programme on “Enhancing Competitiveness of Agricultural/dairy exports from Haryana” on 14-16th March, 2012.
    • Winter School on “Dairy Entrepreneurship Development for Economic and Social Change” from 10-30 Nov., 2010.

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Pioneering attempt in developing the concept of carbon trading from dairy sector in India and issue of baseline, additionality and sustainable development for potential CDM projects in the sector.
    • Devised practical methodology in consonance with IPCC Tier II approach but based only on information on feeding of dairy animals, for computation of enteric methane emissions.
    • Construction of Sustainable Dairy Farming Index for assessing sustainability of dairy farming at house hold level encompassing economic, social and ecological dimensions.
    • Developed Web-enabled user friendly software Milk Production Economic Analysis Package (MILKEcAP-1.0) for the estimation of economics of milk production of local cattle, crossbred cows and buffaloes.


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