• Dr. Veena Mani

    Dr. Veena Mani
    Principal Scientist

    Dairy Cattle Nutrition Division National Dairy Research Institute Karnal-132001,Haryana Ph.No 0184-2259063

    • Current Research Area
      Amelioration of heavy metal toxicities by supplementation of micronutrients in ruminants. Effect of micronutrient supplementation on production performance and udder health.


    • M.Sc Animal Nutrition
    • Ph.D Animal Nutrition

    Major Research Accomplishments

    • Fluorometric method for quantification of Arsenic (As) in biological samples was standardized which can be used by research workers and quality control personnel. The detection limit is upto 40 ppb. Since GF-AAS is a costly instrument, so this method can be used as an alternative without much effect on precision.
    • The amount of acid concentration in the digested biological samples for introduction into GF-AAS mode was standardized. The instrumental conditions were also refined for the analysis of various toxic heavy metals. GF-AAS can be used for quantification of picogram levels of toxic metal contaminants in the samples.
    • Status of toxic heavy metals in water, feeds/fodders and milk was established in Haryana. The impact of industrial pollution was also seen on the levels of heavy metals. (The information  on status of toxic metals i.e Cd,Pb,As and Hg has been  published in the form of technical bulletin  ). This information will serve as a data base for future studies.
    • Information on status of essential  major and trace minerals in feeds/fodders grown in Haryana was generated  and particular trace mineral deficient areas were identified .The information can be used for formulating area specific mineral mixtures to combat deficiency and promote productivity of the animals.
    • The effect of Cd and As administration in the diet of young calves was seen on excretion pattern, hematological parameters, blood enzymes and immunity. These heavy metals are retained in the body and hair can be used as a marker for As exposure.
    • Effect of supplementation of vitamin E @ 50 IU/kg DM on As induced adverse effects on hematology and oxidative enzymes by was seen through long term feeding animal experiments.
    • Ameliorative effect of Zn @100 ppm was established for counteracting Cd (5 ppm) induced adverse effects on various ruminal and blood enzymes.

    Guidanance of students:

    M.Sc.:  4



    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


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