• Dr Sujeet Kumar Jha

    Dr Sujeet Kumar Jha
    Principal Scientist

    Division of Dairy Extension, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal-132001,Haryana, INDIA Telephone No. : 0184-2259283 (O)

    • Current Research Area
      Communication, Tribal Studies, Participatory Research, etc.


    • B.Sc. Agriculture & A.H. (GBPUA&T,Pantnagar)
    • M.Sc. Agril. Communication & Extension (GBPUA&T,Pantnagar)
    • Ph.D.(Extension Education) [ I.V.R.I., Izatnagar, Bareilly

    Major Research Accomplishments

    $0$0$0$0Untitled Document$0$0$0$0$0$0$0 Contribution in  an  Indo-Swiss Collaborated Research Project on “Adoption of Crossbreeding Technology” $0$0Contribution in “Institute -Village Linkage Programme” (I.V.L.P.)$0$0Research Stays & Study Visit for University Academics & Scientists” at Humboldt University, BERLIN, Germany  vis-a-vis  a  scheme entitled  as “Academic Co-ordination & Exchange of Scientific  Ideas” under  the aegis of GERMAN ACADEMIC EXCHANGE SERVICE  ( a.k.a. DAAD). $0$0Contribution as a Principal Investigator (P.I.) in four IRC/SRC Research Projects. $0$0Contribution as a Project Associate in eleven IRC/SRC Research Projects. $0$0$0Guidance to Students     $0$0 $0$0As Major Advisor/Guide         $0$0 Ph.D. :  6 (Completed);  2 (Submitted);  3(Continuing)$0M.Sc. : 11 (Completed); 1 (Continuing)$0$0 As Co-Guide          $0$0  Ph.D. : 20 (Completed); 5 (Continuing)$0M.Sc. : 10 (Completed); 3 (Continuing)$0$0 As External Supervisor        $0$0Ph.D.:   1 (Completed); 1 (Continuing)  $0$0 Courses Taught/Teaching$0$0 $0$0Management Techniques for Dairy Development; Organisational Behaviour;  Organisational Management; Diffusion & Adoption of Dairy  and Animal Husbandry Innovations; Communication for Dairy Development; Management in Extension; Psychology of Human Behaviour; Communication and Adoption of Innovations;      Process and Methods of Communication; Extension Education and Audio-Visual Aids; Dairy Extension Education; Communication Skills; Entrepreneurship Development, and  Disaster Management.$0$0$0Publications      $0$0Book(s): 3 (as a Co-Author) ; 3 (as a Co-Editor)             $0$0Book Chapters: 8                $0$0Research Papers/Articles: 75                           $0$0 Paper Presented: 28$0$0Abstracts: 72  $0$0Institutional Publications:12 (as a Co-Editor) $0$0 $0$0$0


    • TOPPER at M.Sc. (OGPA:5.000 ; Out of 5.000) & Ph.D. levels
    • FELLOWSHIP(s) during M.Sc. (UNDP/ICAR) & Ph.D. (IVRI S.R.F.)
    • Invited to present Paper(s) for 8th EUROPEAN CONFERENCE on Higher Agricultural Education( held at Czech University of Agriculture, PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC)
    • Invited to present Paper(s) during Third GCRA International Conference-2005, held at South China Normal University, Guangzhou, CHINA
    • Chosen for Distinguished Standing with an HONORARY APPOINTMENT to the RESEARCH BOARD OF ADVISORS of THE AMERICAN BIOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE (since 2004)
    • SHIKSHA RATTAN PURASKAR by the India International Friendship Society
    • Contribution as a REFEREE for around half-a-dozen Professional Journals(including NAAS-rated Journals).


    • Training at National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad (A.P.) apropos “Foundation Course on Agricultural Research Project Management” during Nov. 10 to Dec. 28, 1993 as well as during mid-Feb. 1994 to April 7, 1994.
    • “Field Experience Training” (FET) at Rajendra Agricultural University (RAU), Pusa, Samastipur, (Bihar) for around six weeks between Jan. to mid-Feb. 1994.
    • “Subject Matter Training” at Indian Lac Research Institute (ILRI), Namkum, Ranchi during April 19- Nov. 14, 1994.
    • Workshop-cum Training programme at CCS HAU, Hissar (Haryana) apropos “Technology Assessment and Refinement through Institutional-Village Linkage”, during the period between Sep. 21 to Oct. 1, 1995.
    • “Computer Training Programme” held at NDRI, Karnal during June 7-11, 1999.
    • 21-days’ Training Programme on the topic “Motivation for the Work, Empowerment and Development”, held at CAS, Division of Agricultural Extension, IARI, New Delhi, during Jan. 4-24, 2000.
    • 21-days’ Training Programme on the topic “Advances in Extension Research”, held at CAS, Division of Agricultural Extension, IARI, New Delhi, during Aug. 17 to Sept. 6, 2001.
    • Invited by GERMAN ACADEMIC EXCHANGE SERVICE (i.e.; Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst, a.k.a. DAAD) for a period of 14 Days at the Humboldt University ,BERLIN, Germany, under the scheme of “Research Stays & Study Visit for University Academics and Scientists” apropos “Academic Co-ordination & Exchange of Scientific Ideas” ,during the period of July 17-30,2006.

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Pilot-level Study for Feedback-Evaluation from the Adopters of Continuous Khoa- Making Machine
    • Communication Pattern vis-à-vis Acquisition and Dissemination of Technical Information Pattern among Scientists at an I.C.A.R. Institute
    • Study of a Model Dairy Plant from an Extension Perspective
    • Comparative Study with respect to functioning of ‘Traditional Milk Society’ and ‘Co-operative Milk Society
    • Educational System of a Deemed University Imparting Teaching in the Field of Dairying
    • Scientific Temperament among Dairy Farmers
    • Participatory Approach for Farmer-Centered Development through Institution Village Linkage Programme (IVLP))
    • Exploratory Study about Dairying amongst Tribals