• Dr. Madhu Mohini Datta

    Dr. Madhu Mohini Datta
    Principal Scientist

    Animal Nutrition Division, ICAR-NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Green house gases (Methane & Nitrous oxide) emission form livestock


    • Ph.D. (Animal Nutrition)


    Course Id & Course Title Credit Hours Credit load taken by applicant per year Year
    (AN-714) Research Techniques in Animal Nutrition 1+2 24 15yrs
    (AN-624) Research Techniques in Animal Nutrition 1+3 36 25 years


    (AN-615) Feed Technology 1+1 24 1yr


    Seminar ( AN-629) 1+0 24 2 years
    Seminar ( AN-729) 1+0 24 2 years
    (AN-421) Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition 3+1 24 3 years


    (EN-211) Environment studies 2+1 36 15 years







    Authors,  Year of publication, Title of the paper Journal Name, Volume and  Page No. NAAS
    Id Rating
    Madhhu Mohini, Pankaj Jha and Sudeer Babu .2017. Effects of nitrate supplementation on Nutrition, performance and methane mitigation in ruminants- a review International Journal of livestock research. 7(9): 19-29 5.36
    Chander Datt, V.K. Sharma, Kuldeep Dudi, Bhong Nana Baban,  Ph. Suraj Sharma,      Tegene Negesse, S.S. Kundu, M.M. Dutta, Ritika Gupta and Digvijay Singh. 2017.             Residual feed intake as a tool for selecting more efficient animals: A Review. Indian  J. Anim. Nutr.             34: 238-255.
    3. A Sudheer Babu, Madhu Mohini, Goutam Mondal and Sujata pandita. 2017. Effects on In vitro Methane Production, Digestibility and fermentation characteristics of various untreated and urea treated Maize stover based complete diets.  International Journal of Livestock Research. 7 ( 8).
    4. Yogi, R K , Thakur, S.S, Madhhu Mohini, Singh, S K and Tariq Malik. . 2017. In Vitro evaluation of conc mix containing Incremental level of rice dried distillars grain with soluble replacing oil cakes in conc mix. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition. 34(2): 163-168


    5. Vinu m Nampoothiri, Madhhu Mohini, Bilal A Malla, Goutam Mondal and Sujata pandita. 2018. Growth performance and enteric and manure greenhouse gas emission from murrah calves fed diets with different forage to concentrate ratios. Animal Nutrition. doi.org/10.1016/j.aninu.2018.01.009 1-7


    6. Srobana Sarkar, Madhu Mohini, Vinu.M. Nampoothiri, Goutam Mondal and Sujata Pandita. 2017. Effect of supplementing Aegle marmelos leaves on in vitro rumen fermentation and methanogenesis of diets varying levels Indian Journal of Animal Research.DOI10.18805/ijar.B-3331


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    10. Gupta Shiva,  Mohini Madhu,  Thakur S.S.,  Mondal Goutam. 2018. Dietary supplementation of monensin for methane mitigation in non pregnant dry murrah buffaloes. Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition: 35, ( 3) 298- 304.
    11. Shiva Gupta, Madhu Mohini, and Goutam Mondal. 2019.  Effect of Dietary Monensin supplementation on methane and nitrous oxide emissions from fresh dung of non pregnant non lactating dry buffaloes Toxicology International
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    14. Madhu Mohini, Shiva Gupta, Chander Datt and Goutam Mondal. 2016. Life cycle assessment             of greenhouse gases for milk production: A Review Indian J. Anim. Nutr. 33: 118-            130.


    15. Sarkar Srobana, Mohini Madhu*, Nampoothiri Vinu. M., Mondal Goutam, Pandita Sujata. 2016 Effect of Tree Leaves and Malic Acid Supplementation to Wheat Straw Based Substrates on in Vitro Rumen Fermentation Parameters Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition. 33( 4) 421-426


    Lab Members (Photo, M.Sc/ Ph.D., Thesis title, Period):

    Name of Student Degree Program Thesis Title Duration of Degree Photo
    Sanjay Howel Ph.D. 2016-2020
    Ram Dev Ph.D. 2017-2020
    Rishabh Chug MSc 2018-20
    •  Current Research projects:
    Title of the project Level of association (PI/Co-PI/ Associate) Period Fund Sponsoring Organization


    Upgradation of  Inventory of methane and nitrous oxide emission from   Indian Livestock


    PI 2016 2020 75 lacs MoE&F Mr Raju Sharma (Skilled worker)
    Role of certain trace minerals on semen production performance in cattle and buffalo


    Co PI 2017 2019 In House
    Evaluation of Seaweeds as novel products to augment ruminant production performance


    Co PI 2019 2022 In House