• Dr M. K. Ghosh

    Dr M. K. Ghosh
    Principal Scientist

    ERS of National Dairy Research Institute, A-12 Block, Kalyani Nadia, West Bengal, PIN-741235 Telephone No:033-25828777 Mob: 09432295833

    • Current Research Area
      Mineral Nutrition, Non-conventional Feedstuff, Anti-nutrient factors, Complete feed block


    • B.V. Sc. & A.H., BCKV, West Bengal, INDIA
    • M.Sc.(Animal Nutrition), NDRI, Karnal, INDIA
    • Ph.D.(Animal Nutrition), NDRI, Karnal, INDIA

    Major Research Accomplishments

    $0Institutional Projects:$0$0$0Studies on complete feed block utilization using locally available feed  $0$0$0resources in yak. Status: PI$0$0$0  Study on exploring the vitamin A profile in yaks. Status: PI$0$0 Studies on nutritional status of high altitude dairy animals in $0Arunachal Pradesh. Status: Co-PI $0$0 Pilot level assessment of nutritional technologies for enhancing dairy production. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Mineral status of dairy cattle in Nadia district of West Bengal. Status: PI$0$0 Study and evaluation of dairy cattle nutrition status in different agro-ecological region in eastern India. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Mineral status of cattle feeds and fodder and development of a balanced mineral mixture for increasing milk production in rural households. Status: PI $0$0 Feed requirement of dairy cattle in rural household in the lower Gangetic plain region in eastern India.  Status: PI$0$0 Study on shelter management system of dairy cattle and its effect on milk production. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Studies on the presence of toxic metals (Cd, Hg and As) in feeds and fodders and their excretion pattern in cattle. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Environmental stress and its effect on Yak production and   reproduction. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Development of functional paneer from yak milk. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Studies on Yak hybrid farming-an interdisciplinary project. Status: Co-PI$0$0 A study on exploring the mechanism of hepatotoxicity induced by Senecio (Pyrrolizidine) alkaloids. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Evaluation of immune response in Yaks following administration of oil, adjuvant trivalent FMD vaccine. Status: Co-PI$0$0 Studies on efficiency of anti-prolactin treatment on induction of estrous and ovulation in anoestrus Yak following Ovsynch treatment. Status: Co-PI$0$0$0Externally funded projects:$0$0$0 NATP Project on “Household feed and nutritional security for tribal, backward and hilly areas”. Status: Co-PI$0$0 ICAR Ad-hoc project on “Micronutrient status of soils, plants and yak of Arunachal Pradesh” Status: PI$0$0 AICRP on “Improvement of feed resources and nutrient utilization in raising animal production.” Status: PI$0$0 Network Project on “Amelioration of temperate/alpine pasture for livelihood support to pastoral communities.” Status: PI$0$0 NDRI AL-Kabeer Consultancy project on “Fattening of growing male buffalo calves for quality meat production” Status: Co-PI$0$0 Monsanto’s Consultancy project on “ Study on the efficiency of Monsanto’s rBST for increasing milk production in crossbred cows and buffaloes” Status: Co-PI$0$0$0Guidance to student :$0$0M. Sc.-2$0$0$


    • Awarded Science & Technology Innovation Award for Rural Development (CSIR Award) for the year 2007.
    • Awarded Third position for the poster entitled “ Phylogeny of bovine species based on RAPD fingerprinting” in the International Conference on “Yak Husbandry – Challenges and Strategies” organized by NRC, Yak, Dirang, Anunachal Pradesh on 20-22nd April, 2009.


    • NARP (Phase-II) training on Animal Production and Management,CIRB, Hisar
    • Summer Institute on “Bio-processing of feeds and crop residues to improve their nutritive value”,NDRI, Karnal
    • Winter school on “Recent advances in Computational Statistics in Agricultural Science”, B.C.K.V., West Bengal

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:

    • Developed Area-specific mineral mixture for Yak in their habitat
    • Developed complete feed block using locally available feed resources for yak


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