• Dr M.C. Arunmozhi Devi

    Dr M.C. Arunmozhi Devi
    Senior Scientist

    In Charge, Dairy Extension, ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute-Southern Regional Station Hosur Road, Adugodi, Bangalore, Phone: 080 - 25715793

    • Current Research Area
      • Information and communication Management • Training Management Impact Analysis Traditional knowledge Systems Research – Extension Systems Research – Extension-Clientele Linkage Rural Women Entrepreneurship


    • B.Sc. (Agriculture)
    • M.Sc. (Agricultural Extension)
    • PhD. (Agricultural Extension)

    Major Research Accomplishments

    • Research contribution was done in Pilot study on clean milk production where the factors for clean milk production was studied.
    • The traditional knowledge system in cattle and buffalo husbandry followed in Karnataka was studied in the Project, “ A study on indigenous knowledge in cattle and buffalo husbandry followed in Karnataka’’.
    • The different dairy animal shelter systems under various agro-climatic zones were studied in a project, “Study of dairy animal shelter systems under different agro-climatic zones’’.
    • An impact analysis was made on the institute village linkage programme in the project. “Evaluation of rural extension Programme in the adopted villages’’.
    • The constraints of dairy farmers was studied in the project on, “ Study on impact of farm services and technologies on dairy farmers’’.
    • The entrepreneurial characteristics of rural women involved in dairying, role of organisations involved in rural women entrepreneurship, constraints analysis in rural women entrepreneurship was done in the project, “Evaluation of entrepreneurship development of rural women through dairying in Karnataka’’ .
    • The recent ongoing research study is to explore the original traditional medicinal systems for various roles and applications of milk and milk products in the Research Project, “ A Profile Study on Nutraceutical and Therapeutic Use of Milk and Milk Products in Traditional Systems in Southern States / Region ’’.
    • The Livelihood analysis of small dairy farmers of Southern region was studied in research project entitled,” A Profile Study of Smallholder Dairy Production Systems in Southern Region”
    • Major advisor for  PhD and PG Students of Dairy Extension Students of NDRI Deemed University.
    • Advisory committee member for PhD and PG Students  of NDRI Deemed University


    • Alumni Association of SRS of NDRI
    • Indian Dairy Association
    • Indian Society of Extension Education
    • Institution of Agricultural Technologists
    • Indian Society of Extension Professionals


    • National Seminar on “Food Safety Challenges in Dairy sector: Current Scenario” organized by NDRI, Bangalore jointly with Alumni Association.
    • Workshop cum training programme on “Data Management and Biostatistics using SPSS Statistical Software”
    • Protection of Geographical Indications in India and United States ,National Research Development Corporation and U.S.Embassy, New Delhi
    • National Technical Seminar on Role of Women Veterinarians in Augmenting Rural Economy Through Animal Husbandry ,IALV (Indian Association of Lady Veterinarians, Karnataka Chapter) & Veterinary College, UAS, Bangalore.
    • International Conference on Traditional Dairy Foods (ICTDF 2007),NDRI, Karnal organised by Dairy Technology Society of India at NDRI, Karnal.
    • Andragogic methodologies of educational technology vis-a-vis the emerging ODL programmes, Dept. of Agril. Extn.and Rural Soc., TNAU, Coimbatore
    • National Seminar on Extension Pluralism for Rural Development , Soci. of Extn. Edu., TNAU, Coimbatore
    • Innovative approaches to field extension work, Directorate of Extension, UAS, Bangalore
    • Techniques of effective linkage in Agricultural Universities in India, NAARM, Hyderabad
    • National Seminar Extension role of Agricultural Universities in India ,UAS, Bangalore
    • Recent Advances in Extension Research Methodology ,UAS, Bangalore
    • Brainstorming Session on “Vision & Scope for Dairy Development in Karnataka” organised by IDA (SZ) held at Bangalore on July, 2011.
    • National Conference on “Recent Trends in Food Science & Nutrition Research” held at Center for Management Studies, Jain University, Bangalore on December, 2011.
    • NDRI Foundation Day Seminar on “Newer Initiatives for Dairy Development” at SRS, NDRI on July 2012.
    • South Asian Dairy Congress, organized by Media Today Group as a part of Dairy Tech India 2012 at Palace Ground, Bangalore.
    • Seminar on Word Food Day-2012 on “Agricultural Cooperatives: Key to Feeding the World” organized and to be held at Institution of Agricultural Technologists (IAT), Bangalore October, 2012.
    • Model Training Course on “Dairy Entrepreneurship Development” under ICAR organized at Dairy Science College (DSC), Bangalore December, 2012.
    • XXII Indian Convention of Food Scientists & Technologists / ICFOST on Safety Assurance of Foods through Emerging Science & Technology – Innovations at CFTRI, Mysore.
    • Workshop on Food Regulatory matters-current scenario organised by All India food processors’ association February, 2013 , Bangalore
    • National Training Programme on “Entrepreneurship Development & Management” for Women Scientists and Technologists with government sector organized by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI), Ahmedabad March, 2013 at its campus at Ahmadabad
    • VIII National KVK Conference 2013 at UAS, Bangalore
    • Third International Conference on Extension Educational Strategies for Sustainable Agricultural Development-A Global Perspective during December 2013 at UAS, Bangalore organised by University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore in association with International Society of Extension Education, Nagpur

    Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:


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    • M.C.A. Devi and S.Subash has edited and compiled an extension folder on “Clean Milk Production” in Tamil language.
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