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    National Dairy Research Institute is the premier research Organisation of the nation dedicated for providing Research & Development(R&D) and Human Resource Development (HRD) support towards dairy development programmes in the country. Established in 1923 the headquarters of the institute were moved to the present location at karnal in 1925. it has two regional stations, one at Bangelore and to other at kalyani for providing region specific support suited to their agro climatic conditions. The institute has the distinction of being a deemed University for implementing its educational programmers.

    The institute has developed considerable expertise over last five decades in different areas of dairy Production ,Processing, Management and Human Resource development. Information generated at the institute and services offered have contributed to the growth of Dairy Industry as a whole and well being of millions of milk producers and consumers of milk and milk products.

    Agricultural Technology Information Centre
    About 70% of the population in India is engaged in agricultural. Livestock sector alone contributes 27% to GDP from Agricultural and employs 8% of the labour force. Agricultural & Animal Husbandry is the backbone of India’s economy in terms of income, employment, equity, sustainability and foreign exchange earnings. There is no doubt that research has generated nvast knowledge on different technological interventions for synthesis of appropriate technologies for the end uses. The end users are not able to use these technological interventions due to lack of access to the information about these technologies. To plug this gap of information Agricultural Technology Information Centers (ATICs) have been established in the country . The establishment of Agricultural Technology Information Centers (ACTIs) is intended to provide mechanism beyond individual units of research institutions in contributing towards the dissemination of information. This will serve as a single window system with an objective to help the farmers and other stakeholders to provide solutions to their location specific problems and make available all the technological information along with technology inputs and products for testing and use by them. The ATIC of NDRI ,Karnal was inaugurated on 23rd November 2004 by Dr. Mangala Rai Secretary DARE & DG , ICAR , New Delhi.

    The Agricultural technology information centre(ATIC) is a ‘single window’ for dissemination of information and support system for various innovative and farm worthy technologies evolved at the institute and Agricultural Research system of India in the pursuit of research and development. The mandate assigned to NDRI ATIC is:

    • To provide a single window delivery system for agricultural and dairy farming information as well as products and technologies developed by the institute with a view to deliver quality services to the clientele.
    • To strengthen the advisory services by adopting a multi disciplinary approach to help dairy farmers in problem solving and decision making.
    • To function as a depository of agricultural & dairy information pertaining to farming skills and practices, inputs and dairy education.
    • To offer consultancy services to the different stakeholders.
    • To generate financial resources through sales and services.

    To provide mechanism for feedback from the users to the institute scientist.

    Services and Support
    The centre provides technical know-how and advisory services an various and farmers regarding their problems to improve agricultural and livestock productivity.
    Veterinary Services
    • Educating farmers regarding scientific methods of breeding, feeding, management and health care of animals.
    • Providing necessary advise for treatment of the animals and vaccination against contagious diseases.
    • Providing A.I facility with frozen semen in cows and buffaloes
    AGRI Services
    • Advise to use good quality seeds to improve crop productivity.
    • Advise to adopt organic farming through the use of bio-fertilizers and cultures.
    • Guidance for diversification of cropping pattern to impressive soil health.
    • Advisory services on various package of practices and insects/pest control measures of different crops for higher crop yields.
    This centre received a large number of letters/queries from the dairy farmers and various dairying Organisation. The letters/queries are attended to by sending advisory notes to solve their problems.
    Supply and Sale of Seeds
    Supply of good quality seeds of improved varieties plays an important role to improve the productivity of different crops. To strengthen the single window system deeds produced by Seed Production Unit and KVK of NDRI karnal i.e Wheat ,Paddy ,Maize sorghum ,Oats , Bar seem, Chinese Cabbage and Rehizobium culture for bar seem and Lucerne prepared by Dairy Microbiology Division are supplied to visiting farmers on payment.
    Video Shows and Group Discussion
    ATIC has good infrastructure to display various institute activities through two documentary CDs i.e “NDRI at a Glance” in English and “Rashtriya Dairy Anusandhan Sansthan Aek Parichary” in Hindi. In addition to this the centre displays a documentary CD on “Savach dugadh utpadandugadh Padarth Nirman Aur Packaging” to educate the visitors about the advantages of clean milk production. The Centre is making efforts to procure more CDs on different aspects of Dairying & Agriculture field.
    Supply of literature plays significant role to update the knowledge and information. Thirteen scientific publications on different aspects of dairy production and processing published by NDRI ,Karnal are available in publication section of ATIC. Same are supplied to the interested persons on cash payment.
    Exhibition is an effective media to disseminate the information and knowledge to the end users. The centre has displayed panels to display on various technologies developed by NDRI, Karnal. Methodology and advantages of these technologies are explained by ATIC staff to the visitors. Panels on monthly activities to be taken up in agriculture and dairying along with daily weather data are also displayed for the benefit of the visiting visitors.
    With the developed of information and Communication System(ICT) in India, a large number of farmers have access to the use of telephones. To established on line communication a helpline (0184-2259219) is dedicated to clarify farmers queries regarding technological interventions to solve their problems related to dairying and agriculture. In addition to this information regarding availability of seeds and other management problems is being given to the end users. To make the communication between ATIC and clientele more effective, efforts are on to change help line to toll free phone no.
    Web-Site & Internet Service
    To day is the information revolution era. Now a days it is very easy to exchange the information from every corner of the world. In future large number of farmers may like to have access to different agricultural technologies through internet services. Keeping in view the importance of this technology, ATIC is in the process of developing a website so that farmers can have access to the information regarding dairying and agriculture to increase their productivity and can also establish contact through email.