• Dr. Nitin Tyagi
    Principal Scientist

    Animal Nutrition Division, ICAR- NDRI, Karnal

    • Current Research Area
      Precision dairy nutrition and silage quality improvement


    • Ph.D. (Animal Nutrition)


    Course Id & Course Title Credit Hours Credit load taken by applicant per year Year
    AN 411- Fundamentals of Animal Nutrition Both Theory and Practical 2+1 1.5 2015-18
    AN 611- Energy and protein  2+1 1.0 2015-18
    AN 621- Animal Nutrition-Mineral Vitamins and feed additives (Practical) 3+1 0.5 2015-18
    AN 622- Non Ruminant Nutrition


    :  Both Theory and Practical

    2+1 1.5 2015-18
    AN 623- Nutrition of companion laboratory, wild and zoo animals (Practical) 2+1 1.0 2015-18
    AN 625- Principles and practices of animal nutrition (Practical) 3+1 1.0 2015-17
    AN 629- M.V.Sc Credit Seminar  1+0 1.0 2016-17
    AN 711- Modern Concepts of feeding monogastric animals (Theory) 2+0 1.0 2015-18
    AN 719- Doctoral Seminar 1+0 1.0 2016-17
    AN 724- Nutrient and drug interaction 2+0 1.0 2015-18






    Authors,  Year of publication, Title of the paper Journal Name, Volume, and  Page No. NAAS
    Id Rating
    Tyagi, A.K., Kumar, S., Choudhury, P.K., Tyagi, B. And Tyagi, N. 2019. Conjugated linoleic acid-producing potential of lactobacilli isolated from goat (AXB) rumen fluid samples Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences, A305 7.24
    Mor, P., Bals, B., Kumar, S., Tyagi, N., Reen, J.K., Tyagi, B., Choudhury, P.K. and Tyagi, A.K., 2019. Influence of replacing concentrates mixture with AFEX pellets on rumen fermentation, blood profile and acetamide content in the rumen of crossbred (Alpine× Beetle) female goats. Small Ruminant Research, 170: 109-115. S046 6.97
    3. Deen, A.U., Tyagi, N., Yadav, R.D., Kumar, S., Tyagi, A.K. and Singh, S.K., 2018. Feeding balanced ration can improve the productivity and economics of milk production in dairy cattle: a comprehensive field study. Tropical animal health and production, pp.1-8. T100 6.98
    4. Mor, P., Bals, B., Tyagi, A.K., Teymouri, F., Tyagi, N., Kumar, S., Bringi, V., and VandeHaar, M. (2018). Effect of ammonia fiber expansion on the available energy content of wheat straw fed to lactating cattle and buffalo in India.



    Journal of Dairy Science, 101:7990–8003 J168 8.75
    5. Tran, L.V., Malla, B.A., Sharma, A.N., Kumar, S., Tyagi, N. And Tyagi, A.K. (2016). Effect of omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid-enriched diet on plasma IGF-1 and testosterone concentration, puberty and semen quality in male buffalo Anim. Reprod. Sci. 173: 63-72. A164 7.64
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    7. Abdelfatah Abdelsalam Mustafa, Nitin Tyagi*, Mayank Gautam, Alkesh Chaudhari and  Jawid Sediqi (2018) Assessment of feeding varying levels of Metabolizable energy and protein on performance of transition Murrah buffaloes Trop Anim Health and Prod. DOI 10.1007/s11250-017-1371-z T100 6.98
    8.  Asgar Ud Deen, Nitin Tyagi*, Ram Dav Yadav


    Sachin Kumar, A. K. Tyagi, Sunil Kumar Singh (2018) Feeding balanced ration can improve the productivity and economics of milk production in dairy cattle: a comprehensive field study.

    Trop Anim Health Prod (2018).



    T100 6.98
    9. Jawid Sediqi, Alkesh Chaudhari, Nitin Tyagi*, Sachin Kumar, Ravinder Malhotra, Chander Datt, AK Tyagi (2018) Influence of Levels of Metabolisable Protein in the Ration on Nutrient Utilization and Lactation Performance in Murrah Buffaloes Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition Volume: 35 Issue: 1 Pages; 31-36



    I034 5.02
    10. Alkesh Chaudhari, Nitin Tyagi*, Mayank Gautam and Jawid Sedeqi (2017) Influence of varied metabolizable energy levels on antioxidant status and performance of transition Murrah buffaloes. Indian Journal of Animal Research Volume: 52 Issue: 10 DOI:10.18805/ijar I036 6.15
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    12. R.S. Grewal, N. Tyagi, J. S. Lamba, C.S. Ahuja, and S. Saijpaul (2014) Effect of Bypass Fat and Niacin Supplementation on the Productive Performance and Blood Profile of Lactating Crossbred Cows under Field Conditions. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology (2014) 14 : 573-581


    doi: 10.5958/0974-181X.2014.01359.6

    A169 6.30
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    Year : 2013, Volume : 30, Issue : 1  38 – 42

    I034 5.02



    Lab Members (Photo, M.Sc/ Ph.D., Thesis title, Period):

    Name of Student Degree Program Thesis Title Duration of Degree Photo
    Bharti Sharma Ph.D. Effect of chemical additives on silage quality and nutrient utilization in calves 2016-2019  
    Digvijay Singh Ph.D. Evaluation of various additives for improving quality of sugarcane tops silage and its nutrient utilisation in calves 2016-2019  
    Neelam MVSc Comparative evaluation of additive combinations on maize silage quality





    • Current Research projects
    Title of the project Level of association (PI/Co-PI/ Associate) Period Fund Sponsoring Organization



    Development and evaluation of additives for small scale silage  production PI 2017 2020 20 Lacs Institute  
    Optimum fibre and protein level for ameliorating adverse effect of heat stress in lactating Murrah buffaloes Co-PI 2018     NICRA  
    Manipulation of rumen microbes using medicinal plant extract to enhance the nutraceutical value of milk Co-PI 2017 2020 51 lacs DBT  
    Veterinary type culture collection-Rumen component Co-PI 2016 2019 3.5 lacs per year ICAR  
    Capacity Building of Resource-Poor Farmers in paddy-wheat cum dairy production system through Farmer FIRST programme under Irrigated Agro-Eco Region of Haryana Co-PI 2016 2020   ICAR  


    • Achievements (Last Five Years):

    Executive summary:

    • The DM requirement for maintenance in lactating buffaloes was 71.24 g/Kg (W) 75 . This DMI level is 20% below the ICAR-2013 recommendations.
    • Increasing ME by 15% has significant impact on reducing service period and improved milk production in subsequent lactation.
    • Good quality sugarcane tops silage can be prepared with xylanase plus cellulase and fermentum along with urea and molasses as additives.
    • For ensiling the maize fodder, Potassium sorbate and Sodium benzoate at 0.1% FM basis were most effective additives for improving silage quality while for sugargraze fodder, Potassium sorbate (0.1% FM basis) and Propionic acid (1.0% FM) were most promising silage additives to improve silage quality.