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    Dr. M.S.Chauhan,


    E-mail: dir@ndri.res.in / dir.ndri@gmail.com
    Phone: +91-184-2252800 / 2259002 (O)
    Fax: +91-184-2250042

    Dr. Dheer Singh, Joint Director (Research)

    Phone: +91-184-2259020/ 2252637 (O)

    Dr. Dheer Singh, Joint Director (Academic)

    Additional Charge
    Phone: +91-184-2259007

    Sh. K. L. Meena, CAO (Sr. Grade)

    E-mail: hoa.ndri@icar.gov.in
    Phone: +91-184-2259023 / 2252022 (O)

    Sh. Vivek Purwar, CAO (Sr. Grade)

    E-mail: vivek.purwar@icar.gov.in
    Phone: +91-184-2259024

    Sh. Avesh Yadav, Comptroller

    E-mail: avesh.icar@nic.in
    Phone: +91-184-2259038 / 0184-2250646 (O)

    Sh. Jagdish Chander, SFAO

    E-mail: sfao.ndri@icar.gov.in
    Phone: +91-184-2259125/9050905843

    Dr. A.K. Dang, Principal Scientist & Public Relation officer

    E-mail: ajay.dang@icar.gov.in
    Phone: +91-184-2259084 (O) /+91-9416783838

    Dr. K. P. Ramesha, Head

    S.R.S. OF N.D.R.I.
    E-mail: ndribng@kar.nic.in
    Phone: +91-80-225715399 / 25711119

    Dr. S.M. Deb, Acting Head

    E.R.S. OF N.D.R.I.
    E-mail: ndrikly-wb@nic.in
    Phone: +91-33-25828264 / 25821548

    Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)

    Incharge ATIC
    E-mail: atic@ndri.res.in
    Phone: +91-184-2259551
    Toll Free no.: 18001801199

    Dr. Nitin Tyagi (Academic Co-ordinator), University Office

    E-mail: academiccoordinator.ndri@gmail.com
    Phone: +91-184-2259008

    Dr. Bimlesh mann, CPIO

    E-mail: ndri.cpio@gmail.com
    Phone: +91-184-2259486(O)

    Dr. Gopal Sankhala, Liaison Officer SC/ST

    E-mail: liaisonofficerndri@gmail.com
    Phone: +91-184-2259220

    Dr. Pawan Singh

    Incharge, ABRC
    Phone: +91-184-2259331 (For Semen Collection)

    Dr. Pankaj Kumar Saraswat

    KVK, Head
    Phone:+91-184-2259338 / +91-184-2259339 (For Dairy Farming, Bee Farming, Milk Products training for farmers)

    Dr. Pawan Singh

    Livestock Research Centre

    Phone: +91-184-2259306 (For Animal Health problem, Auction)

    Extension Division

    Phone: +91-184-2259210


    Phone: +91-184-2259691(For Enquiry)